SINCE he assumed presidential office Nigeria’s President Goodluck Jonathan, has been showcasing his fashion sense. A man many believed to be on the quiet side, seems loud in his dress-sense, after all.

Jonathan, a tall man, with the kind of height that fashionistas would die for, has been more known with his Niger Delta regalia of long top, decked with gold or silver trimmings and trousers until he became the President. But he won’t ever be caught without the traditional cap to complete his attire.

Lately, however, President Jonathan has gone nuclear with various Nigerian wears. He is now kind of ‘re-branding’ Nigerian with his assorted outfits.

In Sokoto, Gombe and Zamfara States, Jonathan, a mild-mannered personality, spelt out his oneness with the Hausas.

It was agbdada, nay babariga, all the way.  The colours of his Hausa dresses varied from spotless white to shimmering brown colours. Mr. President, no doubt, felt good in the garbs as he complimented the ‘flowing gowns’ with smiles when he acknowledged cheers from the dwellers of the respective states he visited.

Coming down to the South West, Ibadan, Oyo State, Jonathan caught the attention of the shons of the shoil (sons of the soil), of the ancient town.

He arrived the state in white dansiki and fila abeti aja. On the second day of his visit, he was in blue stripped ankara with deep blue aso oke cap to ‘seal the deal’. But variety was absent during his visit to Imo state. The President, went to Imo the Niger Delta way and returned ‘same’.