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Bodi Tribe Men Value Obesity o!-Based in Ethiopia, Africa o!

May 1, 2020

Where Obesity is Highly Rewarded

Where Obesity is Highly Rewarded
From goodyogahApr 29, 2020
Bodi tribe men celebrating kael ceremony
A regular visit to the doctor for health check up is normally loathed by many.

Although a necessity, most people would rather wait until they are very sick to visit the hospital.

Some believe in the old adage, ‘An apple a day keeps the doctor away.’ They would rather eat apples and keep the doctor away.

The sole reason for this is the fact that a visit to the doctor always comes with more restrictions to your life.

If not a new diet then a new physical routine in the name of staying and being healthy.

Doctors therefore will be shocked to learn that in Ethiopia, among the Bodi, men compete to become the fattest.

Fat men running during Kael Ceremony .
This happens during a ceremony known as Ka’el. They eat a mixture of blood and milk for six months to gain weight as fast as they can.

Obesity is highly regarded in this society and the person who emerges the winner is seen as a hero.

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