Freddie Gray is now a Martyr

May 12, 2015


politics from the eyes of an ebony mom

On last night while watching the local news they showed a mural in Freddie Gray’s neighborhood. The mural is being done by a neighborhood artist with the help of Gray’s brother. It features a larger than life picture of Gray but I  was struck by the side images which featured Martin Luther King Jr. Gray has been elevated to martyr status. What happened to Gray was criminal. No individual should be treated like he was, but does that treatment erase any of his prior deeds. So often when someone dies everyone seeks to make that person the nicest person to walk the earth. perhaps you have been sitting at a memorial service and you heard all these wonderful things about the decedent that you wonder if you are at the right service, but it is another thing when you complete erase the person’s past because it does not fit in…

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