“Live and Become” – (Ethiopians Jews)


World Is Africa

In 1985 the  Mossad, Israeli secret services, with considerable assistance from the United States, ran the clandestine Operation Moses to airlift thousands of famished and ill-treated Ethiopian Jews to Israel from refugee camps across the border in Sudan. These ‘indelible immigrants’, to use a term coined by historian Daniel Boorstin, also  known as the Falasha, are still not fully assimilated into Israeli society. And more than 30 years after the first Ethiopian Jews fulfilled their dream of coming to Jerusalem, their children and grandchildren found themselves protesting in Tel Aviv, at one of the most violent demonstrations the city has ever seen. Anger and frustration that has built up over decades exploded in a way few expected.   , in response to the brutal and unprovoked police beating of an Ethiopian Jewish soldier.

This movie begins, with a mother bidding farewell  to her terrified son,  with the words that gives the film…

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