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Charismaallover, doing Taebo for fun on youtube!

June 9, 2009

Like I said, I love some taebo. I’m still
doing it everyday as usual, same taebo tape till I get another one. Well, I just put up a small short video clip of me
doing 2 taebo moves and various poses.

I did this outside of my aunt’s
house in the back. It was so sunny
out, that’s why the video looks so
bright. Just to recap, I lost about 30
pounds doing taebo. Taebo, with all
the kicks and jumps rocks the house.
But it’s the best fitness routine for
me. I increased the amount of squats
involved in taebo that I do. I increased
the kicks, the leg lifts, the jumps, etc
by doing five sets of each.

Anyways here is the picture
to go with the video..

5th set of tamarva pictures

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