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NIGERIAN WOMAN with 17 kids wants to have more o !

March 18, 2021


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April 20, 2013

Titillating Five

Posted by: Our Reporter

on April 18, 2013

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Quintuplets and two health facilities dramatise a cheer for Nigeria

and four months old, born of the same parents at the same time. The uncommon story of the Shofunlayo quintuplets –Eyitayo, Eyitope, Eyitomini, Eyimofe and Eyidayo- is the stuff of news, and they are likely to stay in the spotlight because of the circumstances of their birth. Against all odds, they survived at birth in 2011, which has earned them the titillating tag, “Five Alive.”

The two boys and three girls made history as the first quintuplets born at the Lagos University Teaching Hospital (LUTH), Lagos, although they were conceived through Assisted Reproduction at Nordica Fertility Centre, Lagos, which recently celebrated its 10th anniversary. It is fascinating that the fifth in the line was not expected as their mother’s last scan had shown she was, in her own words, “carrying four babies.” Equally remarkable is the fact that during the Caesarian Section (CS) on her, it took the expertise of the medical team headed by Prof. Godwin Ajayi to locate and bring out the unexpected baby.

“We can do a lot of things in Nigeria, if we believe,” said the kids’ father, Wale Shofunlayo, a lawyer, who had been reportedly advised to fly his wife to India for safe delivery. His faith in Nigerian doctors eventually paid off, and he deserves kudos for his patriotic spirit. This impressive belief in the country’s health care system, despite its often publicised shortcomings, it should be observed, happened in the context of a 17-year wait for a child. It can only be imagined what level of courage and confidence made him to defy the alleged risks connected with having the children in the country. He was, after all, to go by reports, perhaps in a position to afford overseas medical attention for his wife. “For about seven months, my wife was admitted at LUTH for bed rest and I was able to pay,” he said. Also, it is a matter for conjecture the financial cost he had to bear by using the Nordica Fertility Centre, which is a private medical facility.

nship. He said: “I will say kudos to the doctors and nurses for their efforts and consistency. They have really shown that Nigeria is not lagging behind in the preservation of human lives. I am satisfied with the services rendered before and after delivery. “

Shofunlayo’s good words didn’t end there. According to him, “The only thing the doctors did was to get their hand gloves and get going. None of them requested for any gratification. This is my first experience in a public hospital and it is the best place for anybody to come for treatment.”

His testimony is certainly heart-warming; it calls for greater belief in the country’s health care system, and, indeed, greater faith in the country. It is interesting that the quintuplets were conceived through in vitro fertilisation (IVF) at a local fertility centre and born in a local hospital. It shows, without doubt, that the country is not lacking either in equipment or expertise in this area. This is a picture of possibilities that should be inspiring across various sectors.

0th anniversary just a few days after the passage of Robert Edwards, the co-founder of the 35-year-old IVF technique and British Nobel laureate who died on April 10 at age 87


February 29, 2012



We waited for 17 years to have baby –Parents of quadruplets
February 14, 2012 by Bukola Adebayo
The quadruplet and their parents

The saying that “a patient dog eats the fattest bone,” could be used to describe the experience of a couple, Mr. and Mrs. Samuel Olayiwola, who on Thursday had a set of quadruplets at the Lagos University Teaching Hospital, Idi- Araba, after 17 years of marriage without a child.

Narrating her experience, Victoria, a business woman, said on the advice of her husband, she stopped trading about three years ago so that she could devote more time for proper medical consultation.

“Words cannot describe how I felt when I found out we would have quadruplets. I am elated, the delivery was short and my babies are fine. I am thankful to God,” Victoria said.

She said she got married on March 4, 1995, and after 15 years of visiting several private hospitals in her quest to have a baby, the couple planned to seek help in a United Kingdom hospital.

But Victoria said before they could perfect their plan, they were referred to specialists in LUTH in 2010.

“We had already secured Visas to go for medical examinations abroad because we had been to several hospitals in the country but when we came to LUTH, they reassured us that they could equally provide the medical services we were going to get abroad,” she said.

She called on the Federal Government to equip its hospitals and also provide adequate infrastructure, adding that poor medical facilities would discourage people from patronising government hospitals.

She said, “We have the experts and specialists. In fact, our doctors are the best abroad. But we are worried about electricity because we know that most of the medical equipment will require electricity to work.

“I urge the government to encourage Nigerians to patronise our hospitals by equipping them with infrastructure that our medical personnel will need.”

The babies who are presently at the neo-natal ward of the hospital were delivered through elective Caesarean Section, which lasted between 10.42 pm and 10.49 pm on Thursday.

The babies are the first set of quadruplets to be born at the hospital this year.

The 42-year-old mother of three girls and a boy told Metro at the Ward-C 2 of the hospital on Monday that the babies were enjoying adequate medical care at the hospital.

The head, Public Relations Department of the hospital, Mrs. Hope Nwakolo, said the babies weighed 2.2 kg, 1.85 kg, 1.75 kg and 2kg respectively at birth and were born prematurely at a gestational period of 35 weeks.

Nwakolo said the babies had good chances of surviving due to their healthy weights at birth in addition to the well-equipped paediatric ward and experts who had been attending to them and their mother.

Meanwhile, the elated father of the babies, Mr. Segun Olayiwola, who is the General Overseer of the Living God Preparatory Assembly, Abule-Egba, Lagos, said he was financially capable of providing for the babies but would welcome support from interested Nigerians, governments and organisations.

Olayiwola said, “I waited for this long because I had trust in God. The ultrasound initially revealed three babies which we had always wanted but two weeks later, one of the eggs broke and we were told to prepare for four babies. I was compensated with four babies at a time after 17 years.”

The 48- year-old father advised childless couples to be firm in their faith, seek medical assistance early and also protect their spouses from victimisation from families and friends.

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I was called a fool, when I celebrated my 40th birthday without having children
On February 19, 2012 · In Just Human
10:25 pm

By Sola Ogundipe & Chioma Obinna
Such was the powerful rendition of the entire Psalm 30 by Pastor (Mrs) Victoria Olayemi, mother of Nigeria’s newest set of quadruplets.

Victoria’s voice rang out stridently and was reechoed across the function hall of the Visitors’ Lodge of the Lagos University Teaching Hospital, LUTH, Idi Araba, where the event held. She was joined by her husband, Samuel Olayiwola, also an ordained Minister of God and dozens of well happy family members, friends and wishers.

Pastor Samuel Olayiwola, who became father of quadruplets 17 years after marriage

It was a voice of thanks, delight and appreciation for the Almighty God who had given her the most wonderful gift on earth – the gift of motherhood, not once, not twice, not even thrice, but four times over! Victoria, an ordained Minister of God was the joyous mother of a healthy set of quadruplets, whose birth, once and-for-all removed her reproach and restored her life to her hope.

Although the famous Psalm had originally been given as a psalm and song of thanksgiving for deliverance from death at the dedication of the house of the biblical King David, it was no less appropriate at the christening of the Olayemi quadruplets. The babies, three females and one male were born at the LUTH on Thursday last week through Caesarean Section.
They were born premature at 35 weeks of gestation. At birth, they weighed 2.02 kg, 1.85kg, 1.75 kg and 2.02 kg. Since their birth, the Olayiwola quadruplets have been in the news, not just because they are the third set of quadruplets delivered at the health institution within the last two years, but because their birth had been foretold at the time their parents got married,17 years ago.

Indeed all roads led to the Visitors’ Lodge of the Lagos University Teaching Hospital, LUTH, Idi Araba, Lagos, as they were christened amidst pomp. With songs of praises, dancing and prayers, family members, well-wishers and worshipers from the Living God Preparatory Assembly, Abule -Egba, Lagos. In a short sermon, Rev. Amos Kayode of the Creative World Chapel, Ikeja, described the successful birth of the quadruplets as an uncommon miracle and manifestation of the promise of God.

He admonished Nigerians never to give up or lose faith in the power and ability of God even in the face of the greatest odds. “It is a lifetime privilege for us to be present here today, because many of us may never witness this kind of miraculous event again in our lifetime. My heart is full of thanksgiving and even the heavens recognise the uniqueness of this occasion,” he declared.

During the event, Olayiwola told Saturday Vanguard that he was the happiest man alive. “God has rolled away the reproach and I just want everyone to realise one thing. Those that love you in this world are far more than those that hate you. Many people consider hatred so much, but I say unto you, do not consider hatred. People do not want me to make noise, they say that is probably what caused me and my wife not to have children yet, is because we made noise on our wedding because but I say no. If I do not make noise now, when will I do so? Just look at the children, they came with total noise. I never allow my. As you are rejoicing with us, please continue to thank God on our behalf. That is the much you can do for us. Thank you for your love.”

Olayiwola, who vowed that his children would grow up to serve God, however said his immediate plan is to care for them grow up soundly, physically and spiritually. “I come from a poor background, and being educated has helped me in life, so their education will be priority and I will ensure they have the best possible. They will serve God, and I want them to be unique in society. I will inculcate in them qualities that are different from the worldly spirit of today.

“I picked Samuel and Olusegun because those two names have been working wonders for me. Jesus said in John 16: 33, that in this world there will be tribulation, but he has overcome the world. That works for me. Whenever I have a problem I declare this promise. God has won wars for me, that name has been working for so my child shall also be empowered even if there are wars ahead. I gave the others Ebunoluwa, Omotola and Oluwabunmi.”

His uncle, Pastor Samuel Akingbile of the C.A.C, Agege DCC, also recounted the travails of the couple in their search for the fruit of the womb. “His (Samuel’s) mother was my sister, the first born of our family. I brought them up and trained them. They were brought up in CAC, married in 1995; I was there, in Ibadan. When we came to Lagos and after the firsts few years, nothing happened, his mother called me and asked what we were going to do.

“Well I said there wasn’t anything we were going to do, but the will of God. At that time, he himself had been ordained a pastor, and in the church it is forbidden to leave his wife or marry another, all attempts were made to, I upheld him in prayer. Even now it is accepted that marriage without children is not biblical. Marriage is not just for children, but also companionship and if the children come in it is good. I made them realize God would always be God.”

Rev. Amos Kayode, of the Creative World Chapel, 5, Tajudeen Ajorin Street, Ikeja, is the bosom friend of Pastor Samuel Olayiwola, father of the quadruplets. In this interview, he tells of the couple’s challenge and how they overcame.

I was ready to give him one of my children

How long have you known them?

It’s quite long. It is like growing up together, we are not really quiet close at that time.

Did you know them even before they got married?

No, I will say we have not been very close at that time because at that time he went to University of Ibadan, UI, and I went to Abuja University.

Were you aware of their challenge?

Yes. I got married a year before him. Two of my children are already in the university. You know it has always been a pain on my heart. Anytime I come across them, I feel their pain. You know, he is my bosom friend even though we refer to ourselves as uncommon friends. He’s always been there for me and I have always been there for me. He is a very interesting, straightforward and honest person. A man of integrity. I did not come into the ministry from the scratch. I was already in the academic environment.

From left (standing) is Revd Amos Kayode, Uncle to the quadruplets’s father, Pastor Samuel Akingbile of CAC, Agege DCC; Mrs Victoria Olayiwola (quad mother) and Pastor Samuel Olayiwola (father) durin the naming ceremony at LUTH

I was lecturing in the university and he was directly in the ministry. Then, when we got to know ourselves very well, there were a lot of challenges. It is then I got to know he has this challenge. He loves my children to the point that you will not believe they are not his biological children. I have three children. When they heard about this, they were all shouting on him on the phone. They were very happy. He has been a wonderful person to me.

The first time I was to fly out on ministerial opportunity, though I have travelled out during my academic period, you will not believe he was the person that was supposed to go but he could not make and he said my friend you should go. He told me that I should just make myself available. And I was not having money then, but he told me that I will get money in Jesus name. Eventually I travelled out and I came back. I decided to tell him that we just have to make a move. Since that time there have been so much happenings.

So, when this one happened, though we’ve been together in it. We have been together finding solutions to the problem. When it now happened we were finding a way to fly her abroad. We consulted so many of my friends who were doctors who can help.

All through that time what was the problem?

Incidentally, there was no problem. The usual things you hear, is that you need some things and all that. You know, I am a scientist. Sometimes you have reasons why some things happen. They were married as virgins. There are people who can confirm it today. It is not as if something was wrong with them or somebody did something. I contacted some of my friends who were doctors in South Africa and we were able to secure a hospital where she could go abroad. But by the time the paper came out she was already due. The problem we have in Nigeria is facility problem. The moment I heard that this thing now happened, I said God you are awesome. I preached in his church last Sunday. I and his wife were very close. At a point, it became a reproach. He was shedding tears. When everyone abandoned him, I said no, a friend in need is a friend indeed. I was there for him. In fact, it got to a point that if he wanted me to give him one of my children, I would have done that. He is very open handed money wise. I believe you will know him more. You can never know that he has masters in economics from UI since 1989. He is a humble person.

Was there a time there was pressure to look for alternative?

For me, I didn’t feel that and I did not subscribe for that. For me, when I was about getting married, I told myself, as I pick this person, I have picked her for life and death. It depends on who dies first, but I said whether we have children or not, that should not put us asunder. In Africa, there is stigma when you don’t have but outside the world, you may decide not to have. As I am talking to you know, the only thing I was tempted to present to him was a statement accredited to one other friend who said, why don’t you tell you friend to adopt a child? And when he told me this I looked at it, then one other day, when we were now talking, I said to him, look at what this person said, that why don’t you adopt a child? And I said well, I am thinking about it.

He just looked at me
and said, God knows why and he knows that one day He will do something. Eventually, I didn’t subscribe to that. It takes two people to agree to that. I was considering the wife as well even then. I have no problem with him. I just named a baby a member of my church just adopted. She has been looking for a girl but has boys. I told her, why will she want to kill her self because a girl? So it is not a crime to adopt. Sure enough, there were times they have a little bit pressure. Sometimes, you know as men, there are times we have issues with our wives and they will say we are not caring even when we are caring. I will tell them to exercise patient. And I thank God that at the end of the day, it has come to pass.

But he made mention of something four years ago, he said to me friend God wants to give me children. He will start from four upwards. So it was not funny to me when it now happened that the scan said it was four.

And the parents of the wife are all abroad and that is why they wanted her to come over. They are covenant children.”


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HalleluJah, our God that makes impossible possible, please receive your glory
1 week ago

As it was in Bible times when God allowed his servants such as Abraham and Zechariah to go childless for a long time of their lives, God is still doing same today. It is a test of the faith of his servants. When the captivity of the children of Israel was tuned around, they were like people dreaming. I want to believe when her menses did not flow and she was confirmed pregnant, she may have thought it was a dream. I thank God for this wonderful couple for their faith in God that did not make them succumb to suggestions that may have made them belittle God. The Bible says “They that wait upon the Lord shall renew their strength……………”All who mocked at them are now forced to swallow their mockery four times at a go. Only the awesome God Jehovah that can do such things. To God be all the glory for this world shaking miracle He has done and hearty congratulations to the blessed couple.
1 week ago

1 week ago

God is indeed a very great God.
If any man can trust God faithfully and wait on Him. Just like Abraham, Fod will bless him and cause laughter to reign among his congregation.
God is indeed faithful…
Cast your cares on Him, for He cares for you… Amen
1 week ago

Haleluia. To God be all the glory. I am very happy for the family, and wish them well.