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Review of George G. M. James, Stolen Legacy
By Femi Akomolafe

In this age of technological in-humanity, scientific atrocities, atomic mis-philosophy, nuclear mis-energy, we’re the survivals.
– Bob Marley

Ye shall know the truth, and the truth shall make you free.
– Ancient Egyptian saying, wrongly credited to the Christian bible.

Fellow Africans,

Question: To what country do we owe our Civilization, Philosophy, the Arts and the Sciences?
Question: Who is the wisest man the world has ever seen?
Answer: Aristotle
Question: Name the world three greatest thinkers of all times?
Answer: Socrates, Plato and Aristotle?
Question: Who is the world greatest mathematician of all times, the [person] who invented the theorem of the Square of the Hypotenuse?
Answer: Pythagoras.


Socrates: “(b. c. 470 BC, Athens -d. 399, Athens, ancient Athenian philosopher who directed philosophical thought toward analyses of the character and conduct of human life and who is remembered for his admonition to ‘know thyself.’

Socrates wrote nothing. Information about his personality and doctrine is found chiefly in the Dialogues of Plato and the Memorabilia of Xenophon.” The New Encyclopedia Britannica, vol. 10, Micropaedia, 15th edition, p.929.

Plato: “(b. 428/427 BC, Athens, or Aegina, Greece-d. 348/347, Athens), ancient Greek philosopher, the second of the great trio of ancient Greeks – Socrates, Plato, and Aristotle. He developed a wide-ranging system of philosophy that was strongly ethical, resting on, resting on a foundation of eternal Ideas or Forms that represented universals or absolutes. Platonism influenced currents of philosophy up to the 20th century.” The New Encyclopedia Britannica, vol. 9, Micropaedia, 15th edition, p.509

Aristotle: “Greek ARISTOTELES (b. 384 BC, Stagira, [or Stagirus, or Stageirus], Chalcidice, near Macedonia-d, 322, Chalcis, Euboea, Greece), ancient Greek philosopher, scientist and organizer of research, one of the two greatest intellectual figures produced by the Greeks (the other been Plato). He surveyed the whole field of human knowledge as it was known in the Mediterranean world in his day; and his writings long influenced Western and Muslim thought.” The New Encyclopedia Britannica, vol. 1, Micropaedia, 15th edition, p. 555

I have quoted from an encyclopedia, which is often defined as ‘volumes containing collections of human knowledge.’ You don’t argue with an encyclopedia, do you?

I answer that, as Africans, we have no choice but to argue and to contest, vigorously, many of the distorted information contain in these encyclopedia and other books. We should hold no sacred any book which is based on historical falsification and racial prejudice, however hallowed, praised and expensive – Encyclopedia Britannica is certainly is.

You will be adjudged CORRECT and RIGHT if you give the above answers in an examination. But actually, none of the answers are TRUE. Based on what we know of history, they are FALSE.

The greatest crime Europe committed against the world is the intellectual theft of Africa’s heritage. Empires could be stolen, whole countries snatched and named after pirates rapists and swindlers. Palaces and monumental edifices destroyed could be rebuild. But when you steal a people’s cultural patrimony, and used it to enslaved and insult them, you have committed unforgivable acts that border on the sacrilege.

That Greece invented philosophy, the Arts and the Sciences is the only basis on which the arrogance of Europe stands. It is those things credited to the Greek that made every European believed himself superior to other peoples\races. Conversely, it is the awe with which the other races view these grand ancient achievements, which made them cringe at the altar of supposed European superiority.

What course would the history of the world had taken if the European scholars[?] had not FALSELY claim for the Greeks what is certainly not theirs? Would the arrogance of Europeans not have been diminished if the truth about the contribution of Africa to human civilization have been correctly stated and interpreted? Would Africans have held themselves in such self-contempt if they have tried sooner to uncover the truth about their past? Would Africans be cringing at the altar of westernism if they know that almost every idea Europeans are using today was brazenly stolen from us? Would we be supplicating to a supposed son of an imaginary god if we knew that we gave RELIGION to the world?

Every European hold ‘Greek Civilization’ as an inspiration. They go around the world with volumes upon volumes celebrating Greek this, Greek that. From their original abode in Europe to the real estate they stole from other people, they shouted on top-voice about how they single-handedly invented and sustained human civilization! Sororities are created at institutions of higher learning. ‘Great thinkers’ waxed lyrical and sentimental about ‘Greek Civilization.’ In the same vein, Africans are lamenting their singular historic ‘un-achievement.’ Some even believe that theirs is a ‘cursed-race.’

“The term Greek philosophy, to begin with is a misnomer, for there is no such philosophy in existence. The ancient Egyptians had developed a very complex religious system, called the Mysteries, which was also the first system of salvation.” That was the opening statement from Stolen Legacy: Greek Philosophy is Stolen Egyptian Philosophy, by George G.M. James.

George James began his book by informing us that the Egyptian Mystery System was the oldest in the world and was ‘also a Secret Order, and membership was gained by initiation and a pledge to secrecy. The teaching was graded and delivered orally to the Neophyte; and under these circumstances of secrecy, the Egyptians developed secret systems of writing and teaching, and forbade their Initiates from writing what they had learn.’ – p.1

The Egyptians have developed their systems and taught same to Initiates around the world long before the Greeks were allowed into the temples. It was only after the invasion of Alexander the Destructor (called the Great by western mythorians) when the temples and the libraries were plundered, that the Greek gained access to all the ancient books, on which Aristotle built his own school and his reputation as the wisest man that ever lived!

In the first chapter of his book, James masterfully destroyed the myth of a Greek philosophy. Pythagoras, the oldest of the so-called Greek-thinkers was a student in Egypt for several years. He was exiled when he started to teach what he had learned. Socrates was executed for teaching ‘foreign ideas.’ Plato was sold into slavery. Aristotle was also exiled. What we are asked to believed by western scholars was that these ancient Greeks were persecuted in a society that is sufficiently advanced in philosophy.

On what basis do western scholars claim philosophy for Greece? Because the literature were written in Greece. As is still in existence unto today, most Orders prohibit their members from writing down what they learn. This explains why Socrates, as even the Encyclopedia Britannica admitted, did not commit anything to writing! The Babylonians and the Chaldeans, who also studied under the Egyptian Masters, also refused to publish those teachings. It is usurpers like Plato and Aristotle that brought into book forms all the secret teachings of Egyptian and claim authorship!

George James pointed out the absurdity of this stance. The Hebrew scriptures, called the Septuagint, the Gospels and the Epistles were also written in Greek, why are the Greek not claiming authorship of them? ‘It is only the unwritten philosophy of the Egyptians translated into Greek that has met such an unhappy fate: a legacy stolen by the Greeks.’

This is not the only absurdities James pointed out in the book. Another instance: The number of books whose authorship is credited to Aristotle is simply impossible to be the work of one single man, even in our age when word-processing software makes writing a lot easier. We also have to keep in mind that Aristotle was purported to have been taught by Plato. Plato, as the books, show was a philosopher. Aristotle is still regarded as the greatest scientist of antiquity. The question thus beggared is how could Plato taught Aristotle what he didn’t know himself?

The truth of the matter was that Aristotle, aided by Alexander the Destroyer (some called him the Great), secured the books from the Egyptian Royal Libraries and Temples. ‘In spite however of such great intellectual treasure, the death of Aristotle marked the death of philosophy among the Greeks, who did not seem to possess the natural abilities to advance these sciences.’ p. 3

‘The aim of this book is to establish better race relations in the world, by revealing a fundamental truth concerning the contribution of the African Continent to civilization. It must be borne in mind that the first lesson in the Humanities is to make a people aware of their contribution to civilization; and the second lesson is to teach them about other civilizations. By this dissemination of the truth about the civilization of individual peoples, a better understanding among them, and a proper appraisal of each other should follow. This notion is based upon the notion of the Great Master Mind: Ye shall know the truth, and the truth shall make you free.’ Consequently, the book is an attempt to show that the true authors of Greek philosophy were not the Greeks; but the people of North Africa, commonly called the Egyptians; and the praise and honor falsely given to the Greeks for centuries belong to the people of North Africa, and therefore to the African Continent. Consequently this theft of the African legacy by the Greeks led to the erroneous world opinion that the African Continent has made no contribution to civilization, and that its people are naturally backward. This is the misrepresentation that has become the basis of race prejudice, which has affected all people of color.

For centuries the world has been misled about the original source of the Arts and Sciences; for centuries Socrates, Plato and Aristotle have been falsely idolized as models of intellectual greatness; and for centuries the African continent has been called the Dark Continent, because Europe coveted the honor of transmitting to the world, the Arts and Sciences.’ p.7

To leave no one in doubt about the cogency of his impressive arguments, chapter one (Greek Philosophy is Stolen Egyptian Philosophy) opens with an examination of the stories of the so- called ‘Greek Philosophers. Pythagoras, after receiving his training in Egypt, went back to his native Samos and established an Order as was the custom in those days. Anaximander and Anaximenes, native, Parmenides, Zeno and Melissus were all native of Ionia and they taught nothing but Egyptian mysteries. Ditto, Heraclitus, Empedocles, Anaxagoras and Democritus. What we have to remember here is that Ionia was a colony of Egypt (readers are directed to Martin Bernal’s, Black Athena, published by Vintage, especially vol. I, ISBN 0 09 988780 0). At the apex of its glory, Egypt held sway over much of the known world. The Ionians would later become Persian subjects after the fall of Egypt, before they even became Greek citizens.

All of these Ionians did not claim for themselves the glory of philosophy or the sciences. The Persians and the Chaldeans were also introduced to the Ancient Mystery Systems, yet they did not claim authorship. It was the Athenians – Socrates, Plato and Aristotle who usurped this African legacy and thereby distorted the reality of human history. What is quite clear was that it was Athens that those who taught the mysteries were persecuted the most until Alexander’s time. We know with certainty that these philosophers were roundly persecuted by the Athenian Government for teaching foreign doctrines.

What is incredible about these ‘Great Philosopher’ is the total lack of any knowledge about their early lives. The world is asked to believe that these men who possessed all the super-natural abilities attributed to them had no education, no training, philosophy, mathematics and the sciences just came to them! The only evidence adduced for this fraud was that the books were written by the Orders founded by the Athenian impostors. But as James repeatedly reminded us, the ancient Egyptians forbade their pupils from writing, and this injunction was obeyed by all but the Athenians. We have to excuse Socrates, whom James believed to be the only properly trained Initiate. Instead of divulging the secrets he had learned, he drank a poison. Both Plato and Aristotle fled. Yet they came back and claim the credits!

The crucial question of how Aristotle got all the books that bore his credit is easily answered by the simple historical fact that he went with his friend, Alexander, in the latter campaign and conquest. After Egypt was conquered and destroyed, the Royal Library and the Temples were looted by Aristotle. It was with these books that he established his own school and, aided by his pupils, Theophrastus, Andronicus of Rhodes and Eudemus, started to copy the books. These men were also credited with the authorship of several books, and it was them who formed the organization of ‘The Learned study of Aristotle Writings.’ ‘It would certainly appear that the object of the Learned Association was to beat Aristotle’s own drum and dance. It was Aristotle’s idea to compile a history of philosophy, and it was Aristotle’s school and its alumni that carried out the idea, we are told.” (p.19)

Chapter II, ‘So-Called Greek Philosophy was Alien to the Greeks And their Conditions of Life.’ Here James drew for us the conditions under which the Greeks were living at this period in history. According to the western mythorians, the period of ‘Greek Philosophy’ was located 640-322 BC. ‘The period of Greek philosophy (640-322 BC was a period of internal and external wars, and was therefore unsuitable for producing philosophers. History supports the fact that from the time of Thales to the time of Aristotle, The Greeks were victims of internal disunion, on the one hand, while on the other, they lived in constant fear of invasion from the Persians who were a common enemy to the city states.

. . . The obstacles against the origin and development of Greek philosophy, were not only the frequency of wars; and the constant defense against Persian aggression; but also the threat of extermination from the Athenian government, its worst enemy.’ pp. 21-26

Chapter three shows that the so-called ‘greek Philosophy’ was just an offspring of the Egyptian Mystery System. All the arts, philosophy and religion, credited to the Greeks have been in existence in Egypt thousands of years before the Greeks were permitted to learn them. ‘The earliest theory of salvation is the Egyptian theory. The Egyptian Mystery System has as its most important object, the deification of man, and taught that the soul of man if liberated from its bodily fetters, could enable him to become godlike and see the Gods in this life and attain the beatific vision and hold communion with the immortals.’ (Ancient Mysteries, C.H. Vail. P.32)

Close attention should be paid to the foregoing paragraph. What that simply means is that a system of beliefs that Africans evolved thousands of years ago, has been distorted and use to abuse the Africans today!

When Western mythorians roll out Aristotle, Plato and Socrates, they fail to tell their audience how these guys were persecuted by their own government. These ‘philosophers’ were persecuted for the exactly the same reason – ‘introducing strange divinities.’ Socrates charge sheet read, in part, ‘Socrates commit a crime by not believing in the Gods of the city, and by introducing other new divinities. He also commit a crime by corrupting the youth.’ He was further accused of ‘busying himself with investigating things beneath the earth and in the sky,a nd who makes the worse appear the better reason, and who teaches others the same thing.’ Whereas astronomy was part of the required study in the Egyptian schools, the Athenian government was persecuting its citizens for pursuing such studies. Who, now, is the father of what?

Chapter three further dealt with the Egyptian mystery systems and show its close correlation with what has been wrongly attributed to the Greeks. Even the structures of the Lodges are built to Egyptian standards.

The conquest of Alexander and the destruction of the Lodges and the libraries plus the edicts of Theodosius and Justinian suppressed the Egyptian mystery systems and the Greek philosophy schools alike, paving the way for christianity which is nothing but a badly mis-understood Egyptian religion.

In chapter four, we learn how the Greeks were allowed into Egypt where they have been banned for several years. ‘Owing to the practice of piracy, in which the Ionians, and Garians were active, the Egyptians were forced to make immigration laws restricting the immigration of the Greeks and punishing their infringement by capital punishment, i.e, the sacrifice of the victim.’ – p.41. It was Egyptian king Amasis who lifted the restriction and allowed the Greeks to enter Egypt as mercenaries – they were not permitted to study until the persian invasion. And it was not until the Alexandrian conquest that they gained access to the libraries, most especially the Royal Library at Alexandria, which was converted into a Greek city.

Plato himself attested to the fact (in his Timaeus) that Greek aspirant to wisdom visited Egypt for initiation, and that the Egyptian priests refer to them as children in the mysteries.

It was Herodotus who informed us that Pythagoras was allowed into Egypt only after Polycrates (king of his native Samos and a friend of Amasis) gave him a letter of introduction. Even after that, he had to undergo several trials including circumcision which was compulsory – “Apud Aegyptios nullus aut geometrica studebat, aut astonomiae secreta remabatur, nisi circumcisione suscepta,’ (No one among the Egyptians, either studied geometry, or investigated the secrets of Astronomy, unless circumcision had been undertaken.)” – p.44. It was to Pythagoras that the world is giving credit for a theorem that the Egyptians most certainly used in building their pyramids!

Herodotus, Diogenes, Laertuis informed us that Democritus travelled to Egypt to receive instructions from the priests. Plato was also shown to have undergone similar pilgrimage.

In Chapter five through chapter seven, George James analyzed the doctrines of the so-called Greek philosophers and convincingly show their Egyptian origin. From pre-Socratic ‘Philosophers’ like Thales, Anaximander, Anaximenes and Pythagoras to Eleatic ‘philosophers’ like Xenophanes, Parmenides, Zeno and Melissus, to the Ionian school of Heraclitus, Anaxagoras and Democritus, he showed that what history has attributed to these impostors were nothing but what they copied from the Egyptians.

In these, the most important chapters, James concluded that the Greeks were guilty of plagiarism of the highest order.

Chapter eight dealt with the Memphite Theology which ‘is an inscription on a stone, now kept in the British Museum. It contains the theological, cosmological and philosophical views of the Egyptians. It has already been referred to in my treatment of Plato’s doctrines; but it must be repeated here to show its full importance as the basis of the entire field of Greek philosophy.’ p. 139. Here James show how portions of the philosophy of the Memphite Theology were assigned to the Greeks. This is a very important chapter as it throws enough light, not only on the whole argument of where the Greek got the ideas credited to them, but also about the true source of modern scientific knowledge.’

If the modern Nebular hypothesis credited to Laplace which holds that our present solar system was once a molten gaseous nebula is ever proven right, credit should go to the ancient Egyptians. Their cosmology is strikingly similar. They knew that the universe was created from fire. The Egyptian God Atum (Atom) together with his eight Created Gods that composed the Ennead or Godhead of nine, this correspond with our nine major planets. Atom, the sun God, was the Unmoved Mover, a doctrine which has been falsely attributed to Aristotle. Likewise, the injunction, ‘Know Thyself,’ was wrongly attributed to Socrates. As James pointed out, it was an inscription found on every Egyptian Temple. The Cardinal virtues, justice, wisdom, temperance and courage which was falsely credited to Plato owed their origin to the Egyptian Masters.

We also learn the attributes of the Egyptian God Atum which is shared by modern ATOM: The similarity of names; the Egyptian God means self-created, everything and nothing, a combination of positive and negative principles:- all-inclusiveness and emptiness. Even beginner science students will recognized these as the properties of atoms.

In the concluding chapter nine, ‘Social Reformation through the New Philosophy of African Redemption,’ James wrote: ‘Now that it has been shown that philosophy, and the arts and sciences were bequeathed to civilization by the people of North Africa and not by the people of Greece; the pendulum of praise and honor is due to shift from the people of Greece to the people of the African continent who are the rightful heirs of such praise and honor.

This is going to mean a tremendous change in world opinion, and attitude, for all people and races who accept the new philosophy of African redemption, ie the truth that the Greeks were not the authors of Greek philosophy; but the people of North Africa; would change their opinion from one of disrespect to one of respect for the Black people throughout the world and treat them accordingly.

It is going to mean a most important change in the mentality of the Black people: a change from an inferiority complex, to the realization and consciousness of their equality with all the other great peoples of the world, who have built great civilizations. With this change in mentality of the Black and White people, great changes are also expected in their respective attitudes towards each other, and in society as a whole.’ p. 153.

James sketched for us a simple New Philosophy of Redemption which consists of the following proposition: ‘The Greeks were not the authors of Greek Philosophy, but the Black people of North Africa, The Egyptians.’

He exhorted us to live up to this philosophy. ‘Being liberated from inferiority complex by their New Philosophy of Redemption, which is destined to destroy the chain of false tradition which has incarcerated them, the Black people must face and interpret the world according to their new vision and philosophy. Throughout the centuries up to our modern times, world conditions have been influenced by two phenomena which has affected human relations:

– The giving of false praise to the Greeks: a conduct which appears to be an educational policy conducted by education institutions…
– The second phenomena is Missionary enterprise whereby Black people’s culture has been caricatured in literature and exhibitions, in such specimens as provoke disrespect and laughter. Let us not forget that the Roman Emperors Theodosius and Justinian were responsible for the abolition of the Egyptian Mysteries that is the culture system of the Black people, and also for the establishment of Christianity for its perpetual suppression.’ pp. 159-160.

The appendix presented a brief analysis and summary of the main arguments.

I have always stated in my writings that it is the ignorant African who is awed or inspired by things European. I have also pointed out that our history has been largely reconstructed. George James is among those who rescued humankind from the intellectual crimes perpetrated by European ideologists masquerading as scholars. The only justice we could do to George G.M. James and other valiant warriors of our race is not only to read\study their works, but also to spread them. A wit once put it that, ‘No one can humiliate you without your consent.’

This is very true for us as the most unjustly ridiculed people on earth. Throughout the face of the earth, we continue to be lampooned by those who were babies when we were grown-ups – building empires and inventing things. We continue to be derided by those who borrowed, stole and plagiarized ideas from us. All those we invited, out of good nature, into our homes are mocking us!

As Africans, we are humiliated and ridiculed because our history was stolen; our patrimony wrongly attributed to other people. Why do we continue to participate in our own humiliation? Is it because we are too impressed with titles and other appurtenances with which our oppressors continue to dazzle us? If Ph.D means a Doctor of Philosophy, isn’t it time Africans start to ask, ‘Whose philosophy?’ Why are we filling our heads and minds with plagiarized doctrines that our fathers developed eons ago only to be rewarded with diplomas? Why are we selling ourselves short – our rich heritage for certificates? How many of our Ph.Ds know the Egyptian origin of most of what is credited to Greece? How many of them have read Stolen legacy? How many of those purporting to teach ‘African history,’ have read this very important book?

If we continue to be ridiculed, it is just because we allowed ourselves to be ridiculed. Any African who studied his history will find an indescribable inner satisfaction. S\he walks tall, with confidence that s\he could hold her\his own against ANYONE in the world. No scholar, black or white or brown or yellow argues with the basic facts of history. It is only the psychedelic- intellectuals, those who reads nothing more serious than their television guides, who come to take cheap-shots on SCA.

Stolen Legacy is not a book anyone could argue with. Almost every single sentence, every single paragraph is duly attributed to verifiable sources. George James must have been fully aware of the burden he was carrying when he wrote his monumental work. His is a book that is easily read and understood even by LAYMEN, unlike the hogwash western mythorians are dishing out, suffused with brain- twisting grammatical pyrotechnics to hide their in-coherencies.

I know that some among us will find ANY excuse not to read books like ‘Stolen Legacy,’ since it challenges them to seek further truth. Those who will not think twice before lapping anything with SHAKESPEARE on it, will find it too long – it certainly is not! This, however should not stop those who want to to go ahead and to seek further knowledge about their past. There is no reason for anyone to believe Femi or even James, everyone should find its own way to his own salvation. I ask not for believe, but the urge to STUDY. A people without a past, the saying goes, is like tree without roots.

No one, IMO, should be allowed to teach African history who has not read Stolen Legacy. No one should call himself educated who has not read Stolen Legacy. The next time anyone brandishes a Ph.D in your face, your question should be, ‘Have you read Stolen Legacy?’

Massive greetings,

Femi Akomolafe.

One bright morning when my work is over, I’ll fly away home.
– Bob Marley


Title: Stolen Legacy
Author: George G.M. James
Publisher: Africa World Press

PO Box 1892
Trenton, New Jersey 08607
ISBN: 0-86543-361-5 [cloth]
ISBN: 0-86543-362-3 [paper]



  1. peniel Says:

    the fist step in africa is for us africain to take control of our african education system,to rewrite the history progam taught in our school
    to unbrainwash african elit through reeducation

  2. Yeye Akilimali Funua Olade Says:

    Black on Brother Peniel! It’s up to us! So get the BLACK independent school in your town and support it first. Then work to get control of public schools in BLACK areas at the same time starting BLack history schools after school and on weekends to teach real BLACK history!

  3. Yeye Akilimali Funua Olade Says:

    Black on Brother Peniel! It’s up to us! So get the BLACK independent school in your town and support it first. Then work to get control of public schools in BLACK areas at the same time starting BLack history schools after school and on weekends to teach real BLACK history!This is in amerikkka that is. IN Africa which you are talking about we need to also start African History classes on weekends while trying to force public schools to teach real AFRICAN history.Contacting African History Associations in your country and work with them to get policies on the national level for an African based curriculum!

  4. William D. Owens Jr. Says:

    I have only just recently read, “Stolen Legacy”. All that you say is true! But I believe that the future holds a different quest. We are still too seperate and independent as a people. Strenght is in unity. That we do not have.
    We possess a power unknown still to us as a people. We must be taught this power. Now is the time to use this power by taping into it. Then we can move foward with unity and strength. I have been gifted to understand how the body heals itself. Many have been blessed by this inwhich I know. Let the others continue with their so called western medicine. We on the other hand will thrive in health and strength! How? By following the wisdom of our ancestors.

  5. xxPeter Says:

    We have unity and groups are doing the right thing. From repatriation to field study. The great Ashra Kwesi and his wife Merira are doing tremendous things with his Kmetnu know thyself expeditions to Egypt having taken thousands of Black Africans from all over the world. He is just one of several. Not to include the African Centered schools that are excellence par none.

    So we are united, maybe not as some would like to see, but we are making differences.

  6. himister30 Says:

    Are you kidding me? Who of you has ever been to Greece or even Africa for that matter. We as Africans especially African Americans will never be united! WE hold ourselves down. WE are so ready to blame everyone but ourselves! The truth is Greece IS the birthplace of all of those stated. You are willing to believe one or two authors and THEIR beliefs…not history. Isn’t that how Hitler began? Or maybe you believe there was no Holocost?!

    We should be ashamed of ourselves. Rather than take the credit for something that is not ours…let’s make our own credit. Let’s be proud of what we have achieved. Let’s work within our communities and stop killing our own. Until that is achieved…we will NEVER be superior, not even to ourselves!

    • Anuki Says:

      This is why you a;; must teach the future generations, the children, before it is to late. Especially people born after 1970. The time of new age thinking. It will be easier to teach to them. It will be harder to teach some who have been in this spell for too many years. Focus on the ones who will be here in the future, it is them that learns from adults.

    • SincereSistah Says:

      No, we’re not kidding you! Has it ever occurred to you that perhaps the reason for black on black crime are the LIES told insofar as who we are, and who’s we are? How many of your great, great grandfathers can you count back? And, per the leader of Iran, the Holocost did not happen! If so, didn’t it happen in Germany? As he asked the question, why are the so-called Jews living in Palastine and how did they get from Germany to Palastine, anyway? And where are the rest of the brothers of the so-called Jew(“ish,” like, but not really)? The world (as we know it) agrees there were twelve brothers (tribes). Would The Most High God only save one tribe when it is clearly written He is the God of Abraham, Issac and Jacob (and none other)? What about the other nations? They’re mentioned as well, but not in the manner we have been taught. We must search the histories of our fathers. However, His love is for the entire Nation of Israel, not just the Jews (tribe of Juda). How dare you disregard the precious goodly treasures of The Most High God and give it to another? I personally would prefer to accept the good things He says about HIs children, what he holds for them and me when I ask. Give your blessings away, Esau!! As for me and mine, We Shall Worship The Most High God, who is Almighty God over us all! He does what He pleases. So, choose ye this day which God you shall serve. But, if when it’s all said and done you don’t wake up, you have lost nothing. However, if you do awake, where? Hope it’s not on the side of the goats!!! Pick up the book of the law and read my brother. Amen!!!

    • SincereSistah Says:

      Himister30, I can understand your misguidedness, as black history began not to be taught in public schools by the time you may have been born. Integration, I believe, was the down fall of our black cohesive togetherness. Before integration, as a child, I remember strong, positive black communities, brothers and sisters, men, women and children alike genuinely showed love for one another, strength, character, dignity and proud. We were a united people and together on all fronts. Now we won’t even say good morning to a brother or sister, but we will smile and greet Mr. Charlie (if you know what I mean)? I seriously encourage you to ask and it shall be given, seek and ye shall find, knock and the doors shall be open unto you, because you appear to be lost for now, that is!!! I believe you are very capable of studying to show thyself approved. But, if nothing else, I encourage you to search for yourself as to who you really are and whose you really are, because EVERY KNEE SHALL BOW!!! The one who wins the war gets to tell the story!!!!! For we know in the end who’s gonna win and by how much!!! Shalom!

    • jawon wilks Says:

      himister30 is a white man.. lol egyptians always painted themselves as black and brown ppl. lol

    • Good Look Says:

      Himister30 is a under cover devil or a stupid blacc sell out…

  7. daryll jones Says:

    I can not believe how misguided you are.I am an African-American professor in world wide history At a prestigious university and i must say as an African-American man with a higher level of education are extremely embarrassed of your false information you are relating to the public! Not only did the Greek people invent democracy but also civilization as we know it today and i can go on and on about what Greek people and there culture has contributed to our world as we know it today!! It is such a shame how people like you are out there to promote such racism. I strongly suggest you educate yourself before you make strong accusations that are not true!!

    • Good Look Says:

      You have western education… you sound stupid… Greek culture does not pre date nubian/ kemetian culture and science…

    • d richardson Says:

      Africa america professer. Were u when to college. The dollar store. Any one know africa cilizalization. Pre date greek and rome.and stop pretend u are a black professor. I know u white..Google this; did Africa rule the world for 15,000years.

    • d richardson Says:

      We know u are white man pretending to be black professor.go stay off site we are not as stupid as u think.

  8. Yeye Akilimali Funua Olade Says:

    Aristotle,Herodotus and other Greeks give BLACK Egypt credit for their philosophy. Will prepare a special page for you BROTHER Daryll Jones. But you haven’t read Prof. Molefi Akete Asante,Diop,Yosef Ben-Jochannan and co. evidently. There is plenty of proof as to the BLACK TRUTH about this matter and that coming from white sources too! Too bad you believe the slavemaster’s white history and follow-follow anything he taught you when you were being miseducated in his school system! So Brother Daryll your page will be dedicated to you and other BROS/SISTERS who cannot believe anything unless the slavemaster tells them it’s so. Like BROTHER Malcolm X said,when the house slave said to the slave master “what’s the matter Master we sick?”

    • d richardson Says:

      Africa america professer. Were u when to college. The dollar store. Any one know africa cilizalization. Pre date greek and rome.and stop pretend u are a black professor. I know u white..Google this; did Africa rule the world for 15,000years.

  9. daryll jones Says:

    like i said what a shame its people like you who promote racism!!! please educate yourself a little better and stop trying to take away other peoples cultures any scholar of any color will tell you to get your facts straight and stop embarrasing african people by your false information its people like you who make us look bad!why must we still talk about slavery? In reality if you want to talk about slavery the greek people were slaves to the turkish people for thousands of years how come they have moved on and made something out of themselves while we are still stuck and angry about our slavery that did not even come close to the greek peoples slavery. Its time for us to move on and teach our young peace not racism or anger. We as people must all be united black,white,asian,and so on.

    • lavell Says:

      it’s a shame when white history teachers and professors agree with the truth that Blacks Khemtics taught greeks all that they know. pls read stolen legacy by George G James or Gerald Massey or Herodeus of Greece one of their spoke of black training the greeks all they know.Black man this is not racism this truth it’s seem like it because white ego bust when truth appears

    • lavell Says:

      man what planet are you living on must be a house NI@#@ white power is over sorry you massa wont be able to keep u no more so u gotta love your self

    • SincereSistah Says:

      We must believe God, rather than men, and He said he’s only gonna unite (the true one and only) Israel.


    How can one even begin to entertain this absurd idea! This guy can’t even use correct grammar. ” the Greeks STOLED”??? give me a break!


    Question: Name the world three greatest thinker of all times?

    Let’s see now. African Americans blame everyone and anything but themselves for every bad thing that has happened in years past, as well as what happens to them now in modern day! During slavery maybe….but why now? It is the 21st century and blacks still have the need to blame, rather than ACCEPT RESPONSIBILITY for what they lack in their own culture, including but not limited to…Education, morals, values, ethics, compassion, Christianity, tolerance, forgiveness and acceptance to name a few. Opportunities are out there for everyone, but only those who seek will find them. Now African Americans want to claim credit where none is due? These 2 authors are trying to re-write history and credit African Americans for that part of hisotry which they had nothing to do with. How can this ignorance be tolerated?

    African Americans finally figured they have only made minimal contributions throughout history. So in usual fashion, they decided to take what isn’t theirs….CREDIT WHERE NONE IS DUE!

    So please, don’t insult us with such nonsense. And in case your all wondering why the earth was shaking while you read this garbage… I believe it was from hundreds of thousands of Greeks turning over in their graves!

    • lavell Says:

      even reply to this is absurd, facts overcome lies, ego,ignorance and you sir have proven to be all of the above or one or more.You might be a white person mad about black people being teachers of whites in ancient times as well the in time of moors who were black people in Spain 700AD to 1400AD that’s a lie as well right.White folk truth we are your mothers and fathers of you all.fact you are a racist even in the movie 300 king Leonidas of Sparta said of u Greeks are a bunch of boy lovers hence the Gymnasium a place where naked men and boys wrestle and had sex .Black people are civilizers and White people are colonizers read the history of both people with a open heart and clear mind

      • plucassf501 Says:

        The truth is very difficult for some white ppl as well as black ppl to accept.
        It is our learned experiences that dictate our moves in life.
        We have been downloaded with every response we use in everyday life.
        Nothing seems real anymore because it is not.
        The truth is always standing tall and looking you right in the face.
        Denial is not the enemy of the truth denial is the enemy of a man.
        Before Egyptian culture there was Ethopean Culture.
        When 6 thousand years ago the Egyptians had under ground aquaducts and irrigation systems the Europeans were wearing horns on their heads and running around killing each other like Mel Gibson in Braveheart.
        It is true that all of the Architecture in the world today has come from the ancients and not from any Greek or Roman empires who stole it all from the ancients.
        Before you can accept this idea you must be willing to at least intertain the truth about history.
        Where did the Spinx come from, the Pyramids, the large columns designs, the ability to carve large stones with such priscision that can not be equaled today. Who created the first writing and mathematical systems and charted the universe. This knowledge was stolen from the ancients. It is well documented about the libraries of Mamphis and In Libya northern Africa.
        The ancients had high priests, senators, met with pharoahs and kings of dynasties greater than the world had ever seena and still cant imagine.
        Navigation of the seas from continent was accomplished while the Europeqans were still wearing diapers.
        The entire world has committed murder and plunder on Africa and its pplk for centuries.
        Every Nation in the world owes the worlds cultivation to Africa but instead with their twisted mentality the hate her with a passion.

  11. Yeye Akilimali Funua Olade Says:

    Proud Greek American, Sorry that the BLACK TRUTH hurts. Yes for centuries some lying white scholars have refused to use the evidence of Greek historians at the time that shows that Greeks borrowed most of their philosophy from Egyptian libraries,etc. Aristotle makes reference to most of the Greek gods coming from BLACK Egypt too,etc. So check James’s Greek sources and argue with your dead brothers!You have had your say so take the TRUTH or leave it! Like much of white fabricated history everything is upside down! Well we BLACKS are now ready to reveal the TRUE history of the beginning civilizations and sorry it’s BLACK all the way to CHINA!

  12. Yeye Akilimali Funua Olade Says:

    Brother Prof. Daryll, Let us first define racism.One race oppressing another.Now BLACKs are not racists for declaring the BLACK TRUTH of history. Whites have lied and Now we will set the record straight using their own sources! Aristotle,Herodotus all made reference to the heavy borrowing of Greece. You did not read DIOP,Asante,Yosef Ben-Jochanan,etc. who cite Greek sources for their evidence!We, like you have been miseducated in their white universities but we must not follow their lies any longer. Those of us who still do,after reading the TRUTH in sources written back then can only know that the slavemaster has their minds,completely,like the house slave of Malcolm X’s commentary,who said to his slavemaster- “what’s the matter Master,we sick?”

  13. daryll jones Says:

    why are you so stuck on slavery still? I am sure you never experienced it you must let go of your hatred and anger that is the only way you will have peace within yourself. As for the Greek people go what have they ever done to you? Why must you insult them and try to steal their culture and history. Its uneducated African-American people like you who make the rest of us look like big MORONS!!! Please for the love of God go get yourself a real education and stop believing these authors who have absolutely no clue what they are talking about they are nothing but a disgrace to our society. Even if you wanted to start your own little racist cult (because that is what it seems like to me)you will never get any African-American who has any knowledge about the truth to ever follow you. Unfortunately it seems to me that you have a lower level of education you are very quick to criticize people who have more knowledge then you. Stop being so stubborn and open up your mind. We will never take away what the Greeks have given us, instead we should be bowing down to them and thanking them for democracy and civilization that they have given us. I cannot keep communicating with such uneducated, small minded, liars like you! I am embarrassed of people like you. shame on you!

  14. Yeye Akilimali Funua Olade Says:

    Brother Prof Daryll, The TRUTH is the BLACK TRUTH. If the Greeks as we are saying and proving here stole their philosophy from the BLACK Egyptian’s knowledge and libraries that is just the TRUTH. Nothing about hatred there,the TRUTH is the truth. Because whites have lied to us all these years and turned the truth inside out some of us will not still believe the TRUTH when it is put before us. Now as a full professor I know that you cannot argue with PROF. ASANTE,Diop,and other BLACK scholars by attacking them personally like you are doing now.Take it like this BROTHER, this is the TRUTH-take it or leave it for the white lies you have been taught in white universities. THE TRUTH will always win out. So Brother we will continue to pray for BLACK people like you who love the slavemaster more than their BLACK selves.Like Brother Malcolm X said we all were negroes ,or taught to be,so one day you too will see the BLACK TRUTH!

  15. daryl Jones Says:

    Forgive me for considering myself a human being and not a negro!! I will pray for your soul Yeye Akilimali Funmaza Olade i will pray that you will overcome your insanity and stop thinking that your a slave and open your eyes and mind to the truth. Unfortunately you have been so brainwashed by these deranged,pathetic,evil authors and Malcolm X! There is no such thing as a white university but unfortunately we are racist people we have only black universities i should know i attended one and that is where i got my so called white persons education that you so much like to claim i have so in reality you are contradicting yourself. I would appreciate if you can tone down your racial remarks. As for the Greeks they have been around much longer then we have they have built a beautiful rich history for themselves that we have absolutely nothing to do with it nor shall we take credit for it. As for egyptians go who do you think built that country? I have one word for you ALEXANDER THE GREAT whom by the way was Greek! Why don’t you do me a favor and educate yourself from now on before you try to talk history because your nonsense is not going to get you very far in life no one will ever take you serious. Try for a moment to forget that your black but instead just a normal human being and then maybe all that pent up anger for white people will start to melt away after all we are in the 21st century.

  16. Yeye Akilimali Funua Olade Says:

    Brother Prof Daryl,
    Herodotus said:

    “Almost all the names of the Gods came into Greece from Egypt. My inquiries prove that they were all derived from a foreign source and my opinion is that Egypt furnished the greatest number” p99

    “Concerning Egypt itself I shall extend my remarks to the great length, because there is no country that possesses so many wonders nor any that has such a number of works which defy description. Not only is the climate different from that of the rest of the world-the rivers unlike any other rivers, but the people also in most of their manners and customs exactly reverse the common practice of(white) mankind” p.93

    Herodotus. The History of Herodotus(New York:Tudor Publishing Company) 1936? (I have to go back to the journal and check the year-will give you)

    Aristotle as he abused BLACKS said:

    “Too BLACK in hue marks the coward as witness Egyptians and Ethiopians and so does too white a complexion, as you may see from women. ..”
    Aristotle.The Words of Aristotle by W.D.Ross Oxford:Clarendon Press,19l3(Physiognomica 812a)
    and again:
    “Why are the Egyptians and Ethiopians bandy-legged? Is it due to heat and just as planks are warped when they are dry,so are the bodies of living creatures? The hair proves this,for theirs is woolly and wooliness is a curving of the hair! p317

    Aristotle.Problems.edited by T.E Page(Cambridge Harvard U Press,1936) BookXIV
    Now we will go on and on later to prove that the Ancients who told the truth knew that BLACK Egypt formed the basis for all later civilizations,religions,philosophies etc.

  17. Yeye Akilimali Funua Olade Says:

    Brother Daryl,SLAVERY is the cause of BLACKS in amerikkka’s problem of self-hatred and worship of white and the slavemasters culture.Malcolm X rightly said that Blacks are “2Oth century slaves” and now we are still 2lst century slaves because we still act out the behaviour that was bred into us then. So as we learn the BLACK TRUTH about ourselves we will break away from believing that the white man is Jesus/GOD to be worshiped in everything from the color of the skin,to imitation of his woman and all behaviors thereof. As Herodotus stated above BLACK behavior often is the total opposite of white behavior and we have to get back to our BLACK selves and behavior like we naturally are!Yes I quote Brother Malcolm X like you love to quote Brother ML KING- so be it. They are both our BROTHERS from difference points of view but King did believe that BLACK is beautiful and he married a BLACK woman and he started a BLACK is Beautiful movement among civil rights workers in ALABAMA back then,bless his soul! May both our BROTHERS rest in perfect peace!

  18. Yeye Akilimali Funua Olade Says:

    Now I have just posted Prof. Asante’s review-here is a copy of it for you now:


    Stolen Legacy: An Introduction


    Molefi Kete Asante

    When George G. M. James wrote Stolen Legacy in l954 he had no awareness that his little book would become one of the most threatening pieces of literature ever published in the United States of America. Stolen Legacy was not dangerous in the sense that it called for revolution against oppression or that it promoted attacks on white racists. What distinguished the work of George G .M. James was the fact that it struck at the jugular of white Western notions of superiority. James may not have known that his work would have the impact it did on the world, but he knew that it was necessary to set the record straight about the ancient history of philosophy.
    One could easily have overlooked James’ contribution to scholarship given the fact that he was a professor at a small African American college in Arkansas, a long way from the fabled halls of ivory or ebony in American education. Pine Bluff was neither Harvard nor Howard, and a professor who taught at the Arkansas school in the l950s was making a sacrifice in the name of education. But this had been the history of George G. M. James. He had come from Guyana, like so many intellectuals before and after, and was completely won over by the epic struggles of Africans in the United States.
    James was not only a good teacher but he was an avid reader in the African and European classics. He knew very early in his career that something was wrong with the way the history of philosophy was written by European scholars. They had assumed that philosophy started with the Greeks and had written books establishing a lie as truth. This greatly disturbed the mind of George G. M. James. He was certain that the European writers had it wrong and knew that they knew that the record was distorted.. He saw it as the deliberate falsification of history.
    What could he do to re-write the history? How could he contribute to the scholarship surrounding ancient Egypt and Greece? What could his contribution be to the emerging issues that had to be confronted by a new generation of African scholars? This was a massive undertaking that had to be done alongside his tremendous teaching load of at least five courses each semester. George G. M. James was a determined man. He could not allow the falsehoods about philosophy to remain unchallenged regardless of his workload.
    Thus, during the turbulent l950s, the era of boycotts, the Klu Klux Klan, major Supreme Court hearings, and organized protests, the quiet scholar gathered his books on Ptahhotep, Merikare, Akhenaten, Amenemhat, Amenemope, Duauf, Thales, Plato, Pythagoras, Aristotle, and sat down at his worn, pine desk to write.
    James knew that Egypt predated Greece by thousands of years. He also knew that the great teachers of Egypt, Imhotep, Sonchis, Wennofer, Amenhotep, son of Hapu, and others had not sat around doing nothing for hundreds of years. There was nothing in the ancient record to indicate that the Africans in Egypt waited in a fog until the arrival of the Greeks before they started thinking, reflecting, and acting on the basis of their cognitions. James knew that the major centers of world philosophy long before Homer’s Iliad in 800 BC were the cities of On, Abydos, Mennefer, Waset, and Syene. In these sacred cities, the priests, who were also scribes, assembled to teach initiates the fundamentals of medicine, law, politics, geometry, architecture, sculpture, mathematics, and astronomy.
    George G. M. James would plumb this knowledge base and arrive at the most provocative conclusion his research could afford, namely, there is no such thing as Greek philosophy, only stolen Egyptian philosophy.
    Outrage white scholars would cry and ask, how could a black man in Arkansas come up with such a crazy idea? Alas, Stolen Legacy became one of the first African American books to be banned from the universities and colleges of America. Few whites would ever see the book and those who saw it would swear that it was part of some infamous plot, preferably by some outside power, to destroy white Western culture. What could be the reason for such venom against a small book? It is because James took seriously the work of the ancient scholars, African and European, in his assessment of the situation and those who responded in anger were actually hostile toward the ancients.
    Herodotus, a 5th century BC Greek historian and traveler, had written in Book II of his History that the Greeks borrowed many ideas, concepts, and activities from the ancient Egyptians. They borrowed practices of medicine, philosophy, politics, hygiene, and architecture. Stolen Legacy is powerful in its assault because of the deliberate use of the title to draw attention to the fact that Greeks borrowed and yet the descendants of the early Greeks now claim that they do not know anything about what was borrowed. Consequently, they have stolen the legacy of Africa and now claim that it belongs to them. Ideas such as the wearing of long robes or gowns during academic exercises and the solemn processions for various ceremonies were African, not European, and yet Europe has often claimed these as its own.
    When George G. M. James wrote about Stolen Legacy in the l950s he was doing as much as anyone to improve race relations. He knew that the only way race relations would be improved would be when white racial supremacy as a doctrine was overturned. Furthermore, James was convinced by science and history that the way whites had organized information and knowledge about the African world was racist. It was a deliberate attack and assault on the nature of the African person. But it was up to African people to find the methods of social reformation and African redemption.
    Where best to discover the source of Africa’s power and energy than in the classical teachings of the African philosophers who lived before Thales, Socrates, or Plato? Thus, he gives to posterity a book of nine chapters that are filled to the brim with information gleaned from the major sources of knowledge in the Western and African worlds. This is not a made-up book; it is not an improper book as one librarian had said to an inquirer when asked why Stolen Legacy was not in the Cornell University library. Well, it is a proper book and given the standards of the l950s it was one of the best books written during that period. It was the primary intention of George G. M. James to overthrow the system that had oppressed Africans by concealing the truth about African history and culture. To expose what the white scholars had tried to conceal, James went into the ancient texts and came out with a profound statement of truth. We are deeply indebted to the courage of George G. M. James for leaving us a legacy of critical thinking and insight.

    Study Questions
    The following study questions are as relevant today as when George G. M. James wrote Stolen Legacy:
    1. What were the aims James had for this project?
    2. Who had Africans been taught to idolized as founders and fathers of philosophy and the arts and sciences?
    3. What was Europe’s intention vis-à-vis the information that Africa was indeed the continent of the origin of human arts and sciences?
    4. How could African people find what James called “social reformation”?
    5. What is the meaning of African redemption in the mind of George G. M. James?
    6. What were the principal ideas that had to be mastered by the student to achieve the level of consciousness that would bring about African redemption?
    7. Why is James’ Stolen Legacy still relevant today?

    Molefi Kete Asante, author of Egyptian Philosophers, is professor of African American Studies at Temple University. He is the author or editor of 48 books.

  19. Daryl Jones Says:

    Sorry but this garbage does not impress me. You could keep arguing your point but you will never be right. Unfortunately you are brainwashed by this false garbage you refuse to even read the truth or open up your mind to other possibilities so until then my friend i have nothing more to say to you except that Greeks did NOT steal anything from us but unfortunately the few racist black people out there like you are trying to steal other peoples cultures. SHAME ON YOU!!

    • honey Says:

      Daryl Jones if you are black which im assuming you are on the outside at least , you are a true disgrace!

      • Jennie Says:

        Daryl Jones is an embarrassment to humanity as a whole to deny the obvious truth about black and African origins. All humans are Africans anyway so this is besides the point. Clearly, the fact is that Western civilization originated in Africa so denying that blacks are the source of much current civilization shows what a self-hating racist daryl really is. The sad part is the irony of him saying we’re wrong whne he’s the one who’s obviously wrong..

    • Good Look Says:

      LOL… you are a fake black professor… you are really white…lol he just gave all of that proof and you are just being closed minded

  20. Yeye Akilimali Funua Olade Says:

    Brother Prof Daryl, Ma binu!(“Don’t be annoyed”,a respectful plea in the Yoruba language!).THE BLACK TRUTH OF BLACK EGYPT AND THE STOLEN LEGACY BY THE GREEKS IS WELL DOCUMENTED BY GREEK HISTORIANS! Argue therefore with Herodotus and others who are not BLACK NATIONALISTS LIKE MYSELF! But you are our Brother and one day the BLACK TRUTH will even hit you,like it had to hit most of us BLACKS born in amerikkka who know it now!!

  21. CelticSicilian Says:

    Aristotle didn’t steal anything from the Library of Alexandra. How do I know he didn’t? Well, there’s the fact that library at Alexandria wasn’t built until after Aristotle’s death, for one…Secondly the Egyptians were not black, you negroes are really reaching. 30 years ago you were saying you were “Nubians”, and now your “Egyptians”. You Afrocentrists are pathetic that you have to steal other peoples cultures. Black Americans are known as HERITAGE THIEVES throughout the world.

    • Nubian Queen and Egyptian Says:

      You are exactly what we are talking about, your europeans came over to egypt and created Jesus and hail Mary off of Osirus and Queen Isis which now that movie Da Vinci Code wants to tell it all except for the fact that they were BLACK!!! Have you been to egypt, one there is no way that the hieroglyphics that was written 3000 BC are false by making the gods and intiates dark skinned and fair skinned, second and third the location!!!!AFRICA, they had the extra malanin just blacks so im sure the NEGROES in Africa are the same in Egypt. Are you mad Sicilian that some of your women were raped by our more aggressive Negroes and your children carry black blood? Blacks, Africans, nubians, Egyptians were very intelligent and resourceful people!!! Your ancestry only was scientifically intelligent , not possible of you being both your you have to call your butler for that!!! Lazy group of people you are!!!

  22. Yeye Akilimali Funua Olade Says:

    Celtic Sicilian you don’t know your history. Herodotus said both the Egyptians and the Ethiopians were BLACK and woolly headed! The Greek philosophers studied in BLACK Egypt in many libraries then available. The real heritage thieves are white historians who lie about BLACK beginnings of all civilizations from Greece,Mayan,Spain,to China! Sorry o!

  23. swadsworth Says:

    I am an educated Grecophile and the article that initiated this string is absolutely absurd. I was born and reared in the southern part of the U.S. and have been socializing and sharing my community with black Americans all of my life (since the early 60s). I have witnessed the truths that Daryl Jones cites.
    I have two questions for Mr Yeye.
    First, I what you said were true, then why is the entire black-controled area of the continent of Africa in a depressed state (as it has been since the ancient ages)? If the black Africans made so much intellectual progress and innovation, then why did they stop advancing as a society?
    Secondly, a fact is that after the American Civil War, a large group of former slaves returned to Africa to found their own country- Liberia. These people were educated and motivated to succeed. Please tell me why their efforts failed. They had (and still do) at their disposal, a great number of resources and knowledge of technology. Why did their country not prosper? Even today, Liberia is frought with poverty, inadequate infrastructure and their people are suffering greatly. If the wisdom of the world began with black Africans, and others stole it, did it just totally leave their culture never to return again?

  24. Yeye Akilimali Funua Olade Says:

    Swadsworth,you asked 2 intelligent questions which I will answer. Blacks originated all the civilizations in the world but fell to rock bottom. Greek historians such as Herodotus knew that the Greeks got their civilization from BLACK Egypt and said so. The ancients declared this and this is where James,the author of this book got his sources from. Blacks fell for many reasons,addressed in the great book-“The Destruction of BLACK Civilizations by Chancellor Williams,but basically it was because we worshiped and trusted our enemies and did not unite among ourselves to defeat our enemies. We are down now but the BLACK race is the Mother of all civilizations and will rise again,now that the whites have put the world in chaos!

  25. Yeye Akilimali Funua Olade Says:

    Blacks who went to Liberia lorded it over the BLACKS there,merely copying what their white slavemasters did to them and the indigenous BLACKS finally rebelled. The chaos Liberia suffered recently is based on the amerikkkans setting up one group of BLACKs against another for their economic reasons,as is the case thru out Africa and indeed the non-Black world now being controlled by amerikkka!

  26. Graduating Senior Says:

    Will James or Akomolafe Akomolafe at any universities soon? It’d be interesting to hear their views in person.

  27. Asiatribal Says:

    I can’t believe that there are professors and so called educated people on here that are stating false accusations! I’m only 18 yrs old and I’m more informed than these so called “educated people”. First of all, the country is called Kemet, it was later changed to Egypt when Greek conquerors came. Africa is the oldest civilization, Africa is the mother land, Africa has always been a bread basket for other civilizations. Africa had already studied mathematic’s and philosophy thousnds of years before the Greek came upon it. Greek philosopher’s studied in ancient Kemet! They gave “Egypt” credit for there philosophy. People think that Africa and African people are a bunch savages and killers. Africa was already a civilized continent years before Europe was even civilized. Europeans brought nothing but disease into Africa and god knows what else. People can’t admit that maybe “Egypt” was a black land. They can’t believe that Africans studied Mathematics and science, which they used to build the pyramids. We as african and african american people should know that our history isn’t just enslavement and civil rights, but something more, something deeper. Herodotus said that all Greek gods came from Egyptian gods, that’s coming from a greek himself. These uneducated people on here who have a PhD should be ashamed of themselves. People who go to college always think that they are smarter and more educated than someone. I don’t need to have a Phd to know this, all you need is common sense. Egypt has been raped, slautered, and stolen from for years. Whoever stated that egyptians aren’t black is completely blinded. Egypt today has many cultural backrounds because of the many conquerors they had over the years, and now it’s a mixed country. I am not a racist, I’m just speaking the truth, and if you can’t handle the truth so be it. You can argue with me if want to, but to be honest I’m already prepared for whatever you have say. Not to get off track or anything but does anybody notice that Europe has always been a place where a bunch of murderer’s live. Just think about it, Spanish conquistadors in south america, and the greeks, italians, and all the others in africa. They always seem to want something that’s not theirs, so they’ll take it by force. While Europe was suffering through the dark ages, Africa was growing strong and mighty, you know why? Because africa was already a civilized continent, Egypt had dynasty after dynasty, while europe, the so called place of civilization was suffering. Go study Diop, John Henrik Clarke, and many others about African history. I have much more to say, but I’m done for now. I praise Yeye Akilimali Funua Olade. Go ahead and argue but I’m not going to waste anymore of my breath to blinded fools. Have a nice day.

  28. Asiatribal Says:

    If you don’t mind me asking, can you give a statement on my reply or anybody else on this blog?

  29. Yeye Akilimali Funua Olade Says:

    Asiatribal ,Brother you are BLACK on!Your BLACK knowledge is great and the truth will always be resisted by those who built their racism on lies! Keep spread this BLACK TRUTH to all you can!

  30. Asiatribal Says:

    This is to my brother Yeye Akilimali Funua Olade, I am a female which makes me your sister instead of brother. This reply is for someone under the name Daryl Jones. I cannot believe you said that Alexander the “Great” built ancient egypt (kemet). Alexander’s reign was 356-323BC, do you know how many accomplishments ancient egypt already had at this time? Kemet had about 20 dynasties, and the 20th dynasty was 1186-1069BC. I laughed when I read that. The 20th dynasty was considered the fall of Kemet. Egypt had been conquered by the Assyrians, Persians, Greeks, and romans. I would say that Alexander did nothing but kill and rape ancient kemet just like all the other conquerors who came before him. Kemet was already going down hill, Alexander didn’t make it better. People wonder why Ancient Egypt is so diversed, it’s really not that hard if you think about it. Ancient Kemet is one of the most greatest civilizations known, if not the greatest. I will admit that Africa had been naive to let foreignors come into there countries, but Africa did not know that maybe these people are here to bring suffering and pain. Foreignors were welcomed as guest. Africa did not know that there generosity would lead into enslavement. What I just stated has so much more information to it, but I don’t want to anger anyone who doesn’t want to know the truth. Did anybody know that Hieroplyphics is a greek word, besides Egypt, that’s also a greek word. Most of the egyptian names are translated into greek, why? Egypt isn’t a Greek country. Why does everything in ancient Egypt have to be translated into greek? Why do poeple use BC and CE when talking about egyptian history, egyptians aren’t christians. Egypt didn’t even have a religion until foreignors came, they weren’t muslims in ancient times! Islam didn’t come until asian conquerors came, these asian conquerors live in a place we now call the middle east, whatever middle east means. The word middle east didn’t even exist in ancient times if anybody didn’t know what I meant by that. I know that what I’m saying is a little off topic but I really would like someone to answer these questions. It’s a shame of what great lengths people do to cover up things in history. People should just cheer up and except the fact that the mighty Ancient “Egypt” is a african (black) country, just deal with it.

  31. Yeye Akilimali Funua Olade Says:

    BLACK ON! Sister Asiatribal! We both
    got our gender wrong! I’m a SISTER,and you are too! Oluwa seun!(We thank God in Yoruba language,a great African language!) You told the BLACK TRUTH to Brother Daryl! Keep us inform with your wealth of BLACK history Sister!

  32. asiatribal Says:

    This reply is for swadsworth. Did you just say that africa is in a depressed state as they always were in the ancient times? That was very ignorant for you to say. May I remind you that Africa had one of the oldest if not the oldest universities, which was in Mali, which is called the university of Sankore at Timbuktu. Africans were partly in charge of a university in Spain. They were hardly suffering in ancient times, suffering and depression didnt come until coquerors came, and many of them came. Your one of millions of people that think Africa is nothing but a place full of savages and “beast”. Yes Africa is suffering right now, but not all parts. Sankore is still in use, and there are still plenty of educated people in Africa. Africa is suffering from many things, such as disease and poverty……but what continent wouldnt suffer after what Africa has been through. Conqueror after conqueror, explore after explorer………need I say more. Africa has been raped, slaughtered, enslaved, and stolen from throughout the years. Do you think disease and poverty just popped up out of nowhere. These diseases are from foreignors who came into that land and raped the women. Poverty, Why wouldnt Africa be in poverty? Everything has been taken from them. Queen Victoria has jewelry from Africa, how did she get it? It was stolen jewelry! Foreignors came and did nothing but steal, copy, claim, rape, and murder. This is the result of what we now know as Africa. Have you ever studied african history Mr. educated Grecophile?! Or are you one of those people that think africa has no history. Africa did not stop advancing as a civilization. There trying to get back on there feet as we speak. What civilization wouldnt go down hill after what Africa has been through. Why is Europe the only continent that seems to be respected, adored, and considered the place of civilization and intelligence? Maybe its because all the knowledge they have is from Africa. Europeans claim things thats not there’s. Its still going on today. Did you know that greek gods and goddesses came from egyptian gods and goddesses, greek philosophy is really egyptian philosophy……………………………………………there’s a lot more where that came from. Africa was a place of power and these foreignors wanted that power and they got it. Africa was naive. They shouldnt have let foreignors come into there land like that. Im not just saying Africa was the only continent that suffered, but I can say that Africa had the most suffering of all the other continents combined, without a doubt. You should brush up on your history because what you think about african history is completely ignorant. Swadsworth you should stop being in the cagetory where people think africa has nothing but stupid and ignorant people, or that Native Americans are called “Indians”, Indians are people from India. Native americans had it just as bad as Africans, but thats a different story. I’m sorry to dissappoint anyone who thinks Europe is the”almighty” continent. It’s nothing but scandals and cover ups.

  33. asiatribal Says:

    CelticSecilian, your ignorance and stupidity amuses me. Europeans are known as heritage thieves, or at least they should be known as that. You’ve been told a lie about european history. Dont get me wrong, europe had made some accomplishments, but most of it isn’t theirs. Your nothing but a racist and of course you would say something like that and call africans and african american people negroes. Your acting like a child, it’s time grow up and know the truth about the history you take so much pride in. Are you one of the people that think Egyptians are white ? Now that is what I call absurd! Egyptians today are, black/african, “middle eastern”, and european. Before the conquerors came it was a all black/african country!

  34. This is for philgood you say Jay Z is Illuminati Jay Z is ancient Kemet watch and learn! | Ron Paul War Room Says:

    […] EGYPTIANS WERE BLACK!, THE BLACK RACE. You can follow any responses to this entry through the RSS 2.0 feed. You can leave a response, or trackback from your own […]

  35. Daryl Jones Says:

    unfortunately there is no sense of even trying to argue with such uneducated racists people. If you claim to know anything about history(which obviously you don’t) you would know your own history and culture better instead all you know how to do is try to steal other peoples history but THANK GOD most people see how unrealistic and silly this all is and pay no mind to it except for some young and educated fools out there. As far as Asiatribal goes why don’t you get yourself a real education first and then talk to me!!You are a young lady who unfortunately is brainwashed by all this garbage you hear and unfortunately believe. I truly hope one day you will be more opened minded to life itself you still have a chance to blossom into a beautiful young educated woman.

  36. asiatribal Says:

    Daryl Jones,

    Can you please answer to any of my questions or statements that I’ve made. The last comment basically said nothing. Your just saying that I’m uneducated, and yet you haven’t given me a rebuttal.

  37. asiatribal Says:

    And when you get a better education please contact me. (I’m waiting!)

  38. asiatribal Says:

    You should educate yourself because your grammar is worded in a informal manner. Also, what prestigious university do you apply your historical knowledge at?

  39. Miss Sherrod Says:

    This has been an AWSOME blog! Great comments except for the wrong scared of the truth ones. For years and centuries, even until now (case in point some answers on this blog) multitudes of people thought things were one way then realized that the way that they knew was wrong. For example People in Europe thought that the world was flat for a long time. They even made it HIStory. But they found out that that wasn’t correct. Also they thought that the sun revolved around the earth, wrong! Also The Catholic Church said that there was something called purgatory when you died. Recently they said that it doesn’t exist anymore. They said that they took it back. What! Aren’t they suppose to be the authority on these things? NOT!
    OK one more example (this is really going to rock the boat out there) Jesus Christ’s name wasn’t really Jesus. How could it be if the Hebrew language did not and still does not have the letter J in it’s alphabet? It didn’t come into existence in the English alphabet until the 1400’s to 1500’s. They put a hook on the letter I and made the Letter J. Don’t believe me? Study to show yourself approved. Look up the letter J in your dictionary see for yourself, it’s been there under your nose all this time you didn’t even know it. But if someone told you that Jesus wasn’t the name of the Son of God, you would bet your life that Jesus IS His name and would die for that name. Then you would have died in vain because of ignorance. That means that you have been calling your Savior the wrong name all these years. And no it’s not Yahweh either because there is no W in the Hebrew Alphabet either. Now that that has been proven are you now going to think “OH it doesn’t matter what I call Him, He knows my heart.” Then why does the bible say that there is power in HIS NAME? It does Matter! When you know better you do better. Don’t forget about the scripture in the bible that talks about judgment time and people say But Father I healed in your name I cast out demons in your name and He told them, “Depart from Me you worker of iniquity I know you not!” You never thought that it could be from calling him the wrong name after learning the real one did you? People that you have a relationship with call you by your name right? Don’t you want to have an intimate relationship with your God? Of course then call him by His true name. If your name is John do you want people to call you Stupid, are you going to say that’s alright I know what they mean after they learn your real name, of course not! Would you want a relationship with them if you told them your real name and they still continued to call you Stupid? What kind of friendship is that? Not one at all. The Son of God deserves more respect than you! So what is His name? His Archaic African Hebrew name is Yaoshua (pronounced: Yow oo shoe a) His Father’s name is not God (that’s a title) it’s Yaohul (pronounced: Yow ooL) or Yaohul UL. You have to really search to find this truth, pray about it, if your really sincere about calling Him the right name He’ll let you know that this is really true. You have found the real name I just proved to you that it is not Jesus and when you look up the Letter J in the dictionary you will see that it is a Fact. If you don’t then you know that you’re afraid of the truth just like the True information that started this blog in the first place. Why did “THEY” Change His name anyway? Why did they create the letter J? Could it be to cover up who He really is or should I say his race? Was He white like “THEY” want us to believe. Who is stealing what? Why act like the Son of God is White? Seems clear that “THEY” want us to make them our deity too. Look up Jesuit in the dictionary. Now what does it say? Shocking isn’t it? Makes you question a lot of things doesn’t it. Hey here’s something, if the letter J is a new letter then where did the word Jews come from? It was made up too. Because the “JEWS” aren’t the true Hebrews. The Son of God wasn’t a Jew like “THEY” want us to think. He was a Hebrew a Galilean. Research this word too, when did the very extremely new word “Jew” came into existence? Now that had to be after the 1400’s to the 1500’s right? Right! Now what’s going to floor you is that it has been created in the extreme near future. That’s right look it up! Now I have shown you some facts that many didn’t or don’t know. I wasn’t going to say this because I have given you all some info that is very hard to swallow but I’m going to say it anyway. One more thing that is believed by billions and affects all races. First of all does anyone even know what a Protestant is? Supposedly a Christian right? They believe in The Son of God that He is the Word of “God” and they are suppose to obey Him ONLY not man, right? They believe that the bible, the Word of “God” tells us what we are suppose to do and how to live and be like Him, right? They believe in All the 10 Commandments, right? (we’ll see about that) And the main reason to be a Protestant and why the new world was founded; freedom of religion away from the Catholic Church. Protesting Catholism’s control. (If you don’t know that and you’re a Protestant you really need to study!) Why do MOST Protestants and Catholics ALIKE, believe and if they don’t believe, there actions show different, that (and this is by the authority of the Catholic Church and they will gladly tell you what I’m going to say, just ask them, research it.) The TRUE day of worship and day of rest set apart by “God” Himself at creation on the SEVENTH day of the week not FIRST and called it the Sabbath and made it Holy. Why did the Catholics change the day to Sunday? “God” NEVER changed HIS SEVENTH day SABBATH. So who do the Catholics think that they are trying to change the Day of Worship that “GOD” Himself instituted. He has said in his word not to change a jot or a tiddle (May not have spelled that right) In other words don’t change any thing that He has said. He was so serious about His command that He made it the Fourth Commandment then He added REMEMBER in front of it. To make sure that no one would forget it yet most of the world did. He did not say worship me on the day that I rose from the dead the FIRST of the week or It doesn’t matter what day just choose a day that makes you happy. No! Just incase you don’t know where the 4th Commandment is it’s Exodus 20:8-11 (8)He said REMEMBER the Sabbath day to keep it HOLY. (9)Six days you shall labor and do all your work,(10)but the SEVENTH day is the SABBATH of the Lord thy God… etc. (read on) (11)For in SIX days the Lord made the Heavens and the earth, the sea, and all that is in them, and rested the SEVENTH day. Therefore the Lord Blessed the SABBATH day and HALLOWED it. They did not nail the 10 commandments to the cross either if that was the case it would be ok to steal, lie, murder etc…. The Son of “God” kept the Sabbath day and all of his Disciples. If your one of those that Don’t believe in the Old Testament only the New, !st of all I guess you think your above the Moral Law and the laws of the land. But for you Read Hebrews Ch. 1 thru Ch.4. This explains how important it is in the New Testament AFTER the Son of God died on the cross and resurrected. For more info on this subject read the book Ten Commandments Twice Removed (read it if you don’t believe and prove it wrong) Why do you, if you do, worship on the false day? Is it from listening to mother or father pastor who ever and not asking “God”? If you believe in Him then you should obey Him and only Him. He is a jealous God. He says it before the in 1st Commandment to us. He says “You shall have no other gods before Me.” Yeah most of America are Sunday worshipers, but at one time most of America had slaves. Did that make it right? No, but almost everyone was doing it. I hope that I have helped many of you decide to research the many things that I have shared. Now for Daryl Jones, ProudGreekAmerican, Swadsworth and anyone who doesn’t believe the reason for this blog Study to show your self approved. Investigate before you instigate! Now I am not racist but just about every thing that I have talked about has been changed by white people Why? Think about it. I’m just saying.
    Google this: Negro the so called Hebrew and look at the video I bet that if your not to scared to be proven wrong you will eat a lot of your words on this blog. View it to prove the others wrong either way watch very good info. Everyone needs to see this video it will change your life no matter what color you are. Now to YeYe Akilimali Funua Olade and Asiatribal much respect to you. You make me even more proud to be a woman.

  40. Yeye Akilimali Funua Olade Says:

    Sister Miss Sherrod, you are indeed a heavy Sister! You have pointed out so many deceptions that we have been taught to believe in. Well I will keep following,listening to BLACK TRUTH from BLACK people and I will keep learning something new and BLACK every day! Am glad you appreciate me and Sister Asiatribal. You too are doing work to uplift the BLACK Race so keep on,keeping on so that the BLACK RACE will rise again and put the world back in BLACK shape!

  41. Asiatribal Says:

    Then prove me wrong since I’m acting like a child. You have nothing to say about anything I stated, so you call me child. Are you lost for words???
    You can’t seem to give me a intellectual response can you? I guess not.

  42. PAT Says:


  43. Asiatribal Says:

    I would like to say that many people have only studied history that has been taught to them. People are so close minded because they choose to accept the history that has been a lie. We have all grown to know that Greece is supposed to be the place of civilization and that african history is nothing but enslavement……….but you can’t just be one minded. Has anyone even thought to research the things that has been stated on this blog? I grew up learning about Alexander the “great”, Homer, Plato, Aristotle, greek gods and goddesses, and they are all looked upon has heros and there looked at as people who are to be high and mighty, but why? The gods and goddesses of greece are nothing but re-makes, copies of gods and goddesses that already existed in Africa. Why should they get credit for accomplishments that were already made? I think someone had stated something about greeks suffering from slavery also, but whomever stated that, I hope you weren’t trying to compare that to african slavery because there’s no comparison AT ALL! What we are taught to be true doesn’t exactly mean it is true. Learn both sides of history before you make rediculous claims. Egypt is so famous and glorious, and it’s the country in Africa that many people LOVE. White, Black, Asian, Hispanic, just about everyone is a fan of ancient Egypt. There are a millions of movies and things in the media that involve Egypt. Just use your common sense and think. Why would white people look at a country so powerful and beautiful and see nothing but black faces. Would Egypt really be that popular if they actually told the truth about its history? No! If anybody tries to say it’s not a race thing, there lying. What do the statues look like? african people. What do the carvings look like? They look like black people. Black people come in many different looks and styles, but we have very distinctive features. There are very light skinned black people, brown skinned, dark skinned. We can have straight long hair to really curly short hair, but we have traits that are found more in black people. Full lips, broad noses, portruding jaw lines………..these are dominately found in black people. Can you actually say that the great Sphinx looks white or like any other race? No! The Sphinx has the face of a black man. There’s no doubt about it. I remember watching something on the history channel and they were reconstructing a face of an egyptian man. The archeologists who was hosting the show seen the mold of the face and said “that looks like a nigger” on national TV. I couldn’t belive my ears when he said that. The mold did indeed look like a black man. They constructed King Tut’s face, he also looks black. Nefertari also looks like a black woman. I wish they can do that to every single mummy found, because they would indeed turn up to be BLACK. Especially the older mummies they found. I already stated there was invasion, and thats when the lighter complexions came and the more european features started to develop. The actors and actresses in the movies who are white and are playing egyptian roles are really funny to me. Do they look like the statues? No. They are getting a little bit better by having people of mixed races, hispanics, and middle eastern people playing roles of egyptians, but there looking at what the people of egypt look like today. If a director cast an all black cast as egyptians a couple of years ago no one would see that movie. They still dont do it today. They get people that look of a mixed race. They throw in a couple of black people in the backround or they have small roles in the movies, but they would NEVER put a black man or black woman as king and queen of Egypt. What I am saying is that Egypt would not be as popular as it is today if they displayed black figures in the ALL of the museums around the world, or all black actors in the films……….If you can deny and say its nothing to do with race then something is wrong because its going on today. Even though they are just movies, but thats almost saying that a black man can play a chinese emperor. Now isnt that rediculous? It’s just like Barack Obama. People are comparing him to Hitler and terrorists. That doesn’t make any sense, and it’s very amusing actually. The truth is, is that they don’t want a black man to be president. It’s as simple as that. He has a muslim name, so he has to be a terrorists, and that he’s acting like Hitler. What is it about Obama that is so similar to Hitler? Nothing! People are afraid that he (a black man) CAN be the next president of the united states. Just use common sense and think about things that dont make ANY sense. From ancient times and until this day there are things that have been covered up and lied about. I’m just asking for people to be a little more open minded and to learn about things that are not what they seem.

    • Scubie Says:

      there is a great joy within me reading all your comments,my black brothers and sisters are yet to wake up,but are now asking questions,thats a thing of joy am so happy,something seriously went wrong a long time ago that put us here,what was it?,i think thats the major question,if africa is so great why are we here?

  44. Miss Sherrod Says:

    Hello Asiatribal, I love your fire and your knowledge. Have you read my comments and if so do you have a comment about any thing that I said? I’d like to hear what you have to say about it.

    Thank you YeYe Akilimali Funua Olade for your comment. I hope that you will study some of the info that I shared and will add it to your knowledge library.

  45. Asiatribal Says:

    Hello Miss Sherrod, I have read your comment and I was completely lost for words. I have actually learned something I never knew about, and you have informed me with so much more information. I viewed the video today and I actually just finished it. The video has chaged my whole outlook towards things. I didn’t want to mention some of things I was aware about in your statement because I didn’t want to anger anybody. I am very glad you did though. I am absolutely thrilled that I can talk to people who have the same knowledge as I do. As an african american woman I cannot talk about things like that with other african americans because they will think I’m crazy. I already tried, and didnt work. I completely understand why african americans act the way we do, and that’s beacuae our identity has been taken from us. We do not know where we came from and who we are, as it stated in the video. I thank you for sharing your wonderful knowledge with me. There is so much more to learn about my people, thank you.

  46. Asiatribal Says:

    I forgot to mention that I’m downloading the video at this very moment.

  47. Yeye Akilimali Funua Olade Says:

    Sisters Asiatribal and Miss Sherrod, I am so glad that Olodumare(GOD) brought the 2 of you to this site. You have been spread BLACK KNOWLEDGE far and wide and holding down the BLACK fort while I struggle to keep up with all you wonderful BLACK people. As I have said else where I have the problems of not having equipment,or internet link so I am using cheap Nigerian cybercafes(believe there is nothing you can not get in Nigeria if you have the money so there are good, modern cafes around too but the cost!)where machines break down daily and links are down hourly etc. So I cannot keep up with the tremendous growth of this site and Olodumare has sent me helpers like you 2 who will even do better than I can. E SE PUPO(THANK YOU SO MUCH IN YORUBA LANGUAGE!) OLUWA ARAN YIN LOWO!(GOD WILL HELP AND BLESS YOU LIKE YOU ARE HELPING,BLESSING ME!) SO I hope to be able to read all these BLACK knowledge you are giving me thru sites etc. I am praying for a laptop first,then owo(money) for a home internet connection! OLODUMARE ASE(GOD ALMIGHTY WILL DO IT!)

  48. Bruce V.S.Turner Says:

    I have no idea,other than any degree of letters bestowed upon this brother, came by kissing body parts of the slave master that he most likely would not even offer to his wife. Uncle Tom’s like this so-called
    brother should be executed without trial by the same example “Whitey”,
    used on our people for even looking at a white women. His best hope is that he never come across my path, because I personally will honor my ancesters by exterminating this idiot without thought.

  49. Bruce V.S.Turner Says:

    My Comment were intended for Daryl Jones

  50. HelenW Says:

    This message is to Daryl Jones: are you absolutely certain you are a scholar? I’m pretty sure you would have responded to this piece more intelligently than you have. Now if I disagreed with anything I have read here, the scholarly thing to do is to test the logic, filter this information with you a priori knowledge, and come up with another logical response. When you read information, you must have an open mind. If you don’t agree, you must ask yourself if this is a matter of the ego or true knowledge? Your answer cannot be “right” and everyone else wrong. I have an excellent background of education myself, and it is possible to learn from those “uneducated.” Knowledge knows no discrimination, and to downplay a young lady whose thirst for knowledge exceeds many is not a nice way to boost your ego. I’m guessing you absorbed my point by now, I wish you nothing but love, happiness and success with whatever your heart desires.

  51. Katsoulis (another Greek) Says:

    The library at Alexandria was without question one of the greatest achievements in human history and it’s destructions one of it greatest set-backs. The library’s contribution to western thought, including Greek philosophy, will probably never be fully known.

    Any clear look at the ancient history of Egypt and Greece will show there were ties in both trade and philosophy between the Greeks and Egyptians. The Ptolemies sought knowledge from a broad an diverse range of sources throughout the Mediterranean. Their extraordinary effort to build the library showed a strong understanding of the importance of diversity.

    There is a long standing and embarrassing tradition of belittling or obscuring the contributions of “non-white” cultures in history and I think that may have diminished the contributions made by Egyptian culture to the Greeks. I don’t, however, see evidence of theft by the greeks – not in the history I am aware of.

    But I, like you, am probably not objective in this matter, just as I have posted here:

  52. Asiatribal Says:

    Katsoulis (another Greek),

    I understand what you are saying, but I don’t think your understanding what this blog is saying. Yes cultures shared and interacted with each other, but some of it wasn’t all fine and dandy. Alexandria was named after Alexander. He came into Egypt as a conqueror, not a friend. He took over Egypt and established Alexandria wih his other followers. When I say they stole something I mean they claim things that weren’t originally theirs. They took credit for things that weren’t theirs. Shouldn’t the philosophy, first mathematics, historians, architects and so on be under the belt of there original creators? Absolutely. Greeks were not the first philosophers…………..they should not take credit for anything that isn’t theirs. Egypt is thousands of years older than Greece, and accomplished and created everything before the Greek accomplished and so called created it. That’s what this blog is about.

  53. Katsoulis (another Greek) Says:


    I think, perhaps, you misunderstand my point.

    It is certainly true that organized Egyptian culture predates Greek culture by two or three thousand years. It is also evident that the Greeks borrowed, or modeled much of their mythology on that of the Egyptians. But unlike the later efforts of the Romans, the Greeks did not seek to destroy the accomplishments of the Egyptians. When Egypt was conquered by Alexander, he sought to accumulate knowledge from throughout the region. The library at Alexandria stood as a testament to the knowledge of many, many peoples.

    While I certainly don’t condone war, Alexander was not the first person to take control of the region. Piye had done so a few hundred years earlier, “stealing” control of Egypt, from it’s rulers.

    Ancient Egyptian culture lasted for a very long time and, as one would expect, it changed significantly over time. Attribution of ancient Egypt’s contributions to civilization certainly have been obscured by time and history. This is simply a matter of the time scale involved and record of those facts being lost.

    The Greeks certainly did not invent philosophy. Philosophy undoubtedly extends back beyond Ancient Egypt to the first thinking man or woman who wondered “Why I am here?”, “How should I live?” That person’s accomplishment – her or his answer to those questions, will never be known.

    We all want to have pride in our heritage and our identity and we should. The reality then, as now, is that we are always stronger together.

  54. Asiatribal Says:

    You still don’t get it. It’s on a deeper level than what you think. It’s about black people, African people defending our history. Our history has been taken from, and yes I will say stolen from us. A lot of African people don’t know there history, and it’s shame. This blog is on a much deeper level. There are white people today that can say that there family is from Greece, Italy, Russia, and so on, but black people can’t do that. We don’t know what country our ancestors are from, we can’t say “I’m Nigerian” or “I’m from Egypt”, we can’t. We have know Idea. Our identity is gone, and it’s gone because of the lying they have been doing about our history and because of slavery. Our slave masters put it in our heads that we had no history, that we are animals, and that same mentality was passed on through generations. African Americans are the only people on this earth that doesn’t know where they came, we know where from Africa, but where in Africa? We’ll probably never know. From now on I’m going to claim whatever country I want. When you say the Greeks borrowed Egyptian mythology it’s really amusing. Shouldn’t they give it back now, they “borrowed” it for quite some time. That’s stealing when culture takes claim and credit for things that aren’t theirs. You still haven’t answered my question. Shouldn’t mythology, philosophy… under the belt of Africans? Your still ignoring that question. While Alexander sought knowledge he also had good time killing and conquering the country, which he did. He was NOT a friend of Egypt, and far from it, he took over that country, and if you read any other statements by me I already said there were way more conquerors than Alexander. I already stated it. Alexandria was under Greek authority, and they had no right to be in that country. Alexander was a conqueror and nothing more. What did he do that was so great. If you look at it all he wanted was power and glory, and he got it by conquering countries. He’s ONE OF the reasons why Egyptians today have so many faces…………On another note, national geographic just had an article on black Pharaohs. I hate it when they say black Pharaohs, they were all black pharaohs until foreign rulers. It’s a really great article, there still being hesitant towards the race of Egypt, but the truth is coming out slowly but surely.

  55. Katsoulis (another Greek) Says:

    I do get it. For many African Americans, their history was stolen. The slave trade was a disgrace and we all live today with the consequences whether we choose to see it or not.

    What you seem to be failing to grasp here is that Africa was not a unified continent. Egypt was not a unified region. The history of Egypt for thousands of years was one of waring kings and leaders from many regions. How was Alexander’s attack on Egypt any different than Piye’s? You say Alexander had “no right to be there” and that may well be true – but then neither did the nubian kings who preceded him.

    You appear to be linking Alexander’s conquest with the American slave trade when there is little or no connection.

    You also suggest that I did not answer your questions, but this is untrue. I was quiet clear in my answer about the origin of philosophy.

    You say that this is about “African people defending our history” and I must suggest to you that this history is shared – we all have a responsibility to look at it and see it clearly. You are right that there have been many attempts to revise history to glorify the western european ideals, including the Greeks and I can understand how strongly you wish to undo that injustice.

    You also said “African Americans are the only people on this earth that doesn’t know where they came, we know where from Africa, but where in Africa? We’ll probably never know.”

    The world is full of people who have been displaced and stripped of their identities, but certainly the African slave trade was one of the worst, most corrupt and inhuman efforts that caused such a diaspora. There have been many advances in DNA testing that have helped some people discover their origins. But not everyone likes what they have learned and it is does little or nothing to undo the injustices of the past.

  56. Asiatribal Says:

    Thanks for explaining to me, but I was not linking alexander to the slave trade. I never stated Africa as being unified. Your going into a different direction. Your absolutely right about the fact that all people should learn about it, very true. This subject is more personal towards African Americans. Do remember I said that Egypt had MANY conquerors. I keep repeating it. Piye was a nubian ruler and he did take control of Egypt. Did he erase egypts history? No, the Nubians had the same beleifs, same gods……….. The sudan actually influenced Egypt. They were actually friends. They were the same people. Nubia and Egypt didnt get along at some point, that’s actually true. No disaggeement. It seems as if when Egypt went under european control and Asian control it’s history had went down hill. If Egypt would never have been invaded by people outside of Africa there would no problem on deciding the race of that country, no problem. It seems to be a big issue today, deciding the race of egypt. Sudan and Egypt were friends, and then at some point egypt went under nubian control. Alexander and all the greek, asian, and the rest of the european invaders changed egypts entire history. All the names are translated in Greek. The people of egypt today are not the orignal people of ancient times. When Nubia took over they barely changed a thing, they were the same people. All nubians didnt come into egypt invaders. There were nubians in egypt period. Before Nubian invasion there were nubians in Egypt. Nefetari has nubian family members, King Tutankhamun’s grandmother is Nubian, Tiye. The difference between Piye and alexanders reign over egypt was that Alexander actually changed egypts history, and Piye didnt……………

  57. Katsoulis (another Greek) Says:

    You will have to forgive my confusion here. Are you saying that the Greeks changed the course of history, or the Greeks re-wrote the history of the region, essentially revising history.

  58. Asiatribal Says:

    They are one of the reasons why egypt has many cultural backrounds. They greek historians call themselves the father of history and philosophy. Egypt is a greek name, the original was Kemet. A lot of the kings and queens of egypt have greek names and they are not known by there origanl names. They renamed almost everything and took credit for everything. Nubians rulers did not do this. So you can say they revised it.

  59. Katsoulis (another Greek) Says:

    This dialogue has put me in an odd spot. I have no interest, and little investment, in defending Alexander but your casting of him is in contradiction to what I know.

    My understanding is that Alexander was welcomed in Egypt, irrespective of his previous conquests. He did not endeavor to take credit for the accomplishments of the people of that region. The records from that period shows these facts. If these records have been faked or forged, I would need to see some evidence of it.

    With regards to the names, the reasons the names you are familiar with are of Greek origin is because you live in a country that has derived it’s language and it’s naming of things from the west.

    I should point out that Alexander is not a greek name – it has passed to us in that form through Latin and English. If the Greek names had held, we would be referring to him as Αλέξανδρος.

    One of the main reasons Egypt has many cultural backgrounds is it’s geographic location. If you understand the history of the world and it’s peoples, you must understand that races generally blended in ways which has given many a racist a difficult time in determining just who to hate and why.

    You stated earlier that “From now on [you’re] going to claim whatever country [you] want” so why not claim Greece as well?

  60. Asiatribal Says:

    Why don’t you claim UGANDA?

  61. Katsoulis (another Greek) Says:

    I hadn’t really been feeling a need to claim any country, but you had made such a statement earlier.

    Why Uganda?

  62. Asiatribal Says:

    Why Greece?

  63. Asiatribal Says:

    You stated something that didn’t make any sense. You said that Alexander was a guest. How can a guest become Pharoah? The only way that can happen is if it was an invasion. That’s the only way. Do you mean to tell me that the egyptians just gave the throne to alexander becasue he was a guest, absolutely not. He invaded, he conquered, killed, and raped. The only person to become Pharoah should be the heir to the throne, Alexander was not the heir.

  64. Katsoulis (another Greek) Says:

    I did not say he was welcomed as a guest. I said that we was welcomed. There was no fight, nor war. If you have some evidence to the contrary, I certainly welcome it.

  65. Asiatribal Says:

    “My understanding is that Alexander was welcomed in Egypt”, that’s what you said.

  66. Yeye Akilimali Funua Olade Says:

    E kabo(Welcome)! I’m back from the African village of Adeyipo for a few days and y’ll having a ball breaking one of the rules of this BLACK Blog! Sister Asiatribal,out of respect for you I will let this Greek email a place you can continue this debate but on this site we don’t allow disbelievers to engage in debate and take away the space we need to talk to
    Blacks who need the help we can give.All other comments by Katsoulis will be deleted.

  67. Asiatribal Says:

    Thank god. He or she didn’t understand anything I said, nor believed it, and I’m not here to make believers out of anyone. I’m here to knock some common sense into peoples heads.

  68. Bennett Kankuzi Says:

    It is a sad fact that blacks are not credited for building ancient Egypt. In fact history clearly tells us that the original inhabitants of Egypt were blacks. The original name of Egypt is Kemet which means ‘black’. Even the name ‘Egypt’ means black in Greek. The Arabs currently occupying Egypt came in recent times.

    Its also sad that some become dismayed when one talks about what slavery and colonialism has done to the current state of most African countries.

    The truth pains but we do not have to tire in telling the world the HARD truth.

    Am blogging right from Africa. Thanks for your informative blog!

  69. Asiatribal Says:

    History has already been revised, we’re just bringing out the truth. I’m so sorry your angry. What you know about history is the revised version. Have a good day.

  70. Yeye Akilimali Funua Olade Says:

    SISTER ASIATRIBAL,Black on! You have got my back everytime. You save me when I can’t be here to delete this racists! O se gan!(thank you very much in Yoruba,older person to a younger person!) Was back in the African village so didn’t catch these 2 visitors with their comments that have all ready been answered on this blog!

  71. Asiatribal Says:

    Your very welcome. I keep a close eye on this blog. It’s very important to me.

  72. Maxine Says:

    I didn’t really read much of the aguing among you guys. Today speaks for yesterday. Arent they still pirating today?

  73. Asiatribal Says:

    They sure are………

  74. Bruce V.S.Turner Says:

    I personally have a B.A. and a M.A.;and all I have to say about this Daryl idiot is my Father once told me that one can learn anything from anybody. Even if all they learn is not to be like them. I will Mr. Jones defend your right to remain ignorant.

  75. Asiatribal Says:

    Who said it was because of skin color?? Nobody. WE already know its meaning is towards the land and soil……….say something we don’t know. Just because you know “plenty” of Egyptians doesn’t mean you’ve spoken to the entire region or the whole country itself. I wont stoop down to your level and call you names. Show some class and dignity within yourself. Are you able to have a normal conversation about this topic. State your argument, but please leave the name calling alone. That’s trash…….. You seem very Eurocentric about this topic. I already know and learned the Eurocentric version of history. So what your saying I’ve already heard. I’ll say this once more please tell me something i don’t know. Arabs did not come into “Egypt” recently lol. They have been there for thousands of years. I don’t know when exactly, but I can surely tell you that they have been there for a very long time. Research it. Hell I’ll go look it up for you………You probably didnt read this entire blog. Us idiots hold a strong argument, and we Afrocentrist do it with class. There are Egyptians today who know who the original people are, and that they were black african. Some say different. Since you know so many Egyptians please go and talk to the whole country and come back and tell us what they said. Just because you you’ve talked to “many” Egyptians doesn’t mean anything lol. Sorry. Unlike you I know the Eurocentric versions of world history and the afrocentrist version of world history. Your probably going to come back and say something else I’ve already learned about. Expand your mind and learn about the world in different views. Since you don’t do that you make yourself sound illiterate by talking down towards others. I’m sorry this topic upsets you. Black/African history are the missing pages of ALL history……………..

  76. Yeye Akilimali Funua Olade Says:

    Asiatribal, you are a wonderful Black Sister! Always covering my back o! now this quote is from “Stolen Legacy”:
    “The name Egyptian is a Greek word “Aigupto” which means BLACK. The Greeks called Egytians “Hoi Aiguptoi” which means “BLACK PEOPLE”
    NOW BLACK THEY CALLED WAS NOT THE SOIL BUT THE PEOPLE AND THE GREEKS CAN BE QUOTED UP AND DOWN ABOUT SAYING THAT THE EGYPTIANS ARE BLACK AND WOOLY HEADED. So we have given our proof,dig this- Black Truth, backed up by “white” proof! So I just have deleted your disbeliever cause we know that they think their life depends on lying that they didn’t steal,but their own people at the time said ,knew that the BLACKS were BLACK then so we will delete any comment that keeps repeating the same old white lie that we have used their people to discredit!

    • Rev AL Says:

      First of all I would like to say that this is one of the best & most positively informative black blogs ever thank you very much my sister.This discussion on stolen history is not recent but has been going on for a couple thousand years now. A good book to read would be Josephus’ Against Apion. There he not only adresses the issue of the stolen history of EGYPT by the Greeks but he also names the so called historians of that time who were the culprits. One such quote is “that the history of the Egyptians & the Hebrews was written before the Greeks were even thinkig of writing”. P.S Daryl Jones you have a lot to learn.

  77. Asiatribal Says:

    Hey Mr. “I know plenty of Egyptians” so therefore my knowledge must be right because they are Egyptians LMAO…………..That’s absolutely true about Alexander defeating the Persians in Egypt, but he did the same thing they did. Conquer. You are talking down towards afrocentrist. Like I said, state your argument, and leave trash talk behind. Why do afrocentrist have to be brainwashed LOL??? Your very amusing. You and all the other eurocentrist in this blog seem to go to the lowest points to talk down towards others. You seem so angry and frustrated lol. Calm down. The only reason posts are deleted in this blog is when they start to trash talk and use racist slurs in there comments. Its childish. Not everyone’s opposing comments were deleted if you hadn’t noticed, but i would like for you to keep on posting comments. Its rather entertaining for me lol. So keep them coming. Your one minded, and I’ll keep repeating myself. PLEASE TELL ME SOMETHING I DON’T KNOW LOL. I have eurocentric “knowledge” of Egyptian history lol. Your knowledge is kind of useless to me. I know Eurocentric history……….oh and by the way, what race do you think the Egyptians were??? If you say there white, Arab, or mixed I’m going to LMAO!

    P.s Yes expand your knowledge to higher learning, but universities and college education doesn’t mean anything lol. Some of the most greatest people didn’t go to college, and I’m not just referring to black people…


  78. Asiatribal Says:


  79. Asiatribal Says:


  80. Asiatribal Says:

    That message was hilarious lol…

  81. Kunta Kinte Says:

    Mefish moche. Mefish hagel. KOS OMUCK!


    Gumhūriyyat Miṣr al-ʿArabiyyah

  82. AmunRe Says:

    This is directed at S. Keagan’s comment. This blog, I believe, is targeted towards educating people of all races. Its not simply geared towards a specific race. Its geared towards people who are hungry for true knowlege of self. If you were to actually read the entire blog you would notice that people are finally choosing to acknowlege certain historical facts.

  83. Mohammed Ismail Says:

    This are not “facts”. What is taught in the universities of the worled counters severly to the things which this site is try to promote to the peoples. But it is ok and maybe so it is good for peoples like you and sam others here to try and study and then to revising these things so that you making yourselfs feel better about yourselfs. As to this , things will not be taken so serious from this site and it has no effects on what is taught in the university throuhout the worled anyway. I can only feel so sorry for the peoples like you. Taking your eyes off of the God for this things is not so good as well. Go to jame and to pray instead to keep hearts in the right place and stay away from this things. Shaytan love to keep you busy with this things which you can never change also. This is his way.

    Naharik sayid,

    Ma salaam alekum

  84. Abraham Says:

    in this passing, truth is the key to self answer, we who are lost in time will
    return to seek answer to bring lite to the dark, notice i did not say light, that has just began. we as black people are know shadows seen and not heard, are voices are like little blinks of hope, for those that blink you are the eyes that see the mirror, we are dead to all races because they took our voices, but no more we are here for the ones, the ones who has awake in the mist of the ground, the seeds that push upwards. know yourself and the fathers time will see you, these are their words “you are the teachers and you are now awake, we see you, you will not have to prove yourself, we made the trees as you to recive truth, there are no white trees, you are the rain when the clouds are your color dark, not when they are white, you are the ground when its dark to better give life to the food that feeds the world, no white ground can do that. the truth is you black man (also meaning he and she) you aree the ones. we known the lies they are seen every day. lier and thiefts take claim for they known that they are notthing, notthing white is clean, the snow falls life dies and the dark will return to give life, they fear you because you are you, all the weapons they have and they still fear you, stand up tall we are here with you”. life is a tree and we are the leafs, become the fruit. black man do not have to prove who we are, we are who we are, the ones.

  85. AmunRe Says:

    Mr. Mohammed, Satan also loves to omit the truth as well.

  86. RLC Says:

    I am new to the blog, but I have the thoroughly enjoyed the knowledge that I have gained from my visit. My career is in the field of medicine/rehabilitation, but I like to look at myself as a self taught history student. Throughout school, I was taught that white culture throughout the globe shaped the world. There were scarce references to Black culture around the world or our lineage through scripture. Even in Black churches the history of Black lineage through scripture isn’t emphasized. So, over the recent years I have been doing my own investigative reading, researching, and blogging to get a better idea of my own history.

    Thanks for the opportunity to drop some words.

  87. SunofAmenRA Says:


    This is a fascinating conversation which seemed to get better towards the end, after the those who refused to believe the truth, and those who have accepted the lie, were weeded out by truth!

    I have a simple question? To settle this whole matter of the race of my ancient ancestors, wouldn’t a simple DNA test be in order, as Diop suggested many years ago?

    Also, let us not forget that Europeans were living in caves at the height of African civilization. There are many books written by Europeans themselves who tell their story. Where would you get the wisdom and knowledge of civilization? Also, let’s not forget the contributions that the Moors brought into Europe.

  88. mike fritz apreko Says:

    i love it.

  89. Asiatribal Says:

  90. sunny_Finland Says:

    Just stumbled on this blog site. Got excited by the issue in question and read through all rejoinders. Kudos to the black sisters, especially Asiatribal, Y. A. F. Olade and Miss Sherrod for the use of sound arguments and well formed logic in reinstating the black truth. Thanks Miss Sherrod, the video linked was truly phenomenal- a valuable volume of knowledge.

    Asiatribal, I watched all the bellydansa18 videos and I think that the topics were well presented. May I ask who the beautiful BLACK lady presenter was? 🙂 Since white people who weave, braid or plait their hair don’t do so because they want to look black, black people with perms don’t do so because they want to look white. They are all hair-arts or hair-styles that express possibilities. So, go right ahead and express yourself. I have also wondered that at 18 you show very strong characteristics of identity and black consciousness. Where might that trait/quality have come from, if I may ask? I have lived two-third of my life in an all white society where race, especially since I am black, defines the basis of my existence in the society. Yet, I do not see myself as having the fraction of the race consciousness that you possess. Private discussion is welcomed.

    I have a long and abiding interest in philosophy, of which I wrote a Masters thesis on phenomenology in the 90s. There, I also argued that Western and Greek philosophy did not originate in a vacuum. There are certainly antecedents which the Western propelled academic philosophy ignores, and as long as this bias exist in a discipline as foundational and all-embracing as philosophy, the bed-rock of all Western education is porous.
    As the pace of human’s consciousness increases through the development of freedom enhancing technologies that increasingly connects, informs and unites the world, barriers of age-old prejudices will rapidly begin to disintegrate and collapse. The lies and misinformation preserved over the centuries will be trampled upon by the share force of the inquisitiveness and wit of the freedom seeking humanity. There certainly would be no place for any knowledge that is not founded and based on lies. There certainly will be no place for a civilization that is fuelled by injustice, oppression and inhumanity against another. It is all but a matter of time.

  91. Asiatribal Says:

    Well I just turned 19. People do find it rather odd that I would take so much interest in history. I’ve been in love with history since I was 10 yrs old. I read the eurocentric books and listened to everything my teachers had taught me. I never argued about the race of the people of Egypt and I never knew about our very distorted world history. My parents let me believe in what people taught me for quite some time. They thought I was too young to understand it. When I turned 13 my father really started talking to me about world history. I would be looking at him like “hey wait a minute”, but then I would sit and think about. Something just wasnt right about my history. Me and father went to museums and libraries, and he wanted me to study the fake history of my people. He wanted me to listen to what these liars would say. Just so I would be aware of whats going on. I was first exposed to John Henrik Clarke at a very young age. An african man had owned a book store, and for some reason he wanted me to see this video with John Henrik Clarke. I watched it for the first time, and when it was over I was on a mission lol. After Clarke I started to study many other great historians and scientists. So I’ve been learning about my people for almost 9 years, and I will never stop learning. I have an extremely strong passion for my people and history. Im also going to school to get in the field of history. Yes I have big dreams, but there is nothing wrong with trying to make them come true.

  92. Sam I am Says:

    good ol’ 4000 years ago back when the white Semites were the slaves of the Egyptians.

    • Rev AL Says:

      Sam I Am you do not know your history. While it is true that the shemites, decendants of Shem, were once enslaved by the Egyptians;they were not white because they white skinned Europeans were actually the decendants of Noahs son Japheth. Read Genesis 10 vs 1-5. Then as you read on further in the Bible you will find out that the Hebrews looked similar in apearance to the ancient Egyptians. Here are a few examples. Josephs brothers thought he was an Egyptian. Gen:42 vs 7-8. When Jacob who was named Israel died the inhabitants of the land thought that they were Egyptians Gen 50 vs 11. Moses passed for Pharoahs daughters son & was raised forty years in his house. The midianites thought he was an Egyptian EX 2;19. I can go on & on. the point is that the decendants of Shem 7 the decendants of Ham/Kham looked alike in appearance. GOOGLE image ancient Assyrian art then do likewise with ancient Egypt and you will find out that they wre all dark skinned people. The point is that we ex enslaved african peoples in America & the world over can’t seem to find our history is because our history is recorded in the BIBLE. Read the prophocies of what YAH said that he would do to Israel for there disobedience to HIM & you will see that all has happened to us as a people 100%. The bible is more than just a relegious document it’s our history. Thats why the slave masters forbade us from reading it.

  93. kopzin Says:

    I think that black people also made whites to be slaves in egypt just like the whites made blacks to be slaves in south africa. We must be carefull not to be racist or else this war won’t end.

  94. Democritus Says:

    As a Caucasian [I hate that word. I’m pale. Call me paleface. Call me white. Whatever you want, but Caucasian just irritates me] I was shocked from the age of four years old by the severity of racism. I was born as poor as any ethnic child [am I not ethnic too?] and yet more was expected of me. As ‘the only white child’ in a class I was verbally reprimanded if I did not score higher on tests than other children. This completely stunned me, both for its wrongness, and for the intellectual failure within the statements. I was all of 7 years old and I knew this bias was logically flawed.

    My first loves, my first friends, and the people that I grew up with were minorities. I didn’t even think about skin color until I was much older, when my parents beat me harshly for dating a “black girl.” My first thoughts were, ‘she’s not much darker than I am.’ I had a healthy Florida tan. While my backside was still recovering, I lay in bed wondering at what an evil family I had, and how much hate they had inside them.

    Little has changed. People have changed their terminology. People have changed their reasoning. They have not changed their bias. Worldwide, skin color continues to be a reason for hate, for murder, and economic discrimination.

    The nasty comments on this site are proof enough of the rampant ignorance and hatred which continues to be bred by privileged systems of White Anglo Saxons and their religions. I view religion as the major component of Evil on Earth. It breeds hate the way a hurricane brings rain.

    A spelling error does not invalidate an argument. Anyone who leaps upon a simple grammatic error as proof of the arguments failure is himself an idiot.

    Logic is NOT something taught in any American school, college, or university. Oh, I know there are logic classes, but it is not taught. They only teach debate, programming, and how to defeat opposing views. Nowhere is actual logical thought taught. Simply try to find any college offering a degree in logic. There isn’t one.

    Why not? It’d be an excellent degree indeed. The closest I can find are German, Chinese, Japanese, and Finnish colleges, which are actual philosophy degrees rather than theology degrees disguised as philosophy.


    • Osiris_mother_of-Earth Says:

      Great post demicritus. I disagree with you on one thing: Religion is not evil and can in fact be a good thing for all people. It was meant to be good.
      What is bad are the people bastardizing religion for their own selfish purposes, misusing religion thereby making a mockery of a cultural belief system.

  95. Amani Says:

    Sistas please,dont stop the press, we are being rebirthed into knowledge, so dont get off stage as yet.

  96. Bruce Says:

    You do yourself a disservice anytime you neglect to proofread your own material. I am a black man that like to explore the thoughts, and writings of my own people. When I see poorly constructed sentences, typographical errors, and misspelled words you make it hard for me to want to continue reading your literature.

  97. Yeye Akilimali Funua Olade Says:

    Bruce,Brother, the Yorubas would say “E ma binu’-don’t be annoyed. My problem with my blog is that it is a real hit and run blog. It is God’s miracle that I am able to do this much without a laptop or PC of my own,using expensive cybercafes in Nigeria and the ocassional free services of others equipment,taking time out of no time in my raising funds for an NGO African Library to do this. Well I will make time to correct this for you Bruce my Brother-E ma binu!

  98. Naledge914 Says:

    This blog has really opened my eyes to many new research topics. I’m a very spiritual person, and every time I look in the mirror there is an omnious feeling of power, and intelligence. Now my belief is that these feelings have been passed down from whoever I spawned from. As a Black man I find it hard to believe that Greek Philosphy is the source of the way we think today… How is that possible when its a known fact that Africans have been around a couple thousand years before the Europeans. Just face it, Africa is the the mother land, Kemet is the birth place of modern intelligence, and Africans are the chosen people.

  99. Osiris_mother_of-Earth Says:

    Ancient Egyptians were Black which is a fact. But Whites are so selfish and feel so threatened by Blacks that they will do whatever is possible to pretend that Ancient Egyptians as founders of civiliation were/are NOT Black. They would like to pretend they were White but that is so impossible, their only weapon left is to pretend at least that Ancient Egyptians were NOT Black. LOL.

    They are greedy wusses.
    Thank you sister yeye for publishing this blog.
    The truth needs to come out finally and it is little by little. Even the White man can’t stop these truths from finally surfacing, it is here to stay.
    sister yeye, do not delete commenst from opposing viewpoints, we would like to enlighten the deluded too.,

    • Osiris_mother_of-Earth Says:


      Ancient Egyptians were Black which is a fact. But Whites are so selfish, evil and feel so threatened by Blacks that they will do whatever is possible to pretend that Ancient Egyptians as the original founders of civilization were/are NOT Black. They would like to pretend they were White but that is so impossible, their only weapon left is to pretend at least that Ancient Egyptians were NOT Black. LOL.

      They are greedy wusses.
      Thank you sister yeye for publishing this blog.
      The truth needs to come out finally and it is little by little. Even the White man can’t stop these truths from finally surfacing, it is here to stay.
      sister yeye, do not delete comments from opposing viewpoints, we would like to enlighten the deluded too.

  100. Mr. Barnes Says:

    I really like what Democritus said. I’m not too knowledgeable in history. However I do know that everyone is all in the same, black, white, asian, etc. There is no chosen people except those apointed by God. All knowledge comes from the Lord, not just any one nation. Some nations may have revolutionized the way that modern-day people think, but true wisdom, knowledg, and understanding comes from God. And the sooner that we realize this, the sooner we can unite as all people against the forces of Satan. We need to just put aside childish foolishness and focus whats really important. Giving credit where credit is due is fine, but thats not the point. The point is God. We need to educate everyone about God so that we may be saved.

    I am proud to say that I am a young, 16-year-old Black man, and a child of God. We need to focus on whats truly important.

    -Mr. Barnes

  101. Tanisha Rena Says:

    My interest started with learning about black greek organizations and I was led to this blog. I am estatic about my learning experience today. I have a thirst for knowledge and was taking notes while reading the comments. Asiatribal, Miss Sherrod and Yeye, your knowledge is motivating and simply amazing. I read all comments with an open mind, so all were benefical to my learning experience. After conducting research using the notes taken, hopefully, I will be able to give instead of just receiving during my next visit.

    God Bless you all

    Tanisha Rena

  102. Jessie (Edited post) Says:

    Siya is the typical inferior white who wants to take credit for everything and deludes himself/herself that whites are better than blacks. If anything it is the opposite siya. whites are corrupt and want everything for themselves but have only managed to steal and plunder other people and their countries. Karma will balance it out soon, you’ll see.
    The whites had slavery and numerous atrocities yet hypocritically pretend they are civilized, they are only proving they are pathetic liars and frauds ’till the very end.
    You wrote so much narcissistic nonsense proving how foolish many whites like you can be and always will be.

    • Yeye Akilimali Funua Olade Says:


  103. Jessie Says:

    Actually, Yeye proves how ignorant stupid, racist whites like siya can be.
    siya, do keep your absurd delusions of superiority but keep in mind, we are not fooled..we know that it is all you have and the only way you can ever come close to feeling like you matter. You know hateful bigots like you are just arrogant killers and hateful narcissist in the end of it all.
    Thanks for deleting the arrogant hater and bigot in denial’s post.

  104. Jessie Says:

    Siya, you’re proving you’re a fool and the true arrogant speaking out of both sides of his arrogant, egotistical mouth. You are so arrogant that you equate deleting a bigot’s hateful, lying post to an act of arrogance? LOL
    You just show you’re the arrogant one by saying that since deleting a hateful, flame post is not arragance but a necessity.
    Why are you even posting here when you’re a superior white in your own sick, delusional, pathetic “mind.”

  105. Khanzo Says:

    Africa has been stolen from in totality, not only Egypt. Today we eat, drink and sleep the Jewish holocaust of 6 million people- what about the African holocaust?

    The American slave trade ethnically cleansed West Africa of of more than 6X that number!!! Here is what is sad – more than halk was literally thrown overboard to feed the sharks and fish of the ocean.

    The Greeks and the Romans colonised Africa long before the scramble for Africa, which has been followed by the demonic independence started from Ghana in the second half of the 20th century. It is demonic because Europe continues to rape African economies through neo-colonialism and in its ocassional wealth ejaculations either “lend” Africa its own raped wealth through the IMF and World bank or simply make Africa fall in and with an outstreched hand of a wizard dressed in sheep skin feed it from its hand. With reference to the latter, the wizrd then summons all its demonic media controlled through secret cults that run the world anyway, and sing its own praises as the “giver of Africa”.

    What we are taught is the western discourse, fact, aimed to promote the western thinking.

    The Book of Revelation has much to say about the status quo and the Babylon the harlot, that has given birth to other harlots. Afirca’s true history and isentity shall be resotred before this world is over.

    These criminals and thieves that run this world must count their days, and I am sure their master the devil know too that the time is at hand.

    Life and death is in the power of the tongue, so I renounce all the demonic titles bestowed on my continent by these wizards:

    1. Mother Africa not a basket case.
    2. Source of life, not a continent of darkeness and voidness.
    3. Greatly favoured of YHWH, hence a place of great rivers and mountains, the best weather in the world and loaded with naturakl resources – the first place of human existaence founded by YHWH not discovered by some cultists or wizard.

  106. thinker Says:

    I read through the commentaries, and must admit that I found interesting the debate that went on between Katsoulis and Asiatribal, where the former was putting up some critical questions to be thought, not just discrediting or approving the thesis.

    But the real put-off for me was when Yeye Akilimali Funua Olade intervened, saying that “Sister Asiatribal,out of respect for you I will let this Greek [Katsoulis] email a place you can continue this debate but on this site we don’t allow disbelievers to engage in debate and take away the space we need to talk to Blacks who need the help we can give.All other comments by Katsoulis will be deleted.”, to which Asiatribal answered: “Thank god. He or she [Katsoulis] didn’t understand anything I said, nor believed it, and I’m not here to make believers out of anyone. I’m here to knock some common sense into peoples heads.

    This kind of approach where you will delete comments of anyone who raises questions which more seriously threaten your camp is not just outright dogmatic, but really leaves the impression of doctrinal, if not sectarian followers firmly enclosed in their own way of thinking, running away from anything which could endanger their view on things. And that goes even more when looking at cited Asiatribals` follow-up, where she is thanking the first for not letting Katsoulis write any more, claiming that K. did not understand her and believed her, even adding that she is her to knock some common sense into other heads.

    I do not know for others, but I really have minimal respect when the only way you can “knock some common sense” into one`s head is by taking joy that other person is forbidden to write by censure of messages, and then afterwards delighting how that person has not understand you or believed you. And that goes even more when from my judgment Asiatribal was not any more convincing than Katsouliss` informed arguments to have the right to pretty much egoistically claim all that. Also apropos “believing” part, the point of the argument is not to have other person believe you, but to state facts which could then be argued over, which is really what Katsoulis did. Otherwise, if you are going to censure or take delight in censoring of other person`s thoughts just because she or he is not automatically subscribing to your constructions, then you really just prove the dogmatico-sectarian part of my post. As you prove it in the same way if you delete this message. So do as you like.

  107. thinker Says:

    As for the theme, what exactly means that “Greek philosophy” in “stole Greek philosophy”? Does it refer to the way of thought, like of Presocratic thinkers? Sophists? Skeptics? Relativists? Atomists? Idealists? Hedonists? Stoics…? You claim that all these was stolen from Egypt? If not all, what was “stolen”? Is it possible that some ideas were “stolen”, others not?

    Or do you refer to philosophy as a method of inquiry? If so, what kind of inquiry we are talking about? Presocratic, socratico-dialectic, skeptical..? And what are the evidence for it?

    Also, if some of it came from Egypt, in what state it came? When you say that it was “stolen”, that implies like someone took the completed product and called it its own, without putting any major changes to it, not transforming it in the process.

    Where is the evidence that it is so? For even if it came from Egypt, the mentioned does not follow: for there is numerous examples in a vast history of ideas of receiving a certain form of idea from one source, then transforming it and/or adding to it, and getting something that cannot anymore be simply linked with the first source. So, where is the evidence that that is not the case?

    Also, in the same vein the question can be posed that even if it came from Egypt, who says that it is origin-ally Egyptian, without at least partially coming to Egypt from some other preceding source? Adding to that, even if acknowledge that Egyptian part of Greek philosophy, who says that is the only part, that there were not other influences, or even thefts for the lovers of that kind of rhetoric. For example, India in the time of Alexander the great had pretty eclectic tradition of something which could be somewhat provisionally labeled empiricism, skepticism, idealism etc. There are even some stories that Pyrrho accompanied Alexander to India on his conquests, where he picked-up on their skeptical tradition, which he latter developed (sic!) in Greece.

    So, again, even if we agree about Egypt, why only Egypt? And if not only Egypt, how much and what exactly from Egypt? Because the way it is put, without further proofs, to speak that it came ONLY from Egypt, and not only came, but that it was stolen, it sounds really pretentious and one-sided…

    Also, why necessary speak that Greeks “stole” pilosophy, and not of spheres of influence, where the Egyptians may disseminated some of the ideas to Greek city-states by trade and communication, which are pretty much widespread modes of reaching out in 5.-4.-3. etc. centuries in a vast part of Mediterranean?

  108. Roberto the italian Says:

    We italians have copied everything from greece; music, art, language, theatre…
    we are proud of that! Because we learned. And I don’t have any identity problem.
    Clearly from the tone alone of you people make me think that you have a huge inferiority complex and not a political problem.
    Learn what humility means!
    By the way I am not a racist!

    • Peter Says:

      God, you’re stupid, RobertoDouchebag. if you have to follow up with, BTW, I’m not a racist then we trust you, you are a racist, a stupid one that. Doucheturd.

  109. DAN Says:

    So answer me this, nigger. If your people were so advanced and did all these things, why were you still living like savages until you got colonized and/or sold into slavery by your fellow niggers? And for the record, civilization and culture does NOT get stolen like you niggers steal bikes. The Romans adapted some of the Greek customs and culture, which the Greek in turn had assimilated from the Egyptians, but that does not mean that the other civilizations were lost as a result of this. Stupid niggers!!!!

    • Cindy Says:

      Nigger dan, your reply shows your arrogance you piece of shit. You’re the name you give, you shit. This attitude proves how how no pigment monkeys stole from Egypt, Sudan and ethiopia. Worthless Niggers with no pigmnet who call themselves pale shits like you are the only niggers. snow niggers like you stole science from the Africans. Go frak yourself, NIGGER shit! You dumb nigger, not all Africans were living as savages, dumb shit. Only the african tribes who wanted to remain in nature. the same thing happened with native americans, some parts were civilized, used mathematics and built great pyramids while other groups still lived in tribes. You really prove you’re a nigger dumbshit/ Nigger is not a race you shit, it’s an attitude and frame of mine. Dan you’re the onLy nigger here, NIGGER!

  110. jpoetrylife Says:

    Our ancestors called Egypt – Kemet which means land of the black people, our ancestors started black civilization in Africa that is Egypt and Ethiopia and then it spread to other regions, our ancestors toughed Greeks all the principles of chemistry, rule of law, medicine,architecture, philosophy, science, astronomy and other. Even Horudtorus acknowledge that: everything we got we obtained from Egypt and he went further by saying Egyptians were dark skinned, thick lips and kinky hair

  111. cfss21 Says:

    Yeye Akilimali Funua Olade you are the smartest and strongest black educated male along with others that I know. I am soooo proud of you.. you are bringing tears to my eyes. White people fear what they don’t understand and in turn want to colonize and manipulate history so that they are seen as the greatest. It is sooo sickening. I can say that as I read your article I know that there is still hope out there and that some of us blacks can still break the chains of mental slavery…..starting with the disgusting misguided white education system brought amongst us….infact all non-white ethnic groups. Non-whites should come together as a body because let’s face it…the war is not amongst each other…..WE ONLY HAVE ONE “ENEMY” I am so tired of the secretive bullshit us blacks have to deal with today amongst ourselves where our history is concerned. I understand you and appreciate your words that continue to educate and inspire blacks. I am a born Canadian from a Jamaican background….(technically African if we further go into history) and all my life I was lied to about black history especially in the schools. Black History is highly insignificant within the Canadian culture due to ignorance and the idea of placing the truth “under the rug” I was brought up in a household where as we all know black civilization in Africa is where it began and we are all black. I justs think its funny how white people will state that the Egyptians were not black but mixed of some sort. Even in the bible where the Romans claim that Jesus is white *yawn* lets take a couple of our white friends here on this thread and place them in a hot deserted sunny area and watch how fast they begin to disintegrate and die. Sunburned to death. Its like peeling scaly skin off of a damn snake. Whatever the white man touches it turns into poison and the main objective is too seek and destroy.

    Yeye Akilimali Funua Olade continue to talk the truth man you have my upmost support every step of the way.

  112. Orson Says:

    I am not racist but I must say, most black people I have met in my life are full of shit. I am not generalizing, I really really am telling the truth. Instead of just simply pulling together and creating their own life they want to falsely accuse everyone else of stealing their ideas, their philosophy. Reminds me of a bunch of angry jealous 5 year olds. The only thing black people have contributed to this world is Hip Hop(which sucks) street gangs, and alot of unnecessary noise. I will debate any of you who think you can prove anything. Youre full of shit, if you are such great philosophers then shut up and get busy putting it together. I would like to see just one valid philosophical piece, just one. Black people really do possess great potential, and are no different than anyone else. If you would just shut the fuck up and quit living in the past, become pro-active and do something with yourselves, you would be amazed at what you may accomplish. Its even possible that you may even surpass all other people in everything. But as long as you got your heads up your asses and continue to cry about shit that allegedly happened thousands of years ago, and crying about slavery when none of you have ever been slaves nor do you want to accept the fact that every race has been enslaved at one point in time or another, then you will continue to be in the same place you are in now. Shut the fuck up, quit crying and try to evolve with the rest of us.

  113. Thierry Says:

    Orson, you’re a racist.

  114. Thierry Says:

    Whenever a moron white piece of sh.t starts by saying “I’m not racist” you know some racist sh.t is going to come out of the racist fool’s egotistical, conceited mouth. The bigot Orson says “I’m not racist but I must say”? Proof right there white people are mentally deficient when you contradict and lie so blatantly for everyone to see.

    The KKK is less deficient than an A_$_$.H.O.L.E like closet bigots. At lest they don’t contradict themselves like that stupid A_$_$.H.O.L.E
    Orson just did. Make up your mind you dumb ass either you’re racist and you think Blacks are inferior or you’re not racist and you don’t think Blacks are inferior. You can’t have it both ways you spineless white A_$_$.H.O.L.E.

    Your comment stating Blacks have never contributed anything but hip hop which sucks proves you’re a racist. Do you get that dumb a.$.$? You just contradicted yourself proving you’re an egotistical lying POS so your comment on Black people means nothing. You stated 2 lies within the first line of your post. To further compound it, Black people have contributed quite a bit unlike your lies. The Egyptians contributed much as have this list of Black scientists and inventors. Look it up, white supremacist racist.

  115. Thierry Says:

    Whenever a moron white piece of sh.t starts by saying “I’m not racist” you know some racist sh.t is going to come out of the racist fool’s egotistical, conceited mouth. The bigot Orson says “I’m not racist but I must say”? Proof right there white people are mentally deficient when you contradict and lie so blatantly for everyone to see.

    The KKK is less deficient than an A_$_$.H.O.L.E like closet bigots. At lest they don’t contradict themselves like that stupid A_$_$.H.O.L.E
    Orson just did. Make up your mind you dumb ass either you’re racist and you think Blacks are inferior or you’re not racist and you don’t think Blacks are inferior. You can’t have it both ways you spineless white A_$_$.H.O.L.E.

    Your comment stating Blacks have never contributed anything but hip hop which sucks proves you’re a racist. Do you get that dumb a.$.$? You just contradicted yourself proving you’re an egotistical lying POS so your comment on Black people means nothing. You stated 2 lies within the first line of your post. To further compound it, Black people have contributed quite a bit unlike your lies. The Egyptians contributed much as have this list of Black scientists and inventors. Look it up, white supremacist racist.

    en.wikipedia dot org/wiki/List_of_African-American_inventors_and_scientists

    ohioline.osu dot edu/pdf/aai01.pdf
    Scroll down to page 103

    infoplease dot comm/spot/bhmscientists1.html

    emeagwali dot comm/african-american/upscale/african-american-inventors.html

    hubpages dot comm/hub/hubpages-com-profile-jxb7076-African-American-Inventors-and-their-Contributions

    As recently as today, Black contributions are being given to whites just because your arrogance and hubris knows no bounds. You don’t believe in sharing and giving all races their due. Everything has to be you because you’re greedy, mean, selfish, soulless. Who would want to be you people. You are disgusting, a plague upon the Earth.

    +hubpages dot com/hub/hubpages-com-profile-jxb7076-African-American-Inventors-and-their-Contributions

    These links are straight from reliable sources and scientific sources proving YOU and most of your filthy race are RACISTS, bigots and jealous plagiarizers. Blacks made many contributions, some as recent as the light bulb, the refirgerator and heart surgery were falsely given as white contributions initially until some “good” fair whites and Black researchers called out the fakers of historical information. white people are not new to trying to take credit for Black and/or African inventions. Go back to your trailer park, bigot.

  116. Thierry Says:

    Whenever a moron white piece of sh.t starts by saying “I’m not racist” you know some racist sh.t is going to come out of the racist fool’s egotistical, conceited mouth. The bigot Orson says “I’m not racist but I must say”? Proof right there white people are mentally deficient when you contradict and lie so blatantly for everyone to see.

    The KKK is less deficient than an A_$_$.H.O.L.E like closet bigots. At lest they don’t contradict themselves like that stupid A_$_$.H.O.L.E
    Orson just did. Make up your mind you dumb ass either you’re racist and you think Blacks are inferior or you’re not racist and you don’t think Blacks are inferior. You can’t have it both ways you spineless white A_$_$.H.O.L.E.

    Your comment stating Blacks have never contributed anything but hip hop which sucks proves you’re a racist. Do you get that dumb a.$.$? You just contradicted yourself proving you’re an egotistical lying POS so your comment on Black people means nothing. You stated 2 lies within the first line of your post. To further compound it, Black people have contributed quite a bit unlike your lies. The Egyptians contributed much as have this list of Black scientists and inventors. Look it up, white supremacist racist.

    –en.wikipedia dot org/wiki/List_of_African-American_inventors_and_scientists

    –ohioline.osu dot edu/pdf/aai01.pdf
    Scroll down to page 103

    –infoplease dot com/spot/bhmscientists1.html

    –emeagwali dot com/african-american/upscale/african-american-inventors.html

    –hubpages dot com/hub/hubpages-com-profile-jxb7076-African-American-Inventors-and-their-Contributions

    As recently as today, Black contributions are being given to whites just because your arrogance and hubris knows no bounds. You don’t believe in sharing and giving all races their due. Everything has to be you because you’re greedy, mean, selfish, soulless. Who would want to be you people. You are disgusting, a plague upon the Earth.

    –hubpages dot com/hub/hubpages-com-profile-jxb7076-African-American-Inventors-and-their-Contributions

    These links are straight from reliable sources and scientific sources proving YOU and most of your filthy race are RACISTS, bigots and jealous plagiarizers. Blacks made many contributions, some as recent as the light bulb, the refirgerator and heart surgery were falsely given as white contributions initially until some “good” fair whites and Black researchers called out the fakers of historical information. white people are not new to trying to take credit for Black and/or African inventions. Go back to your trailer park, bigot.

    Orson, as your words show, white people never disappoint on arrogance, self-promotion, self-love and bashing of other races especially Blacks whenever they can. That’s why white people are the WORST race by far of all the races.
    It’s true Blacks have problems MANY of which are helped by the dirty, greedy white POS who stole our history, enslaved us for greed, discriminated against us and basically did to Blacks what the other white devil, Hitler did to the Jews.
    White people, (I don’t count Jews who are the revered and respected children of Israel and a huge cut above white people as being whites), are the lowest, most indecent, most disgusting lifeform on this planet. Envious whites call Blacks chimps but the truth is a chimp’s feces is higher in value than the whole white race combined. Blacks in Egypt, Sudan, Ethiopia and many tribal Blacks created great civilizations, writing and geometry which the lying white POS want to pass off all our contributions as being white contributions. All you are are opportunistic, lying shits of zero value so all you white fecking liars go eat your own sh.t and feck yourselves where the sun don’t shine.
    Feck you sorry sons of b.t.c.hes, a_$_$_holes the lot of you whites. Feck you all to hell which is where your sorry ancestors and your whole lot of liars will end up.
    If Blacks only invented hip hop then that’s way more than you a_$_$_hole, lying whites ever did on your own or ever achieved ever. All you’ve achieved is from stealing from Africa then denying it like the fecking, worthless lying sacks of sh.t your whole damned race is.

    Most white people enslave, abuse and discriminate against Blacks, holding them hostage to be subservient to them then when Blacks act out of desperation and steal you heartless s.h*ts act like Blacks are the criminals when you’re the very a_$_$_hole holding the sticks. Who the feck do you lying s.h.ts think you’re kidding?
    Most whites are all liars, cheats, kidnappers, plagiarizers, buck passing heartess fraudulent criminals who would sell other people for money then they call themselves civilized? lolol. You’re tainted almost all. You’re just super devious and undercover about it because you’re evil just like the ancestor of your whole damn race, Machievelli. You’re just a race of thieves, liars, cheats and deceivers who are full of yourselves so guess what Orson, go feck your sthinking white a_$_$. those A_$_$.H.O.L.E!!!!
    You moronic, brainwashed white sh8ts are the only ones who believe your own self-serving propoganda. everybody knows you’re nothing better than a bunch of self-deluded conceited A_$_$.H.O.L.E.S!!!!

    It’s all because you’re evil and want everything to be about you

  117. Overseas Says:

    Wow, Thierry, you really are just a dumb monkey. Much like your entire race of upright-walking apes. Stop trying to blend in with the human race. Go back to Africa with all your other monkey “brothers and sisters” and start your own culture instead of trying to bring a successful one down. Your species is a cancer, a blemish on the beauty of the human race, a genetic mutation that allowed you to walk upright, formulate speech and imitate real human behavior.

  118. Thierry Says:

    Overseas, of course you’re jealous of a dumb monkey given they’re way superior to an evil sh&t race like yours. You’re nothing but sh*t to flush down the sewer and that’s already too good for you and those other sh*ts that are part of your inferior species of dog sh*t. I would never insult a beautiful animal like a monkey by comparing it to cow manure like your kind. You convince yourselves you matter and you’re something, all you do is destroy the Earth, destroy civilizations different than yours, destroy nature, bring misery, inflict pain and suffering wherever you arrogant, narcissistic pices of sh*t go. Right, well you’re not good enough to be apes walking upright. I wouldn’t insult monkeys like that by comparing to you and those other albino sh*ts like you and your filthy race of sh*t. You’re sh*t that simple. Your ilk doesn’t bother trying to blend in with the human race, you couldn’t. It’s obvious with your history of blood, you couldn’t pass for human even if you tried. Only your ilk has destroyed entire races, species, committed mass genocide, created the worst slavery on mankind. You’re a race of predators and pig sh*t, nothing remotely human about you. Only your kind commits bestiality laying down with animals and indulge in rampant pedophilia. Look at your clergy, shameful. We can go back to Africa but you sh*ts can’t go back anywhere after you raped America, Europe and Africa you walking turds are not welcome back to Africa. Stay in the cold climate where you turds belong. It suits you cold-blooded walking turd sticks so well. You feel right at home in the cold, you evil fecal matter that have never brought anything good unto the Earth except to rape, abuse, covet and plunder all that belonged to others and the earth. Yu’re NOT welcome back to Africa you filthy pig sh*ts so don’t bother trying. A.S.S.holes the lot of you.

    You turds have no cuilture except that you stole from every other race so you have no culture to bring down, you turds know nothing of culture. I wouldn’t humiliate a cancers, blemishes by using them in sentences to evil, degrading parasites like you. Any aggressive cancer is eons above you sh*ts in character. The human race has beauty but your evil, envious species raped it wherever your evil presence went. Overseas you’re the lowest of your fecal race of sh*t so to compare you to anything as organized as a genetic mutation is a joke. Sh*t doesn’t have genes so you could never mutate or imitate human speech or human behavior. All you’re good for are lies, deception, rape, abuse and the aggressive behavior that defines your low race of sh*ts you are. Go back to the sewers were you belong you sorry POS and stop spewing your diarrhea over the internet.

    Wow, overseas you’re the monkey. You’re dumbass darwin said

    • Thierry Says:

      Overseas, of course you’re jealous of a dumb monkey given they’re way superior to an evil sh&t race like yours. You’re nothing but sh*t to flush down the sewer and that’s already too good for you and those other sh*ts that are part of your inferior species of dog sh*t. I would never insult a beautiful animal like a monkey by comparing it to cow manure like your kind. You convince yourselves you matter and you’re something, all you do is destroy the Earth, destroy civilizations different than yours, destroy nature, bring misery, inflict pain and suffering wherever you arrogant, narcissistic pices of sh*t go. Right, well you’re not good enough to be apes walking upright. I wouldn’t insult monkeys like that by comparing to you and those other albino sh*ts like you and your filthy race of sh*t. You’re sh*t that simple. Your ilk doesn’t bother trying to blend in with the human race, you couldn’t. It’s obvious with your history of blood, you couldn’t pass for human even if you tried. Only your ilk has destroyed entire races, species, committed mass genocide, created the worst slavery on mankind. You’re a race of predators and pig sh*t, nothing remotely human about you. Only your kind commits bestiality laying down with animals and indulge in rampant pedophilia. Look at your clergy, shameful. We can go back to Africa but you sh*ts can’t go back anywhere after you raped America, Europe and Africa you walking turds are not welcome back to Africa. Stay in the cold climate where you turds belong. It suits you cold-blooded walking turd sticks so well. You feel right at home in the cold, you evil fecal matter that have never brought anything good unto the Earth except to rape, abuse, covet and plunder all that belonged to others and the earth. Yu’re NOT welcome back to Africa you filthy pig sh*ts so don’t bother trying. A.S.S.holes the lot of you.

      You turds have no cuilture except that you stole from every other race so you have no culture to bring down, you turds know nothing of culture. I wouldn’t humiliate a cancers, blemishes by using them in sentences to evil, degrading parasites like you. Any aggressive cancer is eons above you sh*ts in character. The human race has beauty but your evil, envious species raped it wherever your evil presence went. Overseas you’re the lowest of your fecal race of sh*t so to compare you to anything as organized as a genetic mutation is a joke. Sh*t doesn’t have genes so you could never mutate or imitate human speech or human behavior. All you’re good for are lies, deception, rape, abuse and the aggressive behavior that defines your low race of sh*ts you are. Go back to the sewers were you belong you sorry POS and stop spewing your diarrhea over the internet.

      Wow, overseas you’re NOT even a monkey’s a.$.$. Your dumbass darwin said that to elevate you but you’re just monkey sh*t and lowest form.

  119. stevin emmitt Says:

    It as simple as this man, no one race of people is the author of all, why black folks keep holding on to this, why simple, lets say i take someone you care about or love dearly, rape them beat them then hang’em or burn’em, now any race on earth will be very angery wit that if it happened to one of there loved ones. If i am walking down the street and someone rolls a big rock in my path and i trip and fall, of course its my fault for not looking what was in front me but the other fault goes to the person who rolled the rock in front of me, black people got fault in that and so do white folks!!!! God is the true author.

    • John Paul Says:

      Steven_emmitt, why are you saying why black folks keep holding on to this? Ask the same of whites who keep hanging on to their need for superiority. Who do you think you’re fooling with that garbage?

    • Kevin M. Ali Says:

      White’s should not have hurt feelings about the truth being exposed, it has only been a few short centuries that white supremacy has ruled the earth. Now that science confirms what African people have always known about themselves and about the creation form independent of the standard white supremacist literature.

      Our children still sit in schools learning the false white supremacist propaganda, most of our people in the west are still bombarded with an ethnically inaurate white european looking Jesus whom they are told is god. All day in every western media African people are shamed and disparaged, misrepresented, and reminded who is the master race……all while knowing that its a lie…….and while knowing that it was the African Moors who educated Europe out of the illiteracy of the dark ages with art,food, culture, science, and literature.

      After all “if you really was the “master race” as you say and think you are, then the process of learning the truth should be that hard. The learning society ought to be able to develop new understandings ….simply by following the objective processes of learning, thinking, reading, writing and speaking …absent of the ethnocentric European Orientalist versions of fabricated history.

      Cheikh Anta Diop, The African Origin of Civilization and Spencer Well the Genographic Project, The Journey of Man: A Genetic Odyssey. Modern DNA science has now confirmed scientifically that Adam and Eves “life originated” in the region of Africa where Dr. Cheikh Anta Diop’s (1923-1986) research stated that the Africans of the Nile Valley where the first humans.

      The 20th century Geneticist overseeing the Genographic Project, Spencer Well has published extensive findings verifying Diop’s doctoral thesis, in which he reports the study’s findings in The Journey of Man: A Genetic Odyssey where he details the prehistoric migration patterns of human populations. Well’s followed the DNA genetic markers modern technological enabled and scientifically mapped human DNA to its material links that unify all humans including every ethnic/racial group’s particular journey back to its African origins.

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  126. heavyrules Says:

    No one of u afrocentrics has replied to the wo/man who said that the library of alexandria was built after alexander’s invasion. I think u don not have an answer for that or u are too afraid to answer.

    • Johnny Says:

      Afrocentrist as opposed to supremacist racist propaganda from your ilk? You can’t even write English properly so shut up….go back to your American heritage, white supremacit blogs, supremacist.

  127. Johnny Says:

    Afrocentrist as opposed to racist supremacist propaganda from your ilk? You can’t even write English properly so shut up….go back to your American heritage, white supremacist blogs, supremacist hater.

  128. The Fool... on the hill Says:

    Firstly, egyption were hardly black, if anything they had black slaves. Honestly, pls stop it. It is embarresing. For non-self claimed real black philosohers. Black Fundamentalism is not the way to progress. And philsophy itself doesn’t have a colour. Secondly philosohpy may be learned, but certainly not stolen. Thirdly the greek advantage in reasoning is that they in a geographical position where ideas of different people intergrated. Often as a result of trade. It is the ability to comparte different ideas that lent them an edge. Most importantly they were the ones to “write it down” so they get the credit. Thats the only way we could have knowledge of who had the ideas. Similarty you may have in you mind all the world solution but if you can;t communicated its not very usefull…

  129. Thierry Says:

    egyption? You can’t even spell the topic subject’s name correctly so, please, you stop it. Evidently you’re not familiar with capitalizing either so white or black or whatever you are, you are not a representation of the best that race has to offer so do follow your own advice and stop!!

    Egyptians were Africans and Black. It’s a known fact and all your ridiculous bigoted excuses are not going to erase this fact, so move it along with your false white race supremacy talking point.
    Whoever is the superior race, it certainly has not served you well, you are not part of the group of intellectuals of any race based on your post so, move along, dude.

    Let the whites who have actually contributed something of value argue for the white race. Your comment on black slaves is even weaker than your post.

  130. Misadzi Ferguson Says:

    I thank you all for the good work you are doing to redeem the world from the sickness of superiority. It was because of jealousy that Kemet became a victim to those vandals. Jealousy means nubia in my language.

  131. Misadzi Ferguson Says:

    Thank you for the great job you are doing. No pit can hold the TRUTH forever. Our Forefathers migrated from place to place not because those place were not fertile but because of falsehood. More is yet to be written. Keep on doing you part. Don’t give up!

  132. Logosu Says:

    Our Great Ancesters migrated from Kemet because they refused to exchange their precious tradition with falsehood and distortions portrayed as religion. Same thing they did when the Arabes invaded Old Ghana in the name of religion. We are watching.

  133. Logosu Says:

    I want those doubting that Egyptians’ philosophy was plagiarized by the Greeks to know that we have many evidence to this. Look for the meaning of philosophy and its’ root. ‘Sofia’ So-God, fia-teach. We have the symbol to proof this. Do you want more?

    • Tanzania Moore Says:

      Lies…. I totally disagree. This is funny!!! Why not tell them?? The way that you all are responding, tells me that there must be some truth to This…I love it.. Thanks!!!

      • Frankie Says:

        Inform yourself reading serious material on the subject. there is no serious historian or archaelogyst in the world that takes Afrocentrism seriously. But you can live the lie if you want…

      • Thierry J Says:

        Apparently, you’re taking this very seriously if you feel the need to reply on this thread. African history is always dismissed as Afrocentrism y egotissts & bigots. You know why, right? Because to these selfish insecure bigots they delude themelves they represent the whole white race & sharing any part of historic accomplishment with any other races would hurt them somehow. Whackjobs that they are. History belongs to all people of all color, whites have their part as do Asians, blacks & Native Americans too. Selfish egotistical bigots. You sir are a delusionaalwhite bigot like so many others on this thread.

      • Thierry J Says:

        You’re the one who needs to inform yourself, bigot.
        Apparently, you’re taking this very seriously if you feel the need to reply on this thread. Legitimate African history is always dismissed as Afrocentrism to egotissts & bigots like yourself. You know why, right? Because to these selfish insecure bigots they delude themselves they represent the whole white race & sharing any part of historic accomplishment with any other race would hurt their ego somehow ….whackjobs that they are. History belongs to all people of all color, whites have their part as do Asians, blacks & Native Americans too. Selfish egotistical bigots. You sir are a delusional anti-African bigot like so many others on this thread.

      • Frank Says: just said the wrong word: legitimate. There is nothing legitimate in telling a lie. Greeks did not steal anything from Egyptians, no scholar in the world believes in that lie. Tons of studies around the world have scrutinized all the documents and the archeological evidence and there is non one single proof of that. It is not my fault that Western Civilization is mostly owed to Greece and Rome and African played a very minuscole role overall in the development of western civilization. Face reality and quit deluding yourselves. History belongs to every man and woman on this planet and it is what it is. Face reality. I think it is your ego here that it’s hurt: you want white western civilization to be owed to blacks..and i don’t understand for which reason! The evidence just smashes against that lie like a train against a pile of scrap metal. Asians have their history, Africans have theirs and so on…don’t try to steal our history.

  134. Patrick Otim Says:

    It is not the most intellectual nor the strongest who survive, but the ones who can best respond to change.
    If we are all that why doesn’t the evidence on the ground support the idea for African superiority. The Chinese kept quiet an we are now seeing their actions provide a solid base for their history.

    • Peter Says:

      The evidence on the ground does show African superiority, Egyptian ideas aopted throughout the Western World is your proof right tehre, dummy.

      • Peter Says:

        (Edit) The evidence on the ground does show African superiority. Egyptian ideas adopted throughout the Western World is your proof right there, dummy.

  135. Logosu Says:

    If you’re looking for evidence, there’re plenty of them I’ve seen on this blog. No continent ‘d find it easy after being through what Africa has been through. Can they survive without Africa feeding them? No. That’s why confusion’s being use as weapon!

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  141. Lawrence Says:

    I have never read such self-serving rubbish in my life. I am a Graduate medieval and ancient history student, and there is absolutely no proof to what you say. It reminds me of the very nice, but misguided African American woman who thought French archeologists deliberately chipped off the nose of the Sphinx to hide its African origins. Please, read and study, question yes, but do so in a rigorous way, not hearsay, and single sources. Question everything but do not make your mind up what the answer is before you begin.

    • Peter Says:

      Lawrence you’re so full of shyt. The self-serving bigot making the most self-serving comment possible talks about other people being self-serving? Frak you, morn, nobody’s fooled by your ilk. Just like Myth Robme projecting on other people. Dumbass lying jerkhead. Egyptians first started all science and most of the arts which Greeks adopted, which makes sense, since life started in Africa now shut the hell u, douche.

  142. Frankie Says:

    I am reading this blog ,frankly with amusement ! I have never seen such a number of ignorant Negroes all together. People that want to steal for someone else to build a credibility for their existence when the whole history of the progress of humanity points everywhere else but Africa. That the way history went folks..why you keep trying to steal from a predominantly Caucasian foundation of civilization? Are you so deeply racist that everything must have come from blackness? And if so..why the black inventors of civilization ended up in such a disgrace? What did happen thousands of years ago? These black super-civilized people just gave up their superior knowledge to white people and went back into the caves? How did that happen?

    • Susie Says:

      The only ignorant people posting on here are ignorant redneck bigot honkeys in denial, but you’re too ignorant to get that, you redneck bigot. the very fact morons like you use the term negro shows the depth of your ignorance, redneck. FYI, I’m not even black, dummy.

      • Frankie Says:

        That’s the whole Academic world that says that Afrocentrims is a lie, based on evidence and studies. Bigotry and ignorance are all on your side girl! Read some serious material on the subject instead of politically drive crap. Does not matter if you are black or white: Afrocentris is pure crap and is based on lies, easily disproved and dismissed years ago. Go back to school..or sink in your ignorance!

      • Susie Says:

        Frankie, your bigoted delusional denials of Eurocentrism bashing African contributions as mere Afrocentrism are not proof. STFU. We’re all one African people of different tanning shades, we’re all from Africa & one people from one original mother. Get over your racism, old dinosaur bigot.

      • Frankie Says:

        which contributions? Please list them …let’s give a prrof of your ignorance…

  143. siya54 Says:

    I advise all readers of this blog to follow the above link where you will find an ebook to download that has a conclusive conclusion on the above poorly discussed title!!!

  144. Frankie Says:

    ..poorly discussed because academically invalid ..I am not even wasting time to read it! the evidence is right in front of our eyes to WHOM do we we civilization. Besides all the well debunked claims of all these so called “Afrocentrists”, the fundamental answer to the question “what happened to these extremely civilized people” and why from civilized they become uncivilized, look at Africa today, has been, is and will be unanswered.

  145. Tanzania Moore Says:

    This information is Great!!! I’m very proud to be a African American Woman!!! I plan to take this information and share it with my children. So one day they can tell their children. Sooner or later we will have what’s rightfully ours..

  146. miles Says:

    You make a good case but it lacks evidence. You need to name African thinkers or philosophers of the same period as ancient Egyptian or even ancient Greece. I can only think of Imhotep.

  147. Tyrone Says:

    Da raCist crAckrs to0k R shiiiat. We must take there SHIT and leave tHEM to live in mud huts foryears, Least we neEd slavs

    • Frank Says:

      can’t even write in proper English…Tyrone. Come and get it…LOL. In the meantime YOUR people live in mud huts and shit holes all around the world, no matter what we do for them. AND you want me to believe that your people were civilized before whites. Look around you in the world…LOL

  148. Jon Paul Says:

    Nice try, Frank replying to your sock puppet, Tyrone. Really, Tyrone? What an obviously stereotypical racist attempt. The problem you racist supremacist dog is that whites are still taking from blacks using them as the bogeyman and taking opportunities from blacks and brown people because people are greedy. Get the BS supremacy out of your arse and open your eyes to reality then the willfful racism you allow to consume you. Idjit.

    • Frank Says:

      lol. What kind of response is that ..Jon…(hope that’s not to be considered racist as well). I have no idea of what you intend to say here. Just because i called someone Tyrone, that moron real name btw, then you assume that I am a white supremacist. This shows your stupidity, ignorance and everything else that is connected withe word “moron”. People like see “white” supremacists everywhere. You wan to see the real danger? Start looking into your own people neighborhoods…

      • Jon paul Says:

        lol. It’s the appropriate response for a white supremacist apologist hypocrite of your ilk as you “Your own people neighborhood” shameful comment shows. Filthy bigot supremacist hypocrite never accountable for what whites do to blacks ever. Idjit.
        Blah blah, blah and more blah you douche bag supremacist. The stupid, ignorant, douche bag moron here is you douche bag racist supremacist. Your own people neighborhoods? Who’s the stupid moron showing his assumptive white supremacist chops here? YOU! Dumb ass you’re trying to blame the victim of whites as usual as the problem. Dumbass. Black neighborhoods are the way they are because the white power structure wants it that way. Like I said white society demonizes blacks and bash them for being in the very situation the white power structure designed for them and forced them into. Your response is more than ample proof. Look at how you just blamed the black victims for being in the circumstances the white power structure created for them. No, assumptive dumbass I’m not black if that’s what you’re assuming. Idjit.

      • Frank Says:

        There you go. Showing your “one way racism”. I can call you names also, you turd piece of shit! “Accountable for what whites do to blacks?”. And, please, explain what whites do to blacks, I just want to hear it. I can tell you what blacks do to whites and this Country. Just read the crime statistics and the the statistics of black on white crime. Statistics that makes cities like Chicago, Detroit, Memphis, St.Louis, Camden ,Flint , Newark and many more “unsafe” and “high crime area”. Guess which “color” of people is the majority in these cities.. I guess the truth hurts your rear ends right? It’s ok to call out non-existent “white do to black things”, can’t give me one example i bet, but it’s “racist” to call you out on the mayhem that your people cause in the inner cities. Doesn’t mean that EVERY black person is bad, but you do have a problem and YOU , asshole, just ignore it. It’s always someone else’s fault, right? Detroit is the “white” people fault? How’s that? We, white people, designed a city for black people? White power structure? the same one that “voted” for President Obama (that incompetent moron), you mean? You response IS the ample proof, that no matter what we do as a society, to be equal, we will never BE equal. Because YOU and the likes like you can’t just do it right and it will always be the “white man” fault. As long you get “help” and you are treated differently, with freebies, affirmative action, hiring quotas, you will keep pushing for more. No matter that millions of dollars is being spent on programs for troubled neighborhoods, schools..but you want more!! No matter that Chicago is a hit hole where your people cause mayhem every is the white’s man fault!! YOU need more money, more social programs, more..”bacon” like a Detroit council woman once said. And you know who’s the stupid one here that gives in are right on that: the white man. Because we want to make it right for the past we are giving in to people that just can’t do anything right. Reality check moron.

      • Jon Paul Says:

        Seriously, dude, enough of your white supremacist projections. Everything you wrote is 100% proof the white power structure got its way. Last I looked I doubt the newly freed ex kidnapped vctim blacks ever called the shots nor are they calling the shots now. Blacks have always been scapegoated, blamed for all the bad things that happened to whites and that whites caused to happen to blacks through their racist policies. Then of course like the hypocrite supremacists they are they pull out the anti black stats their very racist anti black, pro white policies create to prove blacks are the problem. You want to keep your head in your white supremacist butt go for it, I accept reality. Blacks don’t create the rules in this country, many racist whites do though so give me a freaking break with your pro white supremacist, anti black BS. You are the problem, people like you wanting to feel superior to other people on outward appearance alone are the problem. Get over yourself you’re an ignorant racist idjit. Now go kiss yoru butt on stormfront. Dumba$$.

      • Frank Says:

        “My white supremacist projection”, i am the proof that “white structure” what? Lol. The most idiotic statement i have ever read. I think i can reverse your stupid comment saying that everything bad happening to blacks today is just fault of ..blacks and no one else’s! When will you people take some responsibility for your own fault. The black men do not make the rule s? And which rules will you be changing, if you were in power? Let me see.. Rules that allow murder, rape, theft committed by blacks to go unpunished? Which rules are “unfair” towards blacks? Do you mean if you were making the rules like n Africa? Your people are making the rules there and we are seeing the results: billions of dollars wasted by the West on food, aid and so on. Do you mean like in South Africa? The black man took Country over..see the results after apartheid ended! Pretty much every nation in which the black man “makes the rules” is a mess. But you will say that this is still the white’s man fault, like a good black supremacist. So no matter how will you look at the matters of the world the poor black man misfortunes around the world is not his own fault and it will never be! It’s always the evil white man! Right? Go and get lost you racist, bloodsucker.

  149. Jon Paul Says:

    Why are you even posting your white supremacist garbage on this site? Oh, right, you have to spread your racial hate everywhere you can. Bigoted idjit.

  150. Frank Says:

    I guess only whites can be bad…you blacks are the victims, always. Poor baby..tormented by the white devils. The same white devils that elected Obama, that incompetent moron, to the presidency of the most powerful Nation in the World. The same whites that are wasting millions of dollars in social programs trying to help disadvantaged minorities…for decades, with no results. But, you don’t care, it is not enough, you ask for more….and it’s fair, because everything that is done at your advantage is fair after all. Isn’t that right? We got to bow at the poor black man, after we have done all that bad things to you and make the society unfair to others because we’ve got to “repair” what has been done to your people. You are the only ones that suffered in the world …poor black man. Always mistreated.!

  151. Rebone Makgato Says:

    For the white brothers and sister who don’t believe that Ancient Greek philosophy is African philosophy, how can you argue with your ancestors such as Herodotus, who recorded that Greeks went into Egypt as students to receive education? Surely a student does not know more than the master? Ok. OK. That aside, I want you to answer these very simple questions:
    1.Why there are ancient statues of black people all over Europe?
    2. Why there is a 4000yr old exclusively African village in Colchia by the Black Sea?
    3. Why all popes kneel & pray before the black Madonna & Jesus – in private?
    4. Why all depictions – drawings and paintings on pottery, vases & walls show Hercules as a Black African man killing white folk?
    5. Why on Egyptian walls Pharaoh & Black army are depicted killing drowning white folk? (the story is actually of driving away invaders, but it was stolen, reversed & turned into the Biblical Exodus narrative?

    If you pass this test, then you are free to asurp everything and claim all civilization as White.

    I’m waiting for answers.

    • Rebone Makgato Says:

      You are deeply, deeply entrenched in the White Supremacy ideology and Eurocentric bullshit. I will not waste my time and discuss with someone who fails to grab that Ancient Egyptians were an African civilization. I mean, that’s the basics,,,, failing which there is no point in wasting my time. Notice how you crush me down, but don’t even attempt to explain WHY these black statues, paintings, frescoes, pottery are actually there. (If I tell you that European royalty was initially African, you’ll piss yourself) I traveled many times during my research and I actually saw the artifacts with my own eyes. Go there. Visit museums. Have a look at them, Examine them, and learn, A lot of paintings and artifact come up now. They were owned by shamed, racists older white folk who die off. And when they die off like that, their grandkids and great grandkids dont know what to do with them, and they turn them over to museums, To them it has no sentimental value, and cant see the reason why they should hold on to them.

      • Frank Says:

        You are deeply entrenched as well with black supremacy and stupidity. I understand the desire of having a “great past”, is comprehensible. But from there to invent stories and fabricating myths. So Eurocentric is bad but Afrocentric is good, right? Now you said it right: Egypt was an African civilization. Not black. There is a difference. And, notice, I didn’t say white. Please don’t waste your time at all! That myth of the Black civilization has been already discussed and is highly offensive to Egyptians. But i guess that doesn’t matter to you, as long the “lie” it’s useful to your black supremacism, it’s a good thing!! There are a plethora of paintings, Hieroglyphs, frescoes , as you said, that portraits non-blacks as well. Actually there are more of the latter!! I visited museums, you idiot. And again, plenty of Academic studies. Whites have little to do with Egypt, since they were a mixed people. I said it, and i say again so your little brain can understand: Egyptians resemble very much the Copts that live in Egypt today. Greeks admired Egyptians so much that Herodotus and other historians were eager to connect their civilization to the most ancient one, to the extent of fabricating little myths about the connection. That’s why the Herodotus connections with Egypt are very poorly reliable when it comes to creating a connection between Egypt and Greece. Get over it: Greece was an autonomous civilization and they were geniuses. Your black geniuses are still living in mud huts in Africa. That’s the reality, you ignorant idiot.

  152. Jess Says:

    Frank’s a moronic white supremacist douche. Right, we believe you that black people started supremacy. You’re a lying POS douche. The tons of sick white supremacist blogs from Breitbart and other BS white pigs isn’t enough for you, you have to come spew your paleface supremacist lies on here too. Disgusting p i g.. You even have to come to this one blog stating the truth of black civilization in Africa to try to bash it. You supremacist aren’t content until you try to convince every part of the world about your fake, deluded visions of grandeur. Well, fact is whites are cheats, thieves and liars who built the new world on black AA. You built fortunes on the backs of blacks and Natives then take all the credit for yourselves like the lying cheats and pieces of filth your whole kind are, cheats, liars and thieves. So, did Europeans steal African civilization and pretend it’s your own. Then you attacked, assaulted, kidnapped African people and pretended you were all that. You can lie, cheat, try to reinvent history like the rest of your lying kind always does throughout the history of the world. But you can’t change the truth on the growth of African, Western civilization in the world. White is selfish and evil. Go back to your supremacist blogs you douche.

    • frank Says:

      And here is the moronic, idiotic and ignorant Jess playing the race card. How predictable. I don’t remember how did i get on this Afrocentrist racist snd historically baseless topic. But let me say it. So if it is white supremacism to tell history the way has been for centuries based on worls of reputable scholars and archaeoligists..why it is not when is black ignorant people, like yourself, tling that ALL civilization was based on lies and even Europeans stole from these “alleged” black geniuses. Is it supposed to be true just because you are black? Whites have bern cheating? Stealing? so? Let me think..yes we went to colonize peaceful places where people were not slaughtering one another in endless tribal wars, enslaving, raping etc..but all walking hand in hand singing gumbaya!!! Right? The history of the world has been aleays the history of more advanced civilizations expanding and cinquering. So did the dif the Persians etc. If wasn’t for that ..Africans would still be living ALL in mudhuts today!! And that is indisputable. Could have been the Arabs..or the Chinese..or others. It happened thst Europe, unfortunately, was closer. one kidnapped anyone. It was your own that sold Africans to slavetraders..snd the West eliminated slavery in less than 2~300 years, while today,2015, is still well alive IN Africa and many other parts of the world. NOT Europe or Northern America, where your people enjoy freedom but still whine about the evil white man. Stealing civilizations from the rightful people doesn’t explain how come these superior African civilizations got taken over by the Europeans cavemen. Do you have one? You racist fuck…with a 30 Iq.

      • Jess. Says:

        Moronic sh..t face paleface supremacist douche Frank can’t stay away from a pro African truthism blog talking about race card? You’re so full of bull sh..t like the rest of your paleface supremacist ilk, it’s sad. You and your ilk created the race card you m..entally sick piece of filth. When white people talk about people playing the race card they created to oppress people of color it’s the most emasculating bull sh..t your low kind does. You destroy the planet with your so-called technology, murder people in droves because it’s ok when you’re the ones doing it, you discriminate & oppress but God forbid anybody call you out on your evil racist bul sh..t, suddenly they’re playing the arce card. You’re so full of sh..t and so evil, you and your whole supremacist kind you need to get in a hole, douse it with gasoline and burn your greedy, worthless, narcissitic, worthless hides into kingdom come. F U, you ugly, pale POS! Your lot has always sucked on the affirmative action tit of Africa, its people and its civilization. You’re lower than dirt and not as awesome as your kind think while always kissing your dirty, nasty pale hides. Sorry if the truth hurts you piece of filth. You ain’t even sh…t. You’re lower white supremacist douche. Go back to Breitbart and all your white a$$ kissing psycho blogs pale face. FU pale bag with IQ below ZERO. You know less than nothing about Africa except the supremacist BS your arse kissing narcissistic ilk has deluded you about. All lies you weirdos tell yourselves so you can kiss your own filthy arses. You’re lower than dirt, you and your whole ilk of supremacist douches.

      • frank Says:

        Lol. just showing how low your IQ is. Where do you live? In the US? If so, and you are so unhappy, why don’t you take your black supremacist ass back to your civilized people in Africa and enjoy the safety and civilized life of the African geniuses down there? Killing, murdering, mass massacres ? Really? And what your people in Africa are doing daily? And here in the US? Watching movies and playing PlayStation? I guess you are not current with the situation of that huge shit hole down there and the of our cities here. The only reason why people are still “alive” and survive there is because Western Nations are pooring, uselessly, billions of dollars in aid to those useless Nations. We build schools, provide food aid, build roads etc…and what they do? Farming? Sustaining a civilization?No..they buy weapons and keep killing one another, destroying shit. Hell of geniuses !!!..Inventors of civilization! Lol. Same pattern here in the US: every single black city IS a SHIT HOLE! And that’s white people’s fault? Escaping from the truth my friend.again: if it is so bad here in the US why then you all don’t take your black asses to tthesewonderful paradises in Africa. It just escapes my comprehension. Answer? Who your going to freeload off from then?

      • Jess. Says:

        Yet, I goaded you into a posting a long diatribe of bull SHIT showing your way lower IQ. Owned. Goading your ilk’s easy because you and your supremacist ilk are only BULL SHIT. That’s all you’ll ever be. You destroy the planet and other cultures, steal, ravage, steal, commit the worst atrocities and have the gall to talk about black cities. Idiot. N?M, your IQ is below 30 so good show, moron. Remember WWII, Inquisition, Crusades, global warming and slavery and genocide of Native Americans. That’s right ASS HOLE. All you and your supremacist ilk’s savage work. Some black cities may be shit holes because they follow the white framework rather than the African, nature framework, so great going dumb ass. Bigger picture is all white cities are SHIT built on sweat, fraud and theft of other people and what you steal from other cultures mainly Jews. So F U. Too bad truth hurts, F U C K I N G white supremacist SHIT! Jews own all your sorry arses you POS. ASSHOLE!!!

      • frank Says:

        Lol. Goaded!! Lol..owned. You don’t even know what to say!! Black cities are shit holes because they didn’t follow what? The “African framework”…like what city? What Nation?LMAO. And what would it be an example of this African “framework”? Then you continue your stupid rant with nonsense about wars in which Africans were not even involved!! Like in Africa there had never been wars…they still are in a permanent status of tribal war! Global warming? Lol, so you would prefer to live without cars, computers, highways? Let me hear it: which African engineers built America roads, cities, industries…really? The sweat of few slaves built the Whole America? And what the milliobs of other people were doing? Playing Nintendo while blacks were “building” America? OMG..i am on the floor laughing….

      • Jess Says:

        Goaded you again into an even longer diatribe proving the point your whole supremacist facade is built on lies, and it scares you to death when you’re uncovered. You can’t stand people knowing how full of shit you savage, heartless, selfish, evil, Barbaric pale faces are. Evil to the core and owned again. Loser. Haha, government roads built by FREE slave labor you evil POS, built in the country you stole from Natives and murdered them over then raped their women. Evil palefaces, paler than your missing hearts. Your country and whole history consists of stealing, lying, cheating, projecting and taking credit for accomplishments of Jews and Africans and Greeks, which you try to pass off as your own. FUCK off you worthless supremacist dumb ass!! Did white people ever contribute anything they didn’t steal to the world or take by force on the backs of brown people or African people? No way, no how. Thief from a long line of descendants of thieves, liars, cheats and greedy frauds. A lot of brown people are also brainwashed, and fall for your ugly, evil supremacist bull shit but many aren’t. FUCK YOU and your evil ilk!! Nothing you say has merit. Worthless dirtbag.

      • frank Says:

        Lol..the “goader”.. that i shall name you! So few thousands slaves built the whole America! While white devils where ALL at home rolling their thumbs. It is obvious that you are so stupid that you cannot understand the absurdities you’re saying. And moreover there is no evidence to support what you’re saying. Plenty of immigrants from Europe built cities, roads, industries. Sure blacks dod some..but nothing worth to change an economy. America didn’t go bankrupt ending slavery..didn’t it? There is no evidence that the Greeks and the Romans took anything from African civlizations (??) and on top of that no evidence that the Egyptians were blacks. That was settled in a world conference decades ago. Diop is a clown and no one pays attention to his garbage, just African supremacists like yourself. You are offending Egyptians and their heritage. Besides talking about raping and killing…your people are experts of such things both in Africa and here in the US. Goader the

      • Jess Says:

        Blah blah blah. You’re still being goaded into revealing your racist, hateful, supremacist self-ass kissing narcissistic vile nature. Sure, black Africans did some. You’re ridiculous. They did most of the work that turned this country into a prosperous country and got nothing but hate and contempt and abuse for it. What kind of creature does that? Right, hateful pale faces without an iota of conscience. You also owe this land to Native Americans who kept this land free of pollution until you savages unleashed your tools of mass destruction on this beautiful land that you destroy daily and deny destroying with your so-called technology. Technology that’s been perverted from what Jews actually intended. Like I said, your greedy ilk perverts all it touched, plays the victim and try to blame your victims as being the actual bad guys. Watch any cowboy and Indian movie as if the Natives were the bad people NOT your evil, looting, thieving, murdering, lynching ilk. There’s no excuse for it, pale faces are evil and a horrid curse upon the Earth. You’re all despicable supremacist. Clearly I’m not talking about good, decent white people who can’t help their skin color or their hair texture. Good people are good people whatever they look like. But supremacists and white narcissists like you and racists are a curse.

      • frank Says:

        LOL..amazing how a racist like you calls me racist!1 “whites can’t help their skin color”, like was bad thing to be white. You are more racist than any white racist person i have ever met. But it’s ok for you because you’re black, right? And please tell me..what did exactly blacks have built in America? Most of the work? What work? Where ad when? You don’t even know the history of your people. We owe this land? Well we can go back to Europe, but we will take everything with us and we’ll kick your black asses out of it as well. I guess your “civilized” people in Africa don’t like what they have if they are invading Europe. The truth is built absolutely nothing. How can few tens of thousands slaves build America if a billion of Africans can’t build a decent civilization/Nation in Africa in 2015!! LOL. Looting? Murdering? That’s exactly what your people do in every damn American city!! Curse? LOL..and tell me how good the Africans will turn the World if they ruled!! LOL..we see how things are turning out in the black Continent. Every where the black man is..there is chaos and crime.
        One more: you are driving a white man invented car, you are tying on a white man invented computer, your cellphone is a white man’s invention, your microwave, oven, airplane you fly with and i can go on for hours.
        Pathetic loser..what are you still doing in the US. Go back to your people…the “creators” of civilization…

      • Jess Says:

        Blah blah blah from the white supremacist POS who’s still being goaded into another useless, long rant. I’m the racist for calling you out on your racism, you filthy piece of dirt. You’re a pale face, not a decent good white person. There’s a difference supremacist dirtbag. I’m the racist alright. The proof’s right there in your posts. So I must be the one who said black people have never done anything positive ever, and every black city is a shit hole. You fucking psycho lying piece of shit, a narcissistic loser just like the rest of your supremacist palefaces kissing your own pale arses. Sure, so black people must be the ones who sold themselves into abusive slavery, segregation and lynchings too and forced palefaces to discriminate against them like the savages they are. FUCK YOU douchebag bigot!!

      • frank Says:

        The idiot Goader is back!! LOL..i guess i his some nerves causing you to throw all kind of insults!! The last resort of people that have no arguments: race card and insults!!! You are diminishing and steal other people’s accomplishments and I am the racist! Accusing whites to be killers, thieves is ok …why? Because you’re black? LOL..what an idiotic person you are. probably you don’t history at all. Do your researches and you will find out that your people sold their own in slavery. No question that was an horrible period of American history and it was ended…slavery was ended in its entirety in the Western world. Still 38 millions in slavery around he wold and i told you…they are not in the West!!! Keep insulting you loser….

      • Jess Says:

        I’m not back, moronic supremacist dirtbag. I never left. Unlike you I actually have a career and a life besides the skin color I inherited from my parents, through no fault of my own. I earn what all that I have rather than sucking on the tit of white supremacy, and primitive white skin affirmative action. I don’t waste time riding on an unearned skin color privilege as delusional losers like you do. I never left, moronic douche. Talk about an idiot dirtbag. Go back to Breitbart, cross burning supremacist klansman. Each of your successive post grows more incoherent rants, more bigoted and more delusional. You making up numbers on illegal slavery VS a country whose very economy, philosophy and ideology were based on and prospered on the selling of other human beings under the pretext their skin color and larger nostrils made them fair game to be assaulted proves how devoid of morality you supremacist jackasses are. Your cross is waiting to be burned, racist, moronic douche bag.

      • frank Says:

        Incongruent statements not supported by evidence and not even by common sense. I am happy that you have a career and if you accomplished that without affirmative action, which your brothers have the privilege to use, kudos to you!!! I don’t have to use my skin to get any privileges..i earned the life i have, hard work, like man of your people (an not only them) should do instead of living at the government expenses. Your idiotic assumption that the whole Western civilization is based on African slavery obviously is absurd, since for that happened only for 400 yrs and involved manual labor. Africans were a very tiny minority and the economic impact of slavery in the building of America is very minor, terrible, but minor. If you assert that the Western civilization was entirely built on African slavery..then you are a deeper ignorant that I thought! You forget that whites were enslaved as well and for a longer period of time under Rome and under other civilizations as well. Europeans fought and enslaved one another in much larger quantities. More over: Civilization has always a price tag to it. Unless you want to go back to the stone age (present Africa?). Your abyssal ignorance makes you say stupid things…but i understand. Low IQ, that’s what it does to people. Philosophy, economy was based on the selling of humans beings..LOL..what an idiocy to say..

      • Jess Says:

        Kidnapping and assaulting other human beings for profit, dehumanizing them, lynching them and continuing their abuse with institutionalized racist policies just for good measure is evil and as inferior as it gets. People like you who try to defend such evil prove your own evil. Now, go away. Your cross burning and Breitbart are waiting, bigot. Stone Age Africa? You just keep showing your inferior racism and savage bigotry. Africa is not a homogenous culture. Parts of Africa, some wanted to live in an organized community and created capitalistic type kingdoms with businesses. Other parts the people wanted to live in harmony with nature and live in huts. Neither is superior. It’s relative which system is better. Somehow they all managed to live in harmony and live and let live, which is something many paleface supremacists just couldn’t get because they’re immoral narcissistic evil douches who think only their way is the only way to judge everybody else. Sick supercilious narcissists. The main point is modern civilization started in Africa which makes sense since all life started in Africa, and all humans are Africans from one time or another. Now scram with your deluded paleface supremacy, sheet wearer.

      • frank Says:

        LOL. No one kidnapped anyone. If you read some history you would know that your people profited from selling their own. Told you. Are you stupid or what? And i do not understand your fixation with “Breitbart”!! Have they done something bad to you? Did they sodomize you? …my “inferior racism”? Is here a ..”superior racism”? “they managed to live in harmony”, “live and let live”?Africa? Really??? May be your not aware of the constant warfare and massacres that happened everywhere in that shit hole! I is such a paradise what are you doing still here in the US?? How come is economically STILL depressed and no Corporation makes serious investments ANYWHERE in there? Because of its instability ..genius!! Even a Nation, that once was prosperous, like South Africa has been turned into a shit hole of corruption, violence and aids by YOUR people once the power was handed over. You have a special gift of “destroying” things..just like Detroit, Newark, Camden, Atlanta, Baltimore etc etc here in the US. Unfortunately for you ..reality is out there, right in your face!!
        Civilization started in Africa? Where? Which place? Humans..possible, but the geographic location has nothing to do with the people now in there. Besides Africa was much different in shape and size from the one you see today. But how would your ignorant ass understand that? Forgot the low IQ….
        I am going back to Breitbart..are you going back to the Nation of Islam or the New Black Panther Party?

  153. Jess Says:

    Like the fact that logic and racism and single trait bigotry are not congruent with logic? What of that? The illogic of narcissism, conceit, and hate that causes lesser men (Such as yourself) to applaud taking advantage of other humans and judging them on any other marker besides their pure actions. Supremacists have no right to make such disingenuous comments as if logic was your friend. Your sort is NOT qualified. You judge, abuse, insult others based on their looks, culture NOT on their contextual actions. You’re a bigot and a pig. Scram to Breitbart.

  154. frank Says:

    And just to set the record straight the one who is insulting is YOU, inferring that OUR people stole from you savages. Are you allowed to insult because you are black? The way you “look” allows you to be “supremacist”, really? And I AM the conceited? Pretending to be the “creators” of civilization flies in the face of the evidence!! Please explain all of us what happened then? How come the creators of civilization have regressed in the state of slavery and primitive barbarism? So the civilized got somehow overturned by the “cavemen”? How? Get the f outta here!!

    • Jess Says:

      Your post speaks for itself, bigoted filth. The Barbaric pig (Savage is superior to your low trash ilk) is the supremacist douche calling other people savages. Too bad if the truth hurts, you moronic bigot. All humans are Africans. Tough if you don’t like the truth and it hurts your bigoted psychotic tendencies. The savage is supremacist trash like you. Western civilization started in Africa, not sure that’s stealing since civilization belongs to all people not just one continent. God, you’re a stupid A-HOLE1

  155. Auset life Says:

    Yes whites stole everything from us the true jews kemetians original people of the earth. Watch dr yosef ben. Im spreading the word that we need to go to africa research it. It is time for us nubians to leave.Ghana has the right to abode program.

  156. Baine Sumpin Says:

    The only problem with your theory is that Egypt had for milenium been a melting pot of cultures and races, even before the Greeks became the Pharohs. Asians, Europeans, Hittites, Isrealites, all had great influence on Egypt. Yes Nubians did too, but there is no way to truly define Egypt as a specific people.

  157. Charli Says:

    Wonderful summarisation. I just ordered the book!

  158. Repmaj25 Says:

    Excelente informações !!!
    A muito venho DETONANDO, tetando mostrar os FRAUDULENTOS que estão colocados na ‘h’istória como GÊNIOS mas, SÃO SIM, PLAGIADORES, FRAUDULENTOS de trabalhos AFRICANOS !!!

    Obs.: esse material poder copiado ??? E colocado em pequenos vídeos(sem fim lucrativos) para espalhar fazendo com que mais pessoas descubram que os livros que temos, NÃO SÃO seus autores verdadeiros, COPIARAM os AUTORES AFRICANOS !!!

    Abraço, desde Brasil.

  159. TruthSeeker Says:

    To say that Socrates, Plato, and what other so-called Greek figures have you, stole the philosophies of the Ancients in Asia and Africa is still a massive understatement by the Western pseudo-historians of their cultural and intellectual wrongdoing, for such accusation still presupposes the real existence of the forgoing Greek characters, who are at best FICTIONAL (meaning that they exist only in the imagination of the people). “Fictional” because in actuality, neither credible evidence of their existence, nor their AUTHENTIC work (as opposed to plenty of work verified to be inauthentic copies), exist in historical records/documents/artifacts prior to the Renaissance, which is more than 1000 years after the supposed fact. We all know about this recurrent theme in Western history: false dating. I guess that’s why they say that there is no such thing as ancient Western history, only ancient world history.

  160. How White Europeans Contributed To African Cultural Identity And Dignity – Return Of Kings Says:

    […] ideas, movements and memes doesn’t even attempt to conceal prejudice in an argument and blatantly stereotyped European societies as cultural appropriators. But despite obvious historical flaws, it continues to provide a cultural identity that anyone of […]

  161. How White Europeans Contributed To African Cultural Identity And Dignity Says:

    […] ideas, movements and memes doesn’t even attempt to conceal prejudice in an argument and blatantly stereotyped European societies as cultural appropriators. But despite obvious historical flaws, it continues to provide a cultural identity that anyone of […]

  162. mekkael Says:

    To accuse europe for plagiarism and relative superiority complex is one thing – (agreed) – To add your illiterate false conclusions on ancient history and spread uneducated opinions is another. Greece and Egypt shared a great connection in the day that dates 2000 years before Alexander. There was a cultural exchange in all ways. In any way knowledge is meant to unify and not spread hatred and racial division.No ancient egyptian or greek shared your level disbelief for another. Read what you wrote again- cross reference it with 30 different authors and you will understand. Good luck

  163. Nubian Emperor Says:

    Animistical realities..

  164. Azzie Deveja Says:

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  165. Francesco DiGi Says:

    The Greeks didn’t steal anything. Actually it’s the people who claim this historically and factually wrong assertion that are trying to STEAL something from Greece.

  166. Stuart Mullahy Says:

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