May 28, 2010


In view of the events that took place on 9-11-2001 it’s time to pull this book back out and follow the instructions in it!
Learn how to survive the Holy War as it progresses here in America
There are no special provisions for people of Color.
This book is our Plan B
We are most at risk in th inner-city and nearby suburbs.
Prepare to Do-For-Self
A Handy Reference of Suppliers- Emergency Tactics- Hidden Resources – Support Groups – Desperate Measures- Protection

The Bravest Black Woman in America
Sister Shahrazad Ali

By Sister Zakiyah Karim

Reprinted from Muhammad Speaks Vol.1, No.5 /Written in January, 1992

The proportion of Black women who will probably never (legally) marry has nearly tripled in the past 30 years.

According to a recent Census Bureau study, Black Women outnumber Black men significantly.

Homicide remains one of the leading causes of death among Black men ages 15-34.

With the majority of Black men between the ages of 17 and 40 either incarcerated, on drugs, homosexual, lovers of women who are other than their own kind, or HIV positive; the chances of a Black woman finding a husband are to say the least, bleak.

Another problem in the quest of the Black woman find a Black husband out of the remaining few Black men who have managed to avoid being killed and who have dodged the other genocidal weapons aimed at our Nation (The Black Nation), is the fact that over half of those left are either unemployed or receive such low wages that they are not financially able to support a family and women who receive government assistance frequently find their benefits cut if they get married.

Subsequently, we find Black women taking on the attitude that “You don’t have to have a man on your are to be successful.” or “You don’t have to have a man, period.”

We found out in 1990, when Sister Shahrazad Ali’s book, The Blackman’s Guide To Understanding the Black Woman, arrived in bookstores nation-wide, how ashamed Black women are for taking on such an attitude of not needing the Black man.

Black women all over the country became furious with Sister Sharazad Ali for statements made concerning Black women; such as the fact that the Black woman is “out of control” and that one of the options available to the Black man when the Black woman’s mouth becomes uncontrollably disrespectful was that he could “offer her an open-handed slap in the mouth.”

Black women and, in a few cases, Black men used this, “slap-in-the-mouth”, phrase, which appeared in the seventeenth chapter of The Blackman’s Guide…, to condemn the entire eighteen chapter book.

In 1989, according to the 1991 Almanac, 18,435 Black men were arrested for “offenses against family and children” as opposed to 37,671 white men who were arrested for the same charge.

It is obvious that Black men were not waiting for Shahrazad to tell them that hitting was an option, even though it is the worst of all choices, to deal with the Black woman and her, frequently out-of-control mouth.

Some people acted as though Sister Sharazad had invented “domestic violence”, that physical fighting between the Black man and the Black woman did not exist and that as a result of “The Blackman’s Guide…” pandamonium would break out among Black people, and Black women all over the country would be doomed to the “opened-hand” of our men.

On the contrary, Sister Sharazad pointed out, in her book, and even more clearly, on the On Tour Video Tape, that as both Black men and the Black women we find ourselves in these undesirable and savage-acting situations (the Black woman having such an out-of-control mouth and the Black man dealing with it by hitting her) because of our following the life-style of the Caucasian white man and woman, who is none other than the devil.

Although Sister Shahrazad Ali was well aware of the opposition she would face, and stated so in the Preface of The Blackman’s Guide…, she stood toe to toe with one of the greatest oppositions imaginable, her sister (The Blackwoman). For this reason she has earned the title of being “The Bravest Black Woman in America”.

Many of the women, whom I ,know personally, that initially, disliked the book, The Blackman’s Guide To Understanding The Black Woman, whether they had read the book or not, in 1990; now say, in 1992, that what Sister Sharazad said was right.

In 1991, Sister Shahrazad Ali was, al but, lynched by an angry mob, on national television, where she appeared on several different talk shows, to defend her book that was based on the fact that “The Blackwoman’s disrespect for the Blackman was a direct cause of the breakdown in the Black family”, Sister Shahrazad Ali went on Tour to speak to Black men and women face to face. She now has released THE BLACKMAN’S GUIDE ON TOUR VIDEO TAPE.

This “On Tour” Video Tape has caused Black women, who initially argued that Sister Shahrazad’s examples were inaccurate, to admit that “she is telling the Truth”.

The Blackman’s Guide ON TOUR video tape has caused the Black women, who in 1990, opposed and became angry with Sister Sharazad Ali, to look into the mirror of reality and say, “Thank you” to The Bravest Black woman in America.

As a Muslim Believer in the Teachings and Programs of Messenger Elijah Muhammad, the only negative reaction I had to Sister Sharazad Ali was that I did not like that she had used Messenger Elijah Muhammad’s Teaching without letting the public know that Messenger Elijah Muhammad was the source or foundation of her information.

I was happy to hear, in the On Tour Video tape, Sister Shahrazad Ali give praises to Allah and to see The Message To the Blackman in America, by Messenger Elijah Muhammad, which is the most powerful book ever written, on the table in front of her.

Sister Sharazad Ali explained to me that she did not reveal her source, in the beginning, because “The people have already been taught to reject Islam”. Messenger Elijah Muhammad, himself, said, “Find someway to ease a little Islam into them while you are talking, not in no way to make them angry with you but come in on them easy…” “I have slipped up on them many times in their own way and when I’d get through with them they were in my way. It was Islam I was easing in on them, but I come in under the cross, and they didn’t see the crescent, until I had broken the cross.”

Sister Shahrazad, by no means, came in on The Blackwoman easy, so as to make them not be angry with her, but nevertheless; she made more progress in the way of introducing the Black Women in America to Islam, as taught by Messenger Elijah Muhamamd than any sister that I know of.

All of our lives, we have learned how strong and good the Black woman is by nature. Although non of us are perfect, Sister Shahrazad Ali represents “some of that monumental strength (and goodness) we say we have.”

In the Name of Allah, Who came in the Person of Master Fard Muhammad and In the Name of His Last and Greatest Messenger, The Most Honorable Elijah Muhammad. I thank you for reading this article.

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March 9, 2009




The Obamas – A Mother-in-Law in the White House

by Bethany Sanders Jan 12th 2009 2:04PM

Of all the images that came out of Barack Obama’s November 4th victory, one of my favorites is the one of him and his mother-in-law, Marian Robinson, sitting on the couch watching returns … her hand in his. Their bond was so clear in that one photo — not in-laws, but family.

During the Presidential campaign, Mrs. Robinson filled in the parenting gaps while Barack and Michelle Obama were on the road. And now, it seems, she’ll be following the family to Washington to help daughters Malia and Sasha settle in to their new lives.

Though I’ll never live in the White House, I can understand why the Obamas lean so heavily on Mrs. Robinson, why they’d ask her to move out of Chicago, a city she’s lived in their whole lives. She’s not just reliable childcare, she’s Grandma.

Our primary babysitter has always been my mom, and if I was moving across the country, I’d do everything but pack her in my suitcase to make sure she came along with us. Say the word “Grandma” in my house, and two little pairs of eyes light right up. Both Barack and Michelle likely take comfort in the fact that when they aren’t with their girls, Mrs. Robinson — someone who knows them and loves them like their parents — is.

Not all daughters can lean on their mothers so heavily, but when a relationship is strong — without head games or agendas — it works. My mom respects our role as parents, follows through on behavior issues while my kids are at her house, and is my sounding board for all of life’s little issues.

There’s no doubt that sharing his home with his mother-in-law will make Barack Obama the butt of more than a few jokes, but the Obamas have made no secret of their commitment to family, and I think this decision is evidence that the entire family is making the care of those two little girls a priority.

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