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July 24, 2017


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Jay Z conferred as Chief during Visit To Nigeria In 2006 – Celebrities – Nigeria

Music mogul Jay-Z was in Nigeria in 2006 and he visited Ilorin , Kwara State, to see the efforts being made by the state government to provide clean portable water.

Jay Z is a Chief in Nigeria , the title was conferred by Alhaji Ibrahim Gambari, Emir of Ilorin. He also had a road renamed Shawn “Jay Z” Carter road and was present during the commissioning .Pics below:



April 16, 2015



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A glorious celebration for the life of Dr. Ben

Herb Boyd | 4/11/2015, 3:22 p.m.
While there is no dismissing the glorious encomiums for the late Dr. Yosef A.A. ben-Jochannan—and they were as full of ...

The funeral of the late Dr. Yosef A.A. ben-Jochannan Derek Muhammad
While there is no dismissing the glorious encomiums for the late Dr. Yosef A.A. ben-Jochannan—and they were as full of praise as the many dispensers—the priceless item at his more than three-hour funeral service at the Abyssinian Baptist Church in Harlem was the printed program. One thing was certain upon being lucky enough to get one was the prediction that they would not have a sufficient supply for the massive turnout.
An even safer prediction was that many of the hundreds of admirers of the great scholar would not be able to get in the church in the first place, and like the overflow crowd at the wake and viewing on Thursday, many had to settle for the celebration outside the church at the end of the services.

Professor James Small had the awesome responsibility of moderating the “service of commemoration and the Initiation into the Duat,” as the ceremony was called. Looking at the long list of speakers, performers and proclamations he advised the participants that “you have two minutes for your remarks,” he said, “and only Dr. Jeffries can have an extended African two minutes.” It brought the expected laughter from a packed church, especially from those familiar with Dr. Leonard Jeffries’ long, history-laden speeches. And later he and his wife, Dr. Rosalind Jeffries, would speak in tandem, both stressing an “African identity” and keeping to the limits.
“Dr. Ben is not gone, he’s right here,” said veteran activist and cultural maven Camille Yarbrough during her delivery of the libations. She asked the audience to “just breathe” deeply and reflect on Dr. Ben’s spirit.
After the collective breath was exhaled, Minister Akbar Muhammad was called to the podium and, for the most part, he read a message from Minister Louis Farrakhan, the leader of the Nation of Islam. It was a message of unity and solidarity with understanding that Dr. Ben was a historian “from whose lessons we can learn from the past.”
Listening to someone read from the Book of Vindication must have been a first time experience for most of those in attendance. And it was during this reading that “Mut the mother of heaven” was mentioned and “heaven” would be almost a running gag for the rest of the ceremony, particularly where it was variously located by different speakers.
Professor Small, a leopard skin print draped over his shoulders, kept things moving at a good clip, and often dropping his own observations of his mentor. “Dr. Ben gave us the foundation to understand our eternity,” he remarked before asking Rev. Dr. Calvin Butts, III to read the obituary. Among the highlights of Dr. Ben’s enormously productive 96 years—he joined the ancestor on March 19—Butts recalled was that he was a versatile genius who wrote more than 40 books. “He will be remembered as a brilliant historian, committed to the uplift and enlightenment of the global African community. He will also be remembered as charismatic with an enormous sense of humor. And at the same time, as being straight, forthright, and even confrontational if he detected lies, deceit, or falsehoods.”

Olivia Holloway ·

Dr Ben will always be important to myself and a great many more every last one of us is grateful for opening our eyes to the glorious ness of who we really are as a people his spirit will forever be with us
Dellin J. Cooke ·

i owe such much of my understanding to Dr.Ben was in the darkness to my existence as a black man in America thought the bible was the truth an I was the this descendant of a slave with no past just the one that the Europeans wrote for me. Dr.Ben showed me I had a history an knew GOD long before this faireytale book f lies Dr.Ben an Dr.Clarke will never be forgotten.
Delinda Wills Thomas ·

Thanks so much for the LIVE STREAM of Dr. Ben’s celebration of his life and for allowing me to meet family members, historians, ministers, attorneys, and others who talked about the realities his life and works,..Dr. Ben taught me the truths about me, my people and opened my mind to further research, readings, teachings to carry the African Centered baton of his findings,..He will always live on through me and others,..
Nefertina Abrams ·

The Great Pharaoh is on his journey sent with great love, admiration and respect, I was blessed to attend the Wake which was phenominal… I laughed, I cheered, I cried, I sighed, but most of all I Gave Thanks for his life and his legacy…
Aku A King

Yes….just as there were hundreds clamoring to be a part of this moment, physically….. I, like many others, were there as we “watched”, very closely, every movement on and offstage…thanks to AMSTERDAM NEWS and LIVESTREAM…… We were THERE…..and we are STILL there….. AKOBEN!!!!


January 17, 2015



December 18, 2011

Daniel Coker
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Daniel Coker (1780–1846), born Isaac Wright, was an African American and the first Methodist missionary to the British colony of Sierra Leone.

* 1 Early life
* 2 Immigration to Sierra Leone
* 3 Descendants
* 4 Sources

[edit] Early life

Daniel Coker was born a slave in 1780 in Baltimore, Maryland, to a white Indentured servant mother and a black slave father (though some sources suggest a white indentured servant father and a black slave mother) in Baltimore. Coker was educated with his white half brothers in Maryland
[edit] Immigration to Sierra Leone

In 1820, Coker immigrated to Sierra Leone with some 84 other Black Americans in an attempt by the ACS to establish and settle a colony at Sherbro. Coker was leader of the colony during its despair and he ensured the survival of the remaining few colonists when the time called for it.
[edit] Descendants

Coker, his wife, and his children settled in Hastings, Sierra Leone a newly established village for Sierra Leone Liberated Africans. Coker became the patriarch of a prominent Krio family the Cokers. Coker’s son, Daniel Coker Jr. was a prominent man in the town of Freetown and the Cokers and their descendants still reside inside Freetown as one of the prominent Krio families. Henry McNeal Turner elaborated on this when he said ‘It would seem, from all I can learn, that Coker played a prominent part in the early settlement of Liberia. The first Methodist Church established here was the African M. E. Church; but by whom established I cannot say. Tradition says it was afterward sold out to the M. E. Church. Besides the probability of Rev. Daniel Coker’s having established our church here, he also played a mighty part among the early settlers of Sierra Leone. His children and grandchildren are found there to-day.’
[edit] Sources

* Becoming African in America: Race and Nation in the Early Black Atlantic by James Sidbury
* Journal of Daniel Coker, a Descendant of Africa: From the Time of Leaving By Daniel Coker
* Chapter 7 “Edward Jones: An African American in Sierra Leone” in Moving On: Black Loyalists in the Afro-Atlantic World by Nemata Blyden


May 19, 2009


The year 2012 will be 520 years after Columbus
delivered the message of the promised land in 1492

The Birth of Olmec Culture Mesoamerica’s mother culture

The Olmecs were the first Mesoamerican people to fathom the concept of zero, maintain a calendar, and use a hieroglyphic writing system based on the Manding system of West Africa. These intellectual achievements, as well as Olmec myths and rituals, were influential in the subsequent Maya, Zapotec, and Aztec cultures.
Once we move beyond recognizing the African roots of Mesoamerica’s mother culture we come to the more fascinating theories regarding the source of their culture and the cause of the trigger for an immigration representing so much knowledge and talent.
The Toltecs were never conquered and kept good records. Prof. Herman L. Hoeh in his exhaustive Compendium of World History explains the birth of the Olmec civilization by comparing dates with history before Christ.
The first seeds of Olmec culture began in the Americas as the result of Spain expelling the North Africans who had enslaved them in 1892 BC or 3 millenniums prior to 1492. The date has been kept by adding 520 years to the great flood and corresponds with the date of GIANTS arriving in Mesoamerica as recorded by the Toltec historian Ixtlilxochitl.

The Mysterious Olmecs
1849 BC

Who was this mysterious people that have so baffled the modern-day historians and anthropologists? To find the answer to this riddle we must go back, once again, to the OLD World!
“In the year 1883 B.C. an invasion of Spain took place from the confines of North Africa. Having become a civilized land and wealthy due to changes in climate and the presence of many producing gold mines, Spain aroused the greed of Egypt and other North African nations.
A king by the name of GERION or DEABUS, with a large army and many ships, conquered Spain and forced the inhabitants to dig gold for their new African overlords. Many Spanish slaves died from overwork under this tyranny”
Osyris slew Gerion in 1849, upon which part of his tribe took to ship and sailed to the New World. A tradition found among the Toltecs of Mexico and preserved by Ixtlilxochitl declares there once were giants in their land. Even the date of the arrival of these giants has been preserved by the Toltec historian. It was 520 years after the flood. (Bancroft “Native Races of the Pacific States”, vol. V, p. 209. )
The year of the flood was 2370-2369. And 520 years AFTER the flood — that is, after 2369 — is 1849, the very year a great battle was fought in Spain during which Gerion was slain and many of the giants were expelled.
Herman L Hoeh
Compedium of World History (google)
or Compendium of World History
1963 1966, 1969 Edition pf PhD Dissertation

The Book of Mormon
The Book of Mormon is about a small group of Jews who fled Jerusalem in 600 B.C. and sailed to America. However, there is an older book within The Book of Mormon called The Book of Ether. It tells about a group of people who fled the Tower of Babel at least 3000 years before Christ called the “Jaredites”. Because they were a righteous people the LORD did not confound their language, and a Prophet led them called “The Brother of Jared” (his actual name was Mahonri Moriancumr). All of the Jaredite names are Hamitic, and the descendants of Ham were black. Most Mormon scholars believe that the Jaredites were the ancient Olmecs; the first civilization on the American continent.
“The existence of the OLMEC culture in Mexico and Central America, along with terraced pyramids (similar to SUMERIAN ZIGGURATS), calendrical systems, mathematics and sculptured figures WITH BEARDS or Negroid features implies, to many observers, “a CONNECTION with such peoples as the…PHOENICIANS, HITTITES… or CARTHAGINIANS” — all of whom were CANAANITES
“While official Mormon promotional literature and activities continue to make claims of scientific support from the fields of archaeology and anthropology, there are NO non-Mormon specialists in these fields who support the premise of an ancient Hebrew civilization in the pre-Columbian Americas. ”
Olmecs by John Keyser on the web by google
Mormons & Olmecs by google

” It was 520 years after the flood….
The year of the flood was 2370-2369 BC. And 520 years after the flood — that is, after 2369 — is 1849 BC, the very year a great battle was fought in Spain during which Gerion was slain and MANY OF THE GIANTS EXPELLED.
(Bancroft, Native Races of the Pacific States, vol. v, p.209).
The widespread Academic Repression of overwhelming evidence of diffusion to the Americas by a profession based upon the discovery of truth would seem to support the many claims of Eurocentrism by Afrocentric web authors. We’d rather add it to our list under the title the Curse of Columbus. Here is a sample from the web
“A great deal has been made of the “Negroid” features of the Olmec colossal heads. Various dubious theories have been advanced.”

“without proper evidence” & “academically irresponsible” to suggest African origin is racist
Billie Follensbee

“Olmec Heads” by google

African Empires of Ancient America
by Clyde A. Winters PhD
“The view that Africans originated writing in America is not new. Scholars early recognized the affinity between Amerindian scripts and the Mande script(s).” Beginning with Rafinesque in 1832, Leo Wiener (1922) Harold Lawrence (1962)

Makubwa Homepage
Links showing Afrocentric origins of Olmec civilization
Photo of Olmec and African Heads
Professor Alexander Von Wuthenau compared the Olmec heads to the Head of King Taharka, a Nubian-Kushite ruler of ancient Egypt.
A History of the African-Olmecs
by Paul Alfred Barton published Sept 2001 at amazon
Manding in West Africa Today
by CIA — The World Factbook — Mali || Senegal ||Gambia || Guinea-Bissau || Guinea

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BLACK BEAUTY PERSONIFIED:Venus and Serena Williams, ALEK Wek, and Cicely Tyson

June 22, 2008

Venus Williams

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Teen Choice Awards

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