“Xessal” Skin Bleaching


Bleach and Die oooo!



Beauty. What is beauty? What does beauty mean to a Senegalese women? The definition is entirely contrastive to the definition of what standard beauty is considered in the United States. In Senegal, the term “fair complexion”, which is widely used to market products in Senegal is not in the American dictionary for beauty. For a Senegalese, West African women, a fair complexion is equated to beauty. This misguided perception of beauty causes millions of women in not only Senegal, but several other sub-Sahara African nations to take part in skin altering practices. These practices can cause physical damage and skin deformation. Skin bleaching, the means through which many women dangerously attain a fair complexion, is a huge part of the Senegalese woman’s beauty regime, and it’s a huge phenomenon. Most Senegalese women use skin lightening creams, and soaps in a practice called “Xessal”. What is inside these Xessal products? Are they safe to…

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One Response to ““Xessal” Skin Bleaching”

  1. D.A. Simmons Says:

    Whitish/white supremacy/colonialism is EVERYWHERE NOW so no wonder all the hype and focus on pale skin DESPITE all its inherent problems. Yikes!

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