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July 29, 2007



NAIJAGAL (African Inspired!)

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Tuesday, July 17, 2007
Posted by coolgal at 10:33 PM

Loving it! Oh the energy so much fun! Here are the first pictures of PDIDDY in Lagos at the concert!
American Royality and the king of HIPHOP PDIDDY!

pictures by gettyimages!

The kids seem to be having a great time, as shown in the pictures.

NEYO singing and looking cool.

Next stop DBANJ!

Nigeria’s superstar DBANJ onstage above! and below once again.

Sasha doing her thing on stage, work it girl

Neyo on stage luv the ladies around him, definitely feeling the look And finally…..

John Legend doing his thing, question where is Tayo? So what do you think readers? Did you go to the concert? This is certainly a positive image for an industrious city!

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Orikinla Osinachi. said…

Naija Gal,
This is the most colourful report on the THIS DAY Live Concert in Lagos city.

You made my day brighter on Bonny Island.

Two thumbs up on your great Nigerian celebrity and society blog!

Cheers and God bless.
4:58 AM
Oracle said…

Nice page you’ve got here.
10:32 AM
Miss Opeke said…

I can’t believe I am only discovering this blog now…I never knew anything abt the “Deal or No Deal” John Fashanu hosted and some other things I also found out here…I will surely come by again…thanx 4 sharing.
2:05 PM

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Posted by abimbola at 1:31 PM

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July 29, 2007



An Introduction

By Maunfu 9

The so-called “Greek Miracle” was never to have a profound effect on European culture. In fact, the record shows virulent persecution of the major Greek thinkers by their own society for teaching concepts which were entirely foreign to their culture. By the 4th century, the temples and places of learning began to be shut down by the emperors of Byzantium. By the middle ages, Europe had sunk back into barbarism. But from the south – again – would come a new age of enlightenment ushered in by black Africans and black Asians from the Arabian peninsula.

As is the custom, these legendary figures have been whitened by academia and their influence erased. Yet it is clear that the sweeping wave of civilization brought in by these sons of Africa saved Europe from its backwardness and created the scientific and cultural foundation which would result in the European Rennaissance.

Over a period of 700 years, 4 superb Moorish dynasties would rule Spain, the Umayad, the Abbasid, the Almoravid and the Almohade.

Origin and Race of The Moors

The Black scholar Wayne Chandler traces the origin of the people called the Moors to an African people known as the Garamante. This civilization stood along important trading routes in the Sahara and existed contemporaneously with other great African civilizations including Egypt of the pre-Christian era. The Moors must be distinguished from the Berbers who were a mixed race people in North Africa resulting from the intermarriage between caucasian Libyans and indigenous Africans. Black Africans had beem called Maures (‘dark’) by the Greeks in antiquity and no distinction had been made between The Moorish tribes which would later invade Spain and their Black African kin. There was also to be an Arab component to these peoples and in order for this to be put in context, the racial composition of Arabia in antiquity must be understood. Much of the Arabian peninsular had originally been populated by Blacks. The area was a colony of the kingdom of Kush. Southern Arabia, in particular, remained black for a considerable period as the Greeks themselves attest.

With the coming of Islam, interaction between Moors and Arabs increased but research into the manuscripts and documents of medieval Europe emphatically demonstrates that the prevailing image of the Mooor – for the period – concerned was that of the black skinned, woolly haired African. The image occurs repeatedly in such famed works as Las Cantigas de Santa Maria , a 13th century manuscript of Moorish musical works translated by Spain’s King Alfonso X (El Sabio), one of the best known of Europe’s acquirers of Moorish texts. Numerous works such as these leave no doubt as to what race of people the term “Moor” referred to in medieval Europe.

Alfonso set up centres in cities such as Toledo for the express purpose of acquiring and translating these texts. There is no question that it was not until centuries later that the distinctions became blurred and the term Moor began to be used for various other ethnic groups as well.

The Conquest of Spain

The Ummayad Dynasty

By the end of the 7th century AD, the Islamic Jihad had swept through the Arabian peninsular and North Africa. It was the Moorish general Tarik-bin-Ziad who was given the task of spreading Moorish holdings northward into the Iberian peninsular. The catalyst for this action was the request by the Greek governor of Ceuta for help in emancipaton from the tyrany of the visigoth king Roderick who then ruled Spain.

Tarik and his black army swept up into Spain and defeated the Visigoths in successive stages – capturing and consolidating Spanish towns from the south includingToledo and Cordoba.

By 715 AD, the Ummayad dynasty had been established.It would rule Spain for over a century until 850 AD although their racial memory hes been erased, the achievements and monuments of the Moors still endure. The great Mosque at Cordoba, the Mezquita is an architectural marvel and is to this day considered one of the most magnificent buildings of the middle ages.

The Ummayad dynasty was followed by the Abbasid an Arab dynasty which usurped the throne in 750 AD. However, in 756 AD, the African Abdurrahmon led an army of African Moors up into the Iberian Penninsula, overthrew the Abbasid and re-established the Ummayad dynasty.

A description of Cordova gives an idea of the cultural excellence introduced by the Moors into Spain. Excerpted from The Golden Age of the Moor (pg 166) , a historian provides the following analysis:

“Cordova had 471 mosques, and 300 public baths……and the number of houses of the great and noble were 63,000 and 200, 077 houses of the common people. There were ….upwards of 80,000 shops. Water from the mountains was…distributed through every corner and quarter of the city by means of leaden pipes into basins of different shapes, made of the purst gold, the finest silver or plated brass as well into vast lakes, curious tanks, amazing resevoirs and fountains of Grecian marble.” The houses in Cordova were air conditioned in the summer by “ingeniously arranged draughts of fresh air drawn from the garden over beds of flowers, chosen for their perfume, warmed in winter by hot air conveyed through pipes bedded in the walls. Bathrooms supplied hot and cold water and there were tables of gold, set with emweralds rubies and pearls. This list of impressve works appears endless; it includes lampposts that lit their streets at night, to grand palaces, such as the one called Azzahra with its 15,000 doors. Rennaissance men like Zaryab.”

White Slavery

Over time, an ugly development in the history of the Moors began: The initiation and growth of the aquisition of white slaves as a prevalent aspect of its culture. The trade was began by a a Jewish element which began to buy and sell captured Slavs and Germans as laborers and concubines. the polygamous tendencies of the Islamic Black Moors encouraged this development and contributed to the lightening of the complexion of the Moorish element over time. It also contributed to a degeneration of values. The Ummayyad dynasty became ripe foe overthrow and in 1031 Christian forces achieved their defeat and brought the dynasty to a close.

The Almoravid Dynasty

The famous era of the Almoravids begins with The Black Muslim leader Ibn Yasin. Originally brought from Mecca, Yasin’s initial base of operations was in the area of Senegal in West Africa. He embarked upon an ambitious effort to convert all of the surrounding area to Islam through force. Over time, the Almoravids (from “Al-Murabitun”) conquered a vast area of west and northern Africa. In 1076, they overwhelmed and brought to an end the mighty Empire of Ghana itself . In 1086 AD, Yusuf Ibn Tashibin became aware of events in Spain, where Christians had long been persecuting Arabs and Moors. Yusuf invaded Spain to aid in its liberation. He is unequivocably described in the Moorish work Roudh-el Kartos as a black skinned African. Other matters back home in Africa however prompted him to return before the conquest was complete. He left his army to aid the Spaniards in their battle but was later informed that the local Spanish governers had left the Moors to do most of the fighting.

Yusuf in fury, ordered their replacement with Moorish rulers and there followed a splendid era of African rule which would not end until 1142 AD

The Almohade Dynasty

In 1145, the last Moorish dynasty came to power. African accomplishment in the penisular reached its apex. But Christian resolve had strengthened, and as Moorish culture grew more and more passive, Christian forces gained courage and began a campaign which recaptured territories from the blacks over the following centuries.
The Almohade dynasty had deep intellectual concerns and encouraged its thinkers and scholars to engage in great debates and expressions of ideas of both theological and secular nature. It is during the reign of this dynasty that the tower of Seville is constructed. And it is during this time that Abu-Al-Walid Mohamed ibn Mohamed ibgn Rashd, known to the West as Averroes established a peerless intellectual body of work in the arts and sciences which is revered to this day.
Ummayad savants and scholars initiated another intellectual revolution by ushering in and promoting:
Land reforms in Spain.
Religious freedom.
Support of the arts and sciences.
A rennaissance in knowledge as the wisdom of the ancient cultures was relearned through the works of the Greeks, Hebrews, Chinese, Persians.Translating all into Arabic.
They were the first to trace the curvilinear path of light through the air.(1100)
They achieved advances in chemistry including the invention of gunpopwder.
Discoveries in Astronomy and on the nature of the earth.
The invention of the Astrolabe and the compass.
The medical use of vivisection and dissection.

The Almohade dynasty was to last until 1230 when Christian forces drove the last Moorish elements out of Spain in successive campaigns. But Europe was to benefit imeasurably from the legacy of these Africans for centuries after the expulsion:

Absence of class system, such that any man (regardless of birth stature) could rise to any rank except that of supreme ruler. This was in marked contrast to the Visigothic Christians who were legendry in their cruelty and usery
The creation of hospitals with running water and the widespread construction of baths. Christian Europe held this rite of bating in contempt for centuries.
Numerous fabulous gardens.
Latrines with running water hundreds of years before the rest of Europe.
Paved streets and street lights. Numerous bookstores and a highly literate populace.
The Moors also took interior decoration to new heights in elaborate building ideas. This compares with the rest of Europe where most structures were barren, artless hulks without the minimum of utilities even for hygiene.


The Moors of Al Andalu (Spain) introduced advanced numerous crops and methods of soil productivity including irrigation, crop rotation and the use of manure. After harvesting, Moorish preservation and drying know-how meant that foods could endure and be edible for several years.


There were numerous schools and places of learning in Moorish Al-Andalus (Spain).

begining with the Univerity of Cordoba, other great institutions were built in Seville, Valencia, Mallarga and Granada. Like the ancient Greeks under the Egyptians , several of the most prominent European Catholic scholars studied under the African Moors in their institutions in Spain. The Moors translated all great works they could lay their hands on from the ancients into Arabic. This included the knowledge of Egypt, Kush, India, China and the Greece. Western historians point to the Greek component of these documents and attempt to paint the Moors as merely borrowers of Greek intellectual culture. This ignores the fact that Greek knowledge comes directly from Ancient Egypt and that there is convincing evidence that the Moors already possesed similar knowledge of their own from their homelands.

But this was not only limited to higher education. The Moors promoted literacy and the advancement of the general population. Schools were everywhere, many of them free of charge.


Again, far in advance of Western Europe, Moorish physicians were specially trained and highly regulated. They practiced surgery and cauterization and understood the importance of cleanliness in the operating environment.

Jose Pimienta Bey notes in Golden Age of the Moor (pg 211):

“Europeans offered no competition with Moorish advances in pathology, aetiology (study of diseases), therapeutics, surgery and pharmacology. Texts were written by Moorish physicians describing surgical technique and instruments that were used; doctors specialized in pediatrics, obstetrics, opthalmology, and in the treatment of hernias and tumors. Imamuddin tells us that Moorish scientists were even importing monkey skeletons from Africa for use in dissection when conditions prevented the use of cadavers.”

For the Andalusan Moor, scholarly endeavor was considered devine. The more one knew of one’s self and one’s World, the more one was sup[posed to know of one’s Creator. The ancient Kemetic creed “Know Thyself” was very much the creed of Andalus……….Rulers such as the Caliph Abd al-Rahman III, spent almost one-third of the state’s income on education. At a time when most Christan monarchs could not even write their own names, the Caliphs of Moorish Spain were often scholars.

The works of a number of Moorish savants were revered, translated and became required texts in the universities which later developed in Europe. These include Generalities on Medicine by Averroes, Solitary Regime by Avempace, Primus Canonis by Avicenna and Al-Tasrif, by Abulcasis, which became the predominant university medical text for Europe’s physicians.


It was the Moorish chemists such as Jabir who discovered nitric, nitro-muriatric and sulphuric acid. They were well versed in the science well before Europe.

Jose Pimienta-Bey notes the proximity of the founding dates of the major European universities to the translations of Moorish works by rulers such as Alfonso X of Spain. These centres of learning relied primarilly on Moorish texts for centuries

The Primary Source for this article is:

The Golden Age of the Moor. Edited by Ivan Van Sertima. Transaction Books, 1992.

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July 27, 2007


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it was Black Hebrews who Lived in the original Israel of the bible

The European Jew–A Question of Identity! What! European Jews?
What! European Jews? The African Jews of the Bible!

The current State of Israel was set up by the US, Britain and the United Nations in 1948.

The Scriptures tell us who they are: Most people have come to incorrectly associate the term Jew with Israel. While all Jews are Israelites, most Israelites are not Jews. It’s clear in the Scriptures, yet it is one of the greatest misconceptions Christians have. An Israelite is a descendant of Jacob, whom God named Israel (Gen. 32:28). Jacob (Israel) had twelve sons, of which only one was named Judah. The term Jew is the English translation of the Hebrew Yehewdiy means “descendant of Judah”–The Tribe of Judah–the Ethiopian Jews are descended from Jews who accompanied Menelik, the son of King Solomon and the Queen of Sheba, from Jerusalem to Ethiopia.

Israel included the city of Jerusalem and was named after Judah. In fact, Judah became the name of the southern kingdom when Israel divided into two kingdoms about 2900 years ago. The ancestry of Joseph is traced back to Judah. So is the ancestry of King David. In Jacob’s blessing of his 12 sons, in Genesis 49, he described Judah as a lion cub, saying that he would have his hand on the necks of his enemies and that he would be praised by his brothers. Jacob’s blessing of Judah, in Genesis 49:8-12, includes a passage that is traditionally understood by Christians to mean that Judah’s descendants would rule over the land of Israel, culminating with Jesus.

Christians believe the Jewish homeland was given to the Jews in perpetuity by God Himself. The Bible says that whoever blesses Jewish people shall be blessed and whoever curses them shall be cursed. The original Israel of the Bible was encompassed up to Egypt and through Syria and part of Iraq. That is what the Middle East dispute is about. That is why the Arab world is rebelling.

The Tribe of Judah–the Ethiopian Jews are descended from Jews who accompanied Menelik, the son of King Solomon and the Queen of Sheba, from Jerusalem to Ethiopia. More scientific theories place the Falasha in the Agau family of tribes. Isaiah 11:11 strongly implies that there was an established Ethiopian Jewish community in the days of that prophet, approximately 740 BC. European Jews and others in different parts of the world were barely aware of the Falasha for many years. The Falasha thought they were the only remaining Jews. They continued to follow Judaism as it was practiced before the destruction of the Temple in Jerusalem. Most Westerners and Protestant churchmen learned of the existence of the Ethiopian Jews from James Bruce’s five-volume work, Travels to Discover the Source of the Nile, published in Edinburgh in 1790.

The Garden of Eden was located in the Tigris-Euphrates Region of Africa. Ham had four sons, and his sons are the people of the African Continent–the Ancient Egyptians, Ethiopians, Somalia’s, Canaanites. Genesis Chapter 50 Verses 7-11, scripture describes ALL the Hebrews as looking like the ancient Egyptians.

Genesis 2:10 – “And a River went out of Eden to water the Garden; and from thence it was parted and became four heads.”

Genesis 2:13 – “And the name of the second river is Gihon; the same is it that compasseth the whole Land of Ethiopia.” Rishon and Gihon are located in the Tigris-Euphrates Valley. The Pishon and Gihon Rivers mentioned in Genesis 2: 11-13, wind and turn through the Land of Havilah, somewhere in the Persian Gulf. Today the names of the rivers are the Great Zab (South of Nineveh), and the Little Zab; the Diyala River flows into the Tigris at Baghdad, Iraq.

There were two Ethiopian nations in ancient times–Eastern and Western Ethiopia. There was an Ethiopian civilization in Southern Mesopotamia (Babylon), and the Ethiopian Tribes called themselves Babylonians.

Genesis 10:8 – “Cush begat Nimrod. The word Cush means Ethiopia. Cush is the father of Ethiopians. Nimrod ruled over the cities of Babylon, Erech, Accad (Akkad). The cities are situation in the Land of Shinar (Sumer).

In Genesis 11:26-26 Abraham was one of the fathers of the 12 tribes of Israel. Abraham’s father (Terah) came from the Land of Ur or the Chaldees. The Chaldeans are a Cushite Tribe. The Sumerians/Ethiopians/Mesopotamians (Elamites) settled from Mesopotamia to Europe. Currently this area now includes: Southern Iran, Afghanistan, Pakistan, and Northwest India.

Webster’s Dictionary (Gazetteer Section, p. 849) defines Sumerian as: The pre-Semitic population of the Lower Euphrates Valley. Sumer preceded Babylonia. The dictionary says there is a blood relationship between Dravidian Tribes of India and Ethiopian Sumerians (Elamites). Archeologists have found skeletons of the ancient Dravidian and Nedda types in Ur and Kish. Examples of Negrito types below: From

Yemeni Negritoid

“Arab” man
Negrito of the Great

Andaman group
Andamanese Negrito

of the
Jarawa group (1960s)

Yemeni Veddoid

Vedda from Sri Lanka

Black Hebrew Facts – There are Jews throughout Africa. (Do you believe those Jews who fled to Europe converted the African Jews left behind before Hitler went on his rampage)?

Black Jews of Dahomey – (Benin)

Black Hebrews of Egypt and Ethiopia – Ethiopian Jews are better known the world over as Falasha, a Ge’ez (ancient Ethiopic) term meaning “stranger” or “exile.”

Tabiban Kamant & Wasambara Jews

Jews of Malagasy Republic

North African Black Jews

Black Jewish Empire of Ghana

The Moorish Empire (Hannibal)

Black Jews of Angola

Jewish Ashantees

Yorba Jews of Nigeria

The Book of Exodus describes a Hebrew (Jewish) presence in Egypt in the former Kingdom of Kush.

In the 9th and 10th Centuries B.C.E. Kings David and Solomon sought to expand Hebrew (Jewish) influence and trade throughout the Mediterranean, Egypt, the Arab Peninsula, the Horn of Africa and Persia.

The Bantu tribes of Southern Africa (where 40,000 members of the Lemba Tribe) still claim Jewish roots.

Jewish tribal groups in Senegal are the descendants of the Tribe of Dan. The Ethiopian Jews can trace their ancestry to the tribe of Dan. The trans-migrants established communities in renowned places as Gao, Timbuktu (where UNESCO still maintains notable archives containing records of its old Jewish community), Bamako, Agadez, Kano and Ibadan.

Jewish tribes have been situated in the heart of Africa since the dawn of recorded history. Ethiopia is mentioned in the beginning of the Biblical Book of Genesis, and there is no time in history when there were not Jews living there. From Ethiopia, they went west and south into the heart of Africa. Other Jews also migrated directly west from Egypt, entering Africa along the northern coast of the continent.

Starting about 300 AD, the Kingdom of Ghana began to be ruled by a dynasty of Jewish Kings known as the Za Dynasty. The founder of the Dynasty was a man named Za el Yemeni, who was descended from Jews of Yemen. He established his capital city at Gao on the Niger River, in what is now the nation of Mali.

According to the writings of Eldad the Danite, a famous Algerian Jewish author of the ninth century, Ghana was a Hebrew nation which followed the Law of Moses. The people of Ghana traced their roots to Jews of the First Diaspora of 600 BC, who were forcibly expelled from Israel by the Assyrians. In support of this, Eldad reported that the Ghanans possessed the Torah, which was compiled before the Diaspora, but not the Talmud, which was compiled in Jerusalem and Babylon much later, during the early centuries of the Christian era.

In the seventh century AD, the whole of Africa north of the Sahara desert was conquered by the armies of Islam. Subsequently, an extremely lucrative trade system developed with the Sub-Saharan Kingdom of Ghana. The commodities first traded were gold and salt. This led to the appearance of regular caravan routes across the Sahara Desert to various cities in Ghana. These cities became wealthy.

Shortly after the year AD 1000, the Kings of Ghana converted to Islam. Initially, the conversions were mainly for the purpose of fostering trade with the powerful Muslim states of North Africa, and had little to do with faith. But once Islam took root in the area, its impact grew inexorably.

The current Jewish homeland was set up on May 14, 1948, by the UN

“What I am trying to do is make the whole world safe for Jews,” Harry Truman wrote as he wrestled over the decision to recognize a Jewish state in Palestine. Deeply affected by the Holocaust, Truman sympathized with Jewish aspirations for a homeland. In November 1947 he lobbied for the U.N. resolution that divided Palestine into Jewish and Arab states. Britain announced it would hand authority over Palestine to the U.N. by May 14, 1948.

After the death of Solomon Israel was broken up into 2 kingdoms. Judah – which consisted of Benjamin, Judah and the Levitical Priesthood (Levi). The southern kingdom was the remaining 10 tribes – they eventually scattered throughout the (world). These were the Jews that Yahshua (Jesus) prepared his disciples to gather. They are the Lost sheep of the House of Israel.

The modern Ashkenazim Jew–converts (from Eastern Europe) has tried to absorb all the nations and say they are whole again and living in Israel – but that is not true…the 10 tribes of millions of people that are still scattered – (the U. S., the American Indians, the Chinese, the Indian Dalits, the Ethiopians, the Jamaicans…on and on).

The European Jew is a convert….the converts run the Nation of Israel. They converted 1100 years ago, some may have been from the tribe of Judah (Jews) but it is a small minority. The name Sephardim was attributed to the Jews who were forced to leave Spain and Portugal in 1492. Many of these settled in North Africa, other parts of Europe and the Ottoman Empire.

Kristina Lord Comments

Genesis 15: Since I was a young child in the church, I remember the story of Abraham. I remember having read these very chapters and having sung the Sunday School song about Father Abraham. “Father Abraham, had many sons, many sons had Father Abraham, I am one of them and so are you, so let’s just praise the Lord…” But the truth did not click for me then as it did today when I read Genesis 15 with the wealth of knowledge that I now have.

Genesis 15:13-14 from the King James Version of the Bible reads “And he said unto Abram, Know of a surety that thy seed shall be a stranger in a land that is not theirs and shall serve them; and they shall afflict them four hundred years; And also that nation, whom they shall serve, will I judge: and afterward shall they come out with great substance.”

After having read this I said to myself, “I don’t remember anytime in history where ‘Jews’ were enslaved for four centuries. The only people that I know of who were enslaved for four hundred years are American blacks who were taken from Western Africa.” history that says that the blacks who are now inhabitants of North America are actually the descendants of Abraham. God will deliver black America as he promised Abraham.

If Jews were enslaved by the Romans for 4 centuries as blacks were, then either 1) there is a strong connection between today’s Jews and American Blacks, 2) there was a conversion by some Europeans to Judaism, 3) there was a mixture with some Europeans with blacks to create white Jews with “kinky hair”, or 4) some other conclusion. The other question I have is what is the span in years of a generation? I am referring to a generation because in Genesis 15:16 (Kings James Version) it reads:

“But in the fourth generation they (Abraham’s descendents) shall come hither again: for the iniquity of the Amorites is not yet full.” In the Contemporary English Version it reads: “Four generations later, your descendants will return here (this bible notes that Amorites refers to a name sometimes used of the people who lived in Palestine before the Israelites) and take this land, because only then will the people who live here be so sinful that they deserve to be punished.”

The European Jew–A Question of Identity! What! European Jews?
What! European Jews? The African Jews of the Bible!


Williams, Joseph J., Hebrewisms of West Africa, New York: The Dial Press, 1930.

Windsor, Ralph R., From Babylon to Timbuktu: A History of the Ancient Black Races Including the Black Hebrews, Atlanta, GA: Windsor Golden Series, 2003.

M. Stewart.
Copyright © 2002 – 2007. All rights reserved.
Revised: 01/01/07.

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July 24, 2007


* blackpolygamy

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July 22, 2007

I read a review of P-Diddy’s interview with Essence Magazine about his relationship with Kim Porter the mother of his newest babies. P-Diddy was lamenting that this was the longest time he has ever been “monogymous” and that why can’t he marry more than one wife! Of course this is the dilemma of most BLACK men(in fact quiet as it’s kept,all men). How can they accomodate all the women that they love and still be able to add more. Ask Akon. Now this African Brother is practicing Polygamy in amerikkka with 2 amerikkkan wives,l African one!! Brother P-Diddy go for course in how to handle polygamy from any Good Black Muslim Brother practicing it,BLACK JEW,BlackAncient Egyptian Religion, BLACK Yoruba Brother. Once you learn how to operate the system, you can then educate your loved ones and organize some fairness and honesty about the love Black men can have for all the SISTERS in their lives!

Dedicated to Seyi, a
Nigerian “Acada”

The Afrikan man is explorer
Lover of different beauty
Handler of Tropical flowers
Of all hues and shapes
Delighted by the freshness
Of any new intrigue
Can love the smile
Just the walk
Or the sway of Afrikan hips
Gone outrageous
Or the way she says
“Food is ready-
Come eat now on the
Mat with me”
From one shared bowl

You deceive yourself
If you think Afrikan man
Can just love one woman
For man is not woman
Who loves just one
So naturally
Man is not bird
You cage to keep Man is free
Afrikan free
To taste delicacies
Of God’s gift.


July 22, 2007


Garveyism not Continentalism is what Black Africa Needs!!

User Rating: / 4
Written by Chinweizu
Monday, 16 July 2007
Garveyism not Continentalism is what Black Africa NeedsBy Chinweizu


1] The essence of Garveyism consisted of two projects:

A] Black Governments:

Here is Garvey’s conclusion, a century ago, after traveling in the Americas and Europe and informing himself on the situation, world wide, of Blacks [Negroes]:

I asked: “Where is the black man’s Government?” “Where is his King and his kingdom?” “Where is his President, his country, and his ambassador, his army, his navy, his men of big affairs?” I could not find them, and then I declared, “I will help to make them.” [P&O,II:126]

And he formed the UNIA to help do that.

B] A Black Superpower in Africa:

In the 1920s, Garvey diagnosed the global prospect of the Blacks and prescribed the remedy when he said:

The Negro is dying out . . . There is only one thing to save the Negro, and that is an immediate realization of his own responsibilities. Unfortunately we are the most careless and indifferent people in the world! We are shiftless and irresponsible . . . It is strange to hear a Negro leader speak in this strain, as the usual course is flattery, but I would not flatter you to save my own life and that of my own family. There is no value in flattery. . . . Must I flatter you when I find all other peoples preparing themselves for the struggle to survive, and you still smiling, eating, dancing, drinking and sleeping away your time, as if yesterday were the beginning of the age of pleasure? I would rather be dead than be a member of your race without thought of the morrow, for it portends evil to him that thinketh not. Because I cannot flatter you I am here to tell, emphatically, that if we do not seriously reorganize ourselves as a people and face the world with a program of African [Negro] nationalism our days in civilization are numbered, and it will be only a question of time when the Negro will be as completely and complacently dead as the North American Indian, or the Australian Bushman. [P&O, II:101-102] . . .

This is the danger point. What will become of the Negro in another five hundred years if he does not organize now to develop and to protect himself? The answer is that he will be exterminated for the purpose of making room for the other races . . . [P&O, I:66]

[T]he Negro peoples of the world should concentrate upon the object of building up for themselves a great nation in Africa. . . .[ P&O, I:68]

We [in the UNIA] are determined to solve our own problem, by redeeming our Motherland Africa from the hands of alien exploiters and . . .[by] the creating for ourselves [there] of a political superstate . . . a government, a nation of our own, strong enough to lend protection to the members of our race scattered all over the world, and to compel the respect of the nations and races of the earth. . . . [P&O, I:52; II:16; I:52]

Go ahead, Negroes, and organize yourselves! You are serving your race and guaranteeing to posterity of our own an existence which otherwise will be denied them. Ignore the traps of persuasion, advice and alien

leadership. No one can be as true to you as you can be to yourself. To suggest that there is no need for Negro racial organization in a well-planned and arranged civilization like that of the twentieth century is but to, by the game of deception, lay the trap for the destruction of a people whose knowledge of life is incomplete, owing to their misunderstanding of man’s purpose in creation.

[P&O, II:16]

2] Continentalism

Continentalism is the doctrine and project of uniting the entire continent of Africa, uniting all the races that now live on it, black and white, Negro and Arab, preferably under one government that will rule the entire continent. This project has been going on since the 1958 Conference of Independent African States that was held in Accra, Ghana. It produced the Afro-Arab OAU, then the present Afro-Arab AU [Africa Unmanned/Arabist Underwear], which is on the brink of transforming into an Afro-Arab USofAfrica.

By the end of the 20th century, with the rise of black-ruled countries in Africa and the diaspora, Garvey’s first project was realized, but only partly so, since these black comprador governments remain fronts and agents for white supremacy and White power and none has become a Government of black people, by black people, and for black people.

Moreover, none of these black-mask governments of White Supremacy has dared to embark on the second and vitally urgent Garvey project of creating a Black superpower that would be in the same power rank as China and the G-8.

The dangers which Garvey pointed out in the 1920s are still with the black race. If anything, they have been intensified and augmented by such disasters as the AIDSbombing of Black Africa by the USA and the WHO; Arab expansionism and colonialism in the Afro-Arab conflict zone that stretches from Mauritania to Somalia, including the Afro-Arab war theatres in Chad, Darfur and South Sudan; UN Imperialism which, through the IMF, World Bank and WTO, has inflicted Debt Trap Peonage, economic maldevelopment, and deepening poverty on the Black countries of the world. Black powerlessness continues without letup. And the black extinction that Garvey alerted us to is already underway.

Whereas Garveyism correctly focuses on our developing the Black Power we need to defeat these dangers and protect ourselves from all dangers; Continentalism says nothing at all about Power, let alone about Black Power. It doesn’t even offer to create Black Unity. Its focus is on unification of the entire continent, which translates into Afro-Arab unification. Since the Arabs have, for nearly two thousand years, been White invaders, exploiters and enslavers of Black Africa, Afro-Arab unification is like a unification of black lambs with white lions that eat lambs—a unification whereby the lambs end up in the stomach of the lions! The Arabs would naturally love, welcome and eagerly promote such unification. But isn’t it suicidal for the Black Africans to agree to it, let alone campaign eagerly for it—as some have done for the last 50 years?

For that basic reason, Continentalism, with all its projects –OAU/AU, USofAfrica, is the mortal enemy of Black Africans.

Those Blacks who are deluded into thinking that Afro-Arab unification would be good for Black Africans would do well to find out just how rosy life has been for those blacks who have lived under Arab colonialism since the 1950s, and especially in Darfur and South Sudan, where the blacks have taken up armed struggle to escape Arab colonialism and racism.

3] The Garveyite Black Survival Project

We do not need to politically integrate or federate all the 53 Arab and Black African neo-colonial states on the African continent to produce a Black African superstate that can protect all Black Africans wherever they are on earth.

To implement the Garvey idea, what we need, above all, is just one Black African country, big and industrialized enough, and therefore powerful enough to be of G-8 rank, a country that could serve as the core state– protector and leader—of Global Black Africa.

We also need a Black African League that shall be the collective security organization of Global Black Africa, our equivalent of NATO and the defunct Warsaw Pact. These are the two things we need in this 21st century to implement the Garvey requirement for Black African survival.

For building a Black African superpower, as urged by Garvey, an ECOWAS or SADC Federation, or some equivalent in East or Central Africa is more than enough. Just one of them, if integrated and industrialized by 2060, would meet the need. ECOWAS or SADC is big enough in territorial size, population and resource endowment to become an industrialized world power provided its neo-colonial character is eliminated.

Let us look at the numbers:

Country AREA in sq. km Population in 1993
ECOWAS 6.5m 185m
SADC 7m 130m
Brazil 8.5m 156m
USA 9.5m 256m
Russia 17.1m 148m
India 3.3m 900m
China 9.6m 1.2b
EU 2.4m 350m

ECOWAS, with 16 states, 6.5m sq. km and nearly 200m population; or SADC, with 11states, 7m sq km and some 130m population–would be a country of sub-continental size, and in the megastate league, in territory and population and resources, to which belong the USA—with 9m sq. km and some 260m people; Brazil—with 8.5m sq. km. and 156m people; and Russia, India etc. ECOWAS or SADC, if properly integrated, industrialized, and thoroughly decolonized, would be a megastate of the type Black Africa needs. So why don’t we get on with the task of building each into a power of G-8 rank? Why set off on the false, diversionary and dangerous mission of Arab-Black African state integration of the impotent neo-colonialist OAU/AU/USAfrica type?

Of course, ending their neo-colonial character is anathema to the Black colonialists who now misrule the Black African countries. These compradors would rather set off on the quest for an unjustified USofAfrica that would still have the neo-colonial character that suits the comprador interest and temperament.

The second component of the Garvey project is to replace the OAU/AU with a proper collective security organization for Global Black Africa, an organization to which the Black African Diaspora countries and communities will rightfully belong. It is one of the blemishes of Continentalist Pan-Africanism that it is embodied, at the interstate level, in an OAU/AU from which the Diaspora originators of Pan Africanism have long been excluded whereas the Arab enemies of Black Africa are, not only members, but the dominant bloc. The Black African Diaspora are only now being brought into the OAU/AU structures as an afterthought and as no more than second-class members. That is not how it should be.

The history of Black Africans demands that we replace the Arab-castrated OAU/AU with a blacks-only collective security organization, and not with yet another Arab-castrated outfit called the USofAfrica.

Unless the members of a group are keen for their group to survive, the group will most probably not survive; for its members will fail to do what must be done for their group to survive. And any such group does not deserve to survive.

If Black Africans wish to survive, they must profoundly change their priorities: Not slothful consumerism here on earth, not paradise for their souls in the hereafter, but collective security here on earth must become their ruling passion.

Those Black Africans who are keen for the Black African people to survive in the 21st century and beyond will have to ensure that the Garvey Black survival project is accomplished in the shortest possible time, starting yesterday. They have two paramount tasks to accomplish simultaneously: (1) They must, by all means necessary, politically integrate, and complete the abandoned decolonization of, ECOWAS and SADC, and effect their exit from maldevelopment by industrializing them into powers of G-8 rank. (2) They must build a Black African League that will organize the collective security of the Black African World.


About the author:

Chinweizu is an institutionally unaffiliated Afrocentric scholar. A historian and cultural critic, his books include The West and the Rest of Us (1975), Second, enlarged edition (1987); Invocations and Admonitions (1986); Decolonising the African Mind (1987); Voices from Twentieth-century Africa (1988); Anatomy of Female Power (1990). He is also a co-author of Towards the Decolonization of African Literature (1980). His pamphlets include The Black World and the Nobel (1987); and Recolonization or Reparation? (1994) He lives in Lagos, Nigeria

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# 1

Whereas Garveyism correctly focuses on our developing the Black Power; Continentalism says nothin…Read the full article.

Posted by Robot| 03.06.2007 09:50


# 2

I am happy to know that there are other individuals who share my view about Black unity and not African unity which means lumping ourselves with people who are smarter than us!
I believe we need to withdraw from this world, build our own world (a Negro before we can then come out to participate in either continental or global issues…

Posted by Johntina| 03.06.2007 17:22


# 3



which means lumping ourselves with people who are smarter than us!


Care to shed more light on yours above?


Posted by DeepThought| 03.06.2007 17:29


# 4



Care to shed more light on yours above?



Johntina your above statement really needs explanation. Everything else made sense to me but that. So I join DT to ask for more light on it.

Posted by Hamattan| 04.06.2007 01:27


# 5

Maybe, saying that others are smarter than us may sound like demeaning our people, but the fact that Arabs, white Africans and others are far more organised than us means that they are smarter than us. Black individuals might be mentally and physically stronger than individuals of other races, but group wise, we are the most foolish. The fact that only Black people among all major racial groups have no organised or successful society anywhere on this planet means that we a the least of all and we must appreciate this hard fact to be able to find our way out! The mistake we often make is to fail to understand that our outstanding individual successes have to translate to group success by way of building successful societies like the Asians have been doing since their independences before we can say that the Black race is succeeding. The only time we would begin to gain real respect as equal human beings and ultimately be able to defend ourselves against extermination is when we are able to understand ourselves as a group…

Posted by Johntina| 04.06.2007 05:24


# 6

By Seshatasefekht7 on the AfricaSpeaks board.

peace and hotep,

‘if you do not understand white supremacy(racism)——what it is, and how it works——-everything else that you understand, will only confuse you.’ …neely fuller jr.

According to neely fuller jr., there 3 types of people in the known universe:

1. white people
2. non-white people
3. white supremacists (racist)


1. ‘white’ people are people who classify themselves as ‘white’, and have been classified as ‘white’, and who generally function as ‘white’ in all of the nine major areas of activity, including economics, education, entertainment, labor, law, politics, religion, sex, and war.

2. non’white’ people are people who have been classified as non’white’, and/or who generally function as non’white’ in their relationships withe each other, and withe people classified as ‘white’, in all of the nine major areas of activity, including economics, education, entertainment, labor, law, politics, religion, sex, and war.

3. white supremacists(racists) are people who classify themselves as ‘white’, and who generally function as ‘white’, and, who practice racial subjugation (based on ‘white’-non’white’ classifications) against people classified as non’white’, at any time, in any place, in any one, or more of the nine major areas of activity, including economics, education, entertainment, labor, law, politics, religion, sex and war.

Two basic problems among the people of the known universe:

1. Lack of knowledge and understanding of the reason for existence, and/or for non-existence.

2. Racism (white supremacy).


Every ‘problem’among the people of the known universe can, today, be traced to:

1. A lack of knowledge and understanding of the reason for existence and/or non-existence, compounded by and promoted by

2. The practice of racism(white supremacy).

This is true in all areas of activity among people, including economics, education, entertainment, labor, law, politics, religion, sex, and war.

Two basic “classes” of people in the know universe:

1. the powerful ‘class'(white supremacist)

2. the powerless ‘class'( all non-white people, and those white people who are not white supremacists)


Since the establishment of white supremacy(racism)among the people of the known universe, the terms ‘upper class’, have become so meaningless that to use such terms to describe any people does not promote justice, but serves only to promote great confusion.

It is therefore best not to use such terms to describe any people now in existence int the known universe.

Under white supremacy, and/or, as long as white supremacy exists, the best and most accurate way to describe people by using the category of ‘class’ is to describe their power relationship to each other,

By so doing, all white people who practice white supremacy(racism) must be recognised as the only people in the known universe who are the ‘powerful class”.

All non-white people, being subject to the ‘powerful class’ are, therefore, the ‘powerless class’.

In addition, those ‘white’ persons who do not practice white supremacy are also the ‘powerless class’. These ‘white’ people who do not practice white supremacy are not subject to the white supremacists (‘the powerful class’). The fact that no ‘white’ person is subject to white supremacy(racism) greatly confuses many non-white people.

No ‘white’ person is subject to white supremacy. It is possible, however, for a white person to be ‘powerless’ to do anything that is effective against the practice of white supremacy. some examples of such persons are white people who are ‘infantile’, and/or, who are so ‘senile’ in mind and body that they are completely dependent on others for all of their care, and are completely incapable of doing harm to others.

Since all of the ‘white’ people who practice white supremacy are ‘the powerful class’, it generally serves no useful purpose for a non-‘white’ person to worry about which individual ‘white’ person is ‘more powerful’ than another within that class. A white supremacist is a white supremacist (powerful person).

How one white supremacist relates to another white supremacist at any particular moment should be of no major concern to a non-‘white’ person, since all white supremacists are committed to the practice of racism (white supremacy).

In any event, the white supremacists, who are ‘smarter’ than many other white supremacists, will, in all matters involving the maintenance of white supremacy, give effective support to those who are ‘not so smart’.

This guarantees that all people classified as ‘white’ are automatically ‘entitled’ to receive benefits special only to people classified as ‘white’ in a world socio-material system dominated by white supremacists (the powerful class).

Also, the very existence of white supremacy(racism) automatically eliminates the possibility of any non-white person being so-called ‘upper-class’ or ‘middle-class’. how can they be? If they are ‘upper-class’, or ‘midddle class’, ‘upper’ or ‘middle’ of what—-as compared to what? As compared to who? Certainly not white people, and definitely not the white supremacist.

Though all non-white people are functional ‘lower-class’—meaning they are all ‘lower’ in comparison to the white people of the known universe—it is better not to say that they are ‘lower-class’. To do so would be to promote questions regarding the confusing terms ‘upper-class’ or ‘middle-class’. Therefore, in referring to the ‘class’ status of all non-white people, it is better to that they are ‘the powerless class’.

As long as white supremacy exists, it is incorrect for any non-white person to pretend that he or she is any ‘class’ or person other than ‘the powerless class’.



Posted by Eja| 04.06.2007 05:30


# 7

I appreciate calling it as it. I don’t think many reasonable persons who call themselves “black” can be happy with the conditions in which we are in. No doubt, there is some truth in what you wrote. However this truth is mixed with a lot more lies.

Your kind of argument has been made several times over the years on this board and when I have the energy, I’ll dig through the archives and point you in the direction of how it has been debunked. That is if you care.

Though its little consolation is probably easier for me to just briefly paraphrase the following:

“Untill the lion is able to tell its own story, tales of the hunt will always glorify the hunter ”

I’m far more worried about black defeatists than any white supremacist.

Posted by DeepThought| 04.06.2007 21:03


# 8



I appreciate calling it as it. I don’t think many reasonable persons who call themselves “black” can be happy with the conditions in which we are in. No doubt, there is some truth in what you wrote. However this truth is mixed with a lot more lies.

Your kind of argument has been made several times over the years on this board and when I have the energy, I’ll dig through the archives and point you in the direction of how it has been debunked. That is if you care.

Though its little consolation is probably easier for me to just briefly paraphrase the following:

“Untill the lion is able to tell its own story, tales of the hunt will always glorify the hunter ”

I’m far more worried about black defeatists than any white supremacist.


I will greatly appeciate if you could tell me specifically where I have lied. It should not take you resarching to tell the village where my lie lies at least!
I only hope you are not like those who prefer to manufacture facts or dwell in unverifiable claims. I however believe as you do that Black people need to begin to tell their own stories, but we must not engage in manufacturing stories. Appreciating that we have faild must be our first step towards moving forward. JOhn

Posted by Johntina| 05.06.2007 03:13


# 9

Its not so much a case of you telling lies, rather its a case of you believing in lies told.

There are many ways of telling a lie and the most effective way is simply by telling part of a story rather than the entire story.

Posted by DeepThought| 05.06.2007 20:44


# 10

This is all good but in my opinion, it misses some essential points:

–The viciousness of not just the Arabs, but even more dangerously, that of the West in scuttling any meaning development in Black Africa. For the West, as long as their interest is protected, the rest of Africa can go to hell, literally. I give two examples: Since 2003 Nigeria has been going through a cynical joke called elections. But the West is only interested in protecting their interests in the oil industry, among other things. Let the present administration undermine the least of that interest and you will see what I mean! It’s happening in Zimbabwe right now. When Mugabe was slaughtering thousands of his fellow citizens in Matabeleland, the West, especially Britain, looked the other way. Then, he got crazy enough to attack the White farmers…the rest is history… In Apartheid South Africa, they called their colonialism “constructive engagement”.

Every brutal dictator in Black Africa has been supported by the West simply to undermine African development. From Boakassa to Eyadema to Bongo to Diya to Mugabe to Mobutu to Obasanjo, as long as the dictator protects their interest. If as much as one Westerner was killed in the genocide of Odi and Zaki-biam, the story would have been different.

–The best strategy now, in my opinion at this stage is to conscientize Black Africans, the kind of conscientization Saro Wiwa did with his Ogoni compatriots. How I miss that guy. His murder was such a loss. Shortly after he was killed, a Briton let it slip through his mouth that the West was scared stiff about what could happen to their interest if Saro Wiwa had been allowed to carry on with his crusade.

Conscientizing the people is the best way to go for now. The solution has to come from bottom up and not from top down as the article seems to suggest.

Posted by igwe| 16.07.2007 01:49


# 11

Igwe et al,

National interest, Black Affrica interest, these are the key words. As long as we keep shifting our gaze from that critical ball, all things shall be lost. I have just started reading a book titled “Staying Power, The History of Black People in Britain”, by Peter Fryer, only to discover that this rain of exploitation, inferoritiy complex and underdevelopment of the continent started beating us long time ago and has continued and will not end because without Africa and the black man, Europe and America will lose power.
So we need to quickly retrace our steps as people and pursue our own interest doggedly if we must survive and be recognised as wquals in teh comity of nations.
If Garveyism is the way forward so let it be because time is of the essence.:mad::mad:

Posted by akuluouno| 16.07.2007 06:25


# 12

Oga Chinweizu,

Thank you for properly aligning the turret of your howitzer, I think the missiles now hit the target.

Would I subscribe to a resurgence of Garveyism or Black racism as a political philosophy by black Africans as the only option for the survival of the Black man against the incessant barrage of caucasian and arab racism?
Considering that all other options of engagement with civilizations dominated by other human races seem to lead to the perpetual enslavement of the black man.
Supposing that with the dynamism of technological development it may not be unlikely that M. Garvey’s bleak forecast of the total annihilation of the black man may come sooner than he predicted.
Within the limits of the etiquette of political correctness, I would subtly subscribe to your prescription.

The more important question however is: would our Black African political leadership subscribe?

The purpose of black racism being to establish a single political structure exclusive to the black dominated parts of Africa that is able to withstand and repel the imperialist and vampirist tendencies of other more organized world civilizations. To the end that the security of the black race amongst men on Earth is assured.

You have identified two existing organizations most viable as launch vehicles to carry the black man towards this aspiration. The SADC and ECOWAS. Each of which is led and dominated South Africa and Nigeria respectively.

The leadership of these nations are indeed not unaware of the realities divulged in your riposte, but how to get the train going seems to be the problem. A case of butterflies in the tummy perhaps.

Thabo Mbeki, President of South Africa speaking about the proposed Unity government for Africa in a speech delivered at the University of Cape Coast Ghana (also published on NVS) said, inter alia, that:

From the discussions it is clear that the political leadership of our continent is of the view that the future of all our peoples and individual countries lies in the socio-political and economic integration of Africa…..
Therefore, the political and economic integration of Africa has to happen not merely because we share the same history, populate common geographic space and exhibit identical physiological features – important as these are – but because our destinies are intrinsically bound together…….
Accordingly, it was not surprising that at the beginning of the twentieth century….. W.E.B. duBois correctly identified racism as the problem of the twentieth century, because to address the identified problem of racism required Africans to unite.


Mbeki also expressed the thinking amongst black African contemporary leadership that tighter economic integration is a pre-requisite for any sort of political union. He identified the Regional Economic Communities (REC) as ‘the building blocks of our integration’ and acknowledged in this wise that ECOWAS seems to be much further down this road than any other RECs in Africa.

The ECOWAS should then be the ideal candidate for a Black African Superstate. A model that can then be copied or expanded to include other Central, Southern or even North African states if successful.

Of its approximately 200M people, 3/4 of all the ECOWAS people or 150m are in Nigeria alone with possibly another 5M Nigerians (or 10% of the remaining number) spread amongst the other states. ECOWAS can otherwise be described as Nigeria and its environs.

Therefore much of the work necessary to be done to realise the Africa of our aspirations, the economic emancipation and political liberation of the Negro or in short, to sustain the hope for the survival of the Black race into the next millennium, as it appears, rests squarely with Nigeria today.

So what can Nigeria do to “to ensure that the Garvey Black survival project is accomplished in the shortest possible time, starting yesterday” using ECOWAS as the vehicle?

Up till now, without a doubt ECOWAS led by Nigeria has achieved significant strides towards complete economic integration. Despite the debilitating effects of neo-colonialism on the member states sustained with the boundless energy of the imperialist comprador groups.

By the way, the term comprador is often used by Pan-African progressives to refer to members of the indigenous elite who are actually agents of western imperialist powers who as running dogs to their masters, overtly and surreptitiously advance the interests of their European and American lords over and above that of their compatriots.
In the context of your missile I suppose the term is extended to include those comprador groups commonly found in communities along the southern borders of the Sahara desert whose interests for centuries have been the actualisation of the fancies of their Arab masters, particularly the Fulani who happen to be in power in Nigeria today.

However, Nigeria’s enigmatic President Musa Yaradua who has known progressive antecedents although a Fulani, is not easily lumped with this group.

At the Accra summit, Yaradua’s contribution ‘s were heavily coloured by the circumstances that made his membership of that forum possible, regardless he managed to ramble on to deliver some food for thought by challenging the “essence of our Africanness”

In not too many words, Nigeria response to the Gaddaffi led US of Africa proposal can be summarized by the following pre-conditions:
1. Strengthening internal governance and growth structures i.e. transparency, accountability and wider political participation
2. A determination of the essence of our Africanness.

Yaradua actually was inadvertently responding to Marcus Garvey’s charge quoted by Chinweizu above:


Go ahead, Negroes, and organize yourselves! You are serving your race and guaranteeing to posterity of our own an existence which otherwise will be denied them. Ignore the traps of persuasion, advice and alien leadership. No one can be as true to you as you can be to yourself.


The esssence of our Africanness is expressed in our physiological attributes. We are Negro, black. It is therefore futile to contemplate any strategic political organization for the furtherance of African interests outside of this fact.

For emphasis, the same Marcus Garvey’s quote continues:


” To suggest that there is no need for Negro racial organization in a well-planned and arranged civilization like that of the twentieth century is but to, by the game of deception, lay the trap for the destruction of a people whose knowledge of life is incomplete, owing to their misunderstanding of man’s purpose in creation”


Maybe 90 years ago yes, but I’m led to believe that leaders like Thabo Mbeki and Musa Yaradua are a little bit more informed than Garvey’s contemporaries. At the leadership level today, there is some evidence of a clearer and more accurate understanding of the black man’s purpose in creation.

What is not clear is if the same can be said of the followership.

A villager responding above mentioned the concept of conscientizing the people, I’m not sure what the term means but I assume it refers to raising the awareness of the people beyond the clouds of ‘civilized deception’ to an altitude where they can perceive the pristine realities of their situation as Black men and women in a fiercely antagonistic global atmosphere, so that their every thoughts and actions are defined at that same level.

The process of conscientizing the people has to come from the top, it is deliberate and meticulous, an agenda has to be defined, developed and disseminated down to the people.

Africa cannot rise until there emerges a generation of Nigerians who realize that the future of the Black race depends on Nigeria and that the power of Nigeria derives from each individual working alone or in a group towards a collective purpose to make Nigeria great.

This is the task our facing our Nigerian President, I think men like Chinweizu should be handy to provide him the best tools for

I think we have a chance here.


Posted by SBI| 16.07.2007 13:03


# 13



Africa cannot rise until there emerges a generation of Nigerians who realize that the future of the Black race depends on Nigeria


Could you kindly clarify why the future of the black race depends on Nigeria?


Posted by DeepThought| 16.07.2007 23:24


# 14



=DeepThought;192444>Could you kindly clarify why the future of the black race depends on Nigeria?




Abeg you to pardon my lack of clarity in expressing my logic. Typing into this page online can sometimes be a challenge particularly when my Internet connection is not at its best.

Nevertheless, in the context of the thread, I can outline for you the steps that took me to the statement that prompts your question:

1. Early 20th Century Black thinkers like M.Garvey prescribe formation of race conscious great Nation of Blacks as a means of uplifting the Black people and protecting themselves against other races.

2. Since the 1960s Black African leaders have endorsed and championed this idea.

3. In 1990’s AU endorses the idea of a great African state but recommends regional economic integration as a primary step towards this.

4. 2007 Accra Summit, Gaddafi pushes for continental government (not Black), Umar Yaradua calls for time out to allow us determine ‘essence of Africanness’. Yes we need unity, but let us first of all know who and who we are uniting with. (Refer to Marcus Garvey: Non Blacks cannot lead us to a secure future)

5. Chinweizu protests continentalism and instead advocates consolidation of regional economic organisations into single political entity as the fastest way to achieve Black power and security, specifically SADC and/or ECOWAS

6. Thabo Mbeki agreed with Chinweizu’s approach to the desired goal, but confesses that ECOWAS today is in better position to achieve the goal than SADC. He should know.

7. At this point, you would agree that the ball is now in ECOWAS’ possession, but who will take this shot that all agree will save the Black man’s future.

8. Since over 75% of all the people in ECOWAS are Nigerians, ECOWAS can not move unless Nigeria moves.

Therefore, the responsibility falls on Nigeria to make the move that will save the Black man.

What do you think about that?


Posted by SBI| 17.07.2007 17:54

Jah Guda

# 15

We might need to ask ourselves if Garveyism can be applied to the political and economic realities of the 21st century, in todays global community and economy.

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July 22, 2007


USAfrica: A Mortal Danger for Black Africans

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Written by Chinweizu
Monday, 09 July 2007

USAfrica: A Mortal Danger for Black Africans

A Black Power Pan-Africanist Viewpoint


Part I: Black African aspirations vs. continental Unification

Is there any black African, whether in the homeland or the Diaspora, who doesn’t want, by yesterday, a Black Africa that is prosperous, secure from exploiters and invaders, and is respected by the whole world, like China or Japan is? That, I believe, is the basic aspiration driving the desire for Continental African Unity, as attempted through the OAU/AU, and now through this proposed USAfrica.

Let me give three reasons why the continental union government approach to our aspirations hasn’t worked, won’t work, and is very dangerous for Black Africans.

1. The USAfrica doesn’t have a camel’s chance in the ocean of delivering on the hopes and aspirations which its promoters are encouraging naïve black Africans to invest in it. Simply put, 53 neo-colonial Arab and Black African worms stuffed into a bottle will not yield a black African lion. If you add up 53 zeros, you’ll still have zero!

2. The USAfrica will be, for black Africans, a disaster much worse than even our terrible disunity. If this USAfrica is enacted at the AU Summit in Accra in July, Black Africans would have jumped from the frying pan of disunity into the fire of unity under Arab colonialism. And all Black Africans would quickly find themselves reduced to the terrible condition of the Black Africans under Arab minority rule in Darfur, South Sudan and Mauritania.

In our naïve approach to this matter, we are behaving like nigger monkey who insisted that he and python were brothers because they both lived on the same island. Nigger monkey rushed to embrace python and quickly ended up united with python all right, but in python’s stomach.

3. Just like the OAU/AU did for the last 50 years, this USAfrica will divert us, for another century, from what we should have done in the last 50 years to achieve our hopes and aspirations as Black Africans.

But what should we have done since “independence” and why did we neglect to do it?

Since Black Africans gained “independence” during the last 50 years, we have lived by the slogan “Seek ye first the political kingdom, and all else shall be added unto you”.

Unfortunately, little has been added unto us except poverty, more poverty, beggardom, social disorder, neo-colonialism under UN Imperialism, the debt burden, AIDSbombing by the USA and the World Health Organization (WHO), and Arab territorial expansion at our expense. Why? The basic reason is that we did not — as our history demanded, and still demands we do –take as our cardinal guide the slogan:

Build ye first the kingdom of collective security, and you can, within its ramparts, achieve all your other desires!

We have failed to build our system for Black African collective security. That is what we must focus on now and build in the next 50 years if we don’t want to be exterminated by our White Power enemies, who have declared, after exploiting us for centuries, that they now want our land and resources without us.

All our historical disasters in the last 1000 years resulted from the basic fact that we were too weak to defend our land, our population, and our cultures from Arab and European invaders. Until we equip ourselves to defend ourselves, our disasters will continue and will multiply until we are exterminated, most probably within this century.

For building the Black Power to protect ourselves, a continental union government is simply irrelevant. None of the great powers of today or before has been a continental state. Britain, France, Germany, Japan, Russia, USA, China, and India — none occupies a whole continent. Belgium, whose GDP is said to be greater than that of all of the countries of Africa put together, is not a continent. Nor is any of the Asian Tigers. On the other hand, Australia occupies an entire continent. But where is Australia in the league table of great powers? Is it in the G-8? Antarctica likewise is a continent.

So, let us stop deluding ourselves about the necessity for a continental African union government as the means to our legitimate and historically based aspirations

Instead, let us follow Marcus Garvey the Great, and focus on what we really need to build: a black African superpower that will be a great power in the rank of China and the G-8 countries. As Garvey taught us some 80 years ago:

The Negro peoples of the world should concentrate upon the object of building up for themselves a great nation in Africa . . . a political superstate . . .a government, a nation of our own, strong enough to lend protection to the members of our race scattered all over the world, and to compel the respect of the nations and races of the earth.

A political program, to be valid and useful, must have a correctly defined constituency and a solution to the cardinal problems of that group. Garveyism does that for Black Africans. Continentalism fails on both counts, which is one key reason why, in its 50 years reign, it has not achieved what we have aspired to as Black Africans.

Whereas Garveyism correctly focuses on our developing the Black Power we need to protect ourselves from all dangers, Continentalism says nothing at all about power, let alone about Black Power. It doesn’t even offer to create Black African unity. Its focus is on unification of the entire continent, which translates into Arab-Black African unification. But since the Arabs have, for 1500 years been white invaders, expropriators and enslavers of Black Africans, Arab-Black African unification is like a unification of nigger monkey with python. The Arabs would naturally love, and eagerly promote, such unification. But isn’t it suicidal for Black Africans to agree to it, let alone campaign eagerly for it—as continentalist Pan Africanists have done for the last 50 years?

For those who do not know about it, below is the Arab Agenda for this USAfrica.

Part II: USAfrica- The Arab agenda

1] We must never forget that, despite Gadhafi’s rhetoric against colonialism, he and his Arab fellows are colonialists in Africa–white settler colonialists who invaded, conquered, expropriated and have settled on 1/3 of Africa beginning in 640 AD.

2] Gadhafi’s hurry to implement his USAfrica is suspect. He has spent 40 years trying to force Libya’s unification with Sudan, to forcibly annex the Auzou strip from Chad, and sponsoring destabilization in Liberia, Uganda, Mali, Niger etc. Should we trust his intentions? We should be highly suspicious of a project by which he would diplomatically swallow in one gulp all of Black Africa where he has, hitherto, failed to militarily grab bits and pieces.

3] In Gadhafi’s speeches in 2005, where he pushed for the fledgling AU to appoint a Defense Minister, and a Trade Minister etc as matters of priority; and called for a continental army, he also urged the AU countries to compete to host the institutions of the AU/USAfrica. This hurry is all highly suspicious.

Clearly, the Arab countries, awash with oil money and with unlimited back-up from the rest of the oil-rich Arab League, will outbid the poor Black countries, leading to Arab domination of the USAfrica; just as the UN is dominated by the gang of imperialist countries where its key institutions are located—the USA with the World Bank and IMF in Washington and the UN Hqtrs in New York, and Europe with Unesco in Paris, the Maritime agencies in London, and other key agencies in Geneva.

If the Gadhafi formula for locating its key institutions is allowed, this USAfrica will become an instrument of Arab colonialism in Africa; and will entrench Arab power over Black Africa.

4] Defense is the last thing a sensible sovereign country surrenders. Note that after 50 years of their merger process, the EU states have yet to do that and appoint a defense minister. Yet Gadhafi wants the AU to start with that! Highly suspicious.

5] The dangers of Arab racism, colonialism and expansionism are evident in Mauritania and Sudan, and should be studied and heeded.

For basic information on that, please go to

http://www.nigeriavillagesquare .com/articles/chinweizu /usafrica-arab-colonialism -part-1-arab-quest-for-leben-2 .html

6] Gadhafi’s arguments about the potential economic benefits of USAfrica are invalid. Continental size is neither a necessary nor sufficient condition for becoming an economic power. If it was, Britain, Japan, Germany, France, let alone Switzerland and most of the European countries would be economic midgets, and the Asian tigers too. On the other hand, Antarctica and Australia, as continents, would be economic giants. Gadhafi must believe that he is addressing an audience of economic blockheads!

7] Here is Gadhafi’s Lebensraum [Living space] statement at the Arab League meeting in Jordan in 2001:

“The third of the Arab community living outside Africa should move in with the two-thirds on the continent and join the African Union ‘which is the only space we have’”

–Col. Mouammar Gadhafi of Libya, at the Arab League, 2001

It should be taken seriously as a clue to his intentions and what he and his Arabs will set about doing to Black Africa once they have us in their USAfrica trap.

Where will Gadhafi settle his new 100million Arabs from outside Africa? How will he get land to give them? Here is an example of Arab land grab intentions. Back in 1962, as he flagged off his troops to the war front against the Black Africans in South Sudan, the Arab Sudanese General Hassan Beshir Nasr declared:

“We don’t want these black slaves . . . what we want is their land.”

That is what the wars in South Sudan and Darfur have been about: seizing land from black Africans. Darfur is an ongoing example of how Arabs seized 1/3 of our continent,

and of how Gadhafi will grab the land to settle his 100million Arabs from outside Africa.

8] There is a vital need to think through the Black African interest, and negotiate in detail to secure its requirements, before agreeing, if at all, to this USAfrica proposal. After it is signed, the Arabs will, predictably, treat as treason any second thoughts and objections to details from Black Africans.

Black Africans must never again repeat the folly of their leaders in 1973, when the OAU lined up behind the Arabs on the oil embargo, in hopes of getting concessions on oil, without any pre-agreed quid pro quo, and got nothing after the Arabs had exploited African support.

9] Because we are convinced that this USAfrica is a cover for Arab colonialism and Arab expansionism in Black Africa, we urge every Black African president in the AU to vote against it at Accra in July. At the very least, they should vote to postpone any decision on it for five years so that a vigorous debate can be carried out by the people, so they can knowledgeably and democratically mandate their presidents on what to do about it. We could take a lesson from the EU process where key stages of the unification have been preceded by plebiscites in each member country.

10] If this USAfrica is agreed this July at Accra, Gadhafi and all Arabs will be laughing at the dumb blacks whom they have easily duped yet again. Don’t forget their view of Blacks, as stated over the centuries, most famously by Ibn Khaldun, Ibn Sena and Osama Bin Laden, as in the following quotes:

Ibn Khaldun, the greatest Arab historian (1332-1406), sees the blacks as “characterized by levity and excitability and great emotionalism” and [says] that “they are everywhere described as stupid” . . . He adds that blacks are “humans who are closer to dumb animals than to rational beings.” . . .

al-Dimashqi had the following to say: “The Equator is inhabited by communities of blacks who may be numbered among the savage beasts. Their complexion and hair are burnt and they are physically and morally abnormal. Their brains almost boil from the sun’s heat.”

Ibn al-Faqih al-Hamadhani follows the same line of reasoning. To him . . . the zanj [black Africans]. . .are “overdone until they are burned so that the child comes out between black, murky, malodorous, stinking, and crinkly-haired, with uneven limbs, deficient minds, and depraved passions” . . .

Even such luminaries as Ibn Sina [Avicenna] (980-1037), the most famous and influential of the philosopher-scientists of Islam, considered blacks to be “people who are by their very nature slaves.”

“All African women are prostitutes, and the whole race of African men are abeed [slave] stock. Your people are like rats plaguing the earth” –Osama Bin Laden to the Sudanese-American novelist Kola Boof in Morocco in 1996.

When next you meet an Arab, you should ask what is the Arabic word for a black person; then ask what is the Arabic word for slave; you’ll discover that the words are the same “abeed”. Which is why, when an Arab looks at a black African, what he sees is a slave.

Now, that is how their language teaches these Arab ‘brothers’ we are eager to unite with to think of us—as slaves!

And as one traveler in the Sudan observed in 1930:

“In the eyes of the Arab rulers of Sudan the black slaves were simply animals given by Allah to make the life of the Arab comfortable”

A word is enough for the wise!


Chinweizu is a Black Power Pan-Africanist and an institutionally unaffiliated Afrocentric scholar from Nigeria. His books include The West and the Rest of Us (1975); Decolonising the African Mind (1987); Voices from Twentieth-century Africa (1988); Invocations and Admonitions (1986); Energy Crisis and Other Poems (1978); Anatomy of Female Power (1990). He is also a co-author of Towards the Decolonization of African Literature (1980).

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# 1


USAfrica: A Mortal Danger
for Black Africans
…Read the full article.

Posted by Robot| 09.07.2007 22:47


# 2

Very interesting article as we expect from Chinweizu.
The Arabo-phobia is justifiable, however must a continent-wide debate about the political and economic future of Africa be reduced to racist banalities?
If we took the next 5 years to contemplate a referendum what would be the issues on the table? To be a Monkey or to be a Python?
Let’s not forget that the idea of a United Africa was not originally Gadaffi’s, Kwame Nkurumah who has been acknowledged by many as a political visionary mooted this idea of an African superstate involving the political unification of African states in the ’60s.
Nkurumah at the time gave 3 priority objectives of the proposed union:
1.Economic consolidation
2.Unified defense strategy or command
3.Homogenized foreign policy

The idea itself exudes many positive points that can deliver solutions to many of the problems of Africa, including the seemingly intractable tragedy in southern Sudan.
If, as Chinwiezu has pointed out, an embrace with the Arabs in the name of continental unity is likely to become certain suicide for Black Africa, is there a possibility of continuing with the idea as a US of Black Africa?

According to Nkurumah: ‘The forces that unite us (should be) far greater than the difficulties that divide us at present, and our goal must be the establishment of Africa’s dignity, progress and prosperity’…..Even if those forces include a common suspicion of Arab intent.
Afterall, the Soviet Union was able to achieve a strong political union to the exclusion of several other states on the European continent. So sharing the same land boundaries does not automatically become the sole criteria for desiring political union.

Perhaps, one of the stronger Black African leaders can seize the initiative back from Gadaffi to drive the process from a different and more black African perspective.

Perhaps Chinweizu could help us all out by highlighting those forces that can drive us towards a desirable union over and above the difficulties that divide us today because if we remain as divided individual and still fragmenting states as we are today I suspect Black Africa won’t stand a camel’s chance in the atlantic against the odds of making any of our collective aspirations.


Posted by SBI| 10.07.2007 17:51


# 3

Good response SBI,
The writer is obviously blind to what is happening around the world. Why do u think europe is trying so hard to create an entity. U think the french and the english love each other so much? Or you think they dont have differences. And who said we cannot define the limits and boundaries of our unity. if mighty europe is trying to unite to counter US and east asian economic blocs and survive in a new world economic order what future do you think africa should have? Continue to receive aid forever? Look beyond your nose my friend and stop wallowing in paranoia.

Posted by chubrock| 11.07.2007 18:20


# 4


Hold it there buddy! You may be the blind here. Please read the article again and do some thinking.

Nobody in todays world should go into association with political Islam with glibbness or shortsightededness as you have indicated. Look around you, the entire world of Jihadist Islam is consuming nations and devastating people and real estate all over the world.

Chubrock, are you a moslem? If you are, I forgive you. If you are not, you are a dumb ass. You must never take Islam ever so lightly. This is serious stuff. Islam is viciously vile, quasi-religion. Mark my word!

Chinweizu is absolutely correct. I hope that many Nigerians would read him and take him very seriously. USAfrica is very dangerous indeed .The Islamists and their jihadists will become our new masters. Suicide-bombing, decapitations, disenfrachization of women, mass poverty and above all extreme violence will be our lives for generations and generations to come.

Chubrock, you are the blind here.

Posted by Onyeachonam-Okwu| 11.07.2007 20:41


# 5

In the eyes of the Arab rulers of Sudan the black slaves were simply animals given by Allah to make the life of the Arab comfortable”

A word is enough for the wise!

Posted by DeepThought| 12.07.2007 08:24


# 6



=DeepThought;191223>In the eyes of the Arab rulers of Sudan the black slaves were simply animals given by Allah to make the life of the Arab comfortable”

A word is enough for the wise!


Aaaaahhhhh! May be.

Posted by Enforcer| 13.07.2007 12:27


# 7

Unfortunately, the Arabs have a program, but not Black Africans. We are still hoodwinked with Nkruma’s half baked and shallow notion of “African unity”.

As Chinweizu rightly said, until we have a country in Black Africa that is an economic power, we should simply forget about a phantom unity.

But, in order to achieve economic freedom, we need to have political stability first. There are two countries who can lead the rest in this economic might: Nigeria and South Africa. SA has political stability and that is why its economy is growing even beyond expectations. Nigeria, on the other hand is suffering from years of misrule. Thankfully, the judiciary in Nigeria might help us to achieve political stability which is the foundation for economic welfare. A situation where a president enters into office a pauper and comes out a billionaire does not augur well for both political and economic well being of Nigeria and rest of Black Africa. Thieves don’t build enduring nations.

What Chinweizu is saying in effect is that we need to get our acts together first before we can NEGOTIATE any kind of unity. It’s a wake up call.

Posted by igwe| 13.07.2007 23:36



July 22, 2007



Why black Africa should resist Arab domination of AU
By Chinweizu

Posted to the Web: Friday, September 01, 2006

Part I: The Arab Quest for Lebensraum in Africa“

The third of the Arab community living outside Africa should move in with the two-thirds on the continent and join the African Union “which is the only space we have’ — Col. Mouammar Gadhafi of Libya, at the Arab League, 2001

Many AfriKans take great exception to the sentiments and views expressed by Col. Gadhafi at the March 2001, Amman, Jordan meeting of the Arab League. –Prof. Kwesi Kwa Prah, 2004, in a paper to the AU [both quotes in Bankie and Mchombu eds, 2006:217, 235]
Besides joining Prof. Prah and the other Afrikans who take exception to Gadhafi’s statement, I should like to point out that Gadhafi’s invitation to his fellow Arabs is nothing but a declaration of race war on Africa. It is an invitation to more Arabs to invade and colonize Africa. Indeed, it is a call for the final phase of the 15 centuries old Arab lebensraum war on Afrikans – a war to Islamise and conquer all of Africa, from Cairo to the Cape and from Senegal to Somalia, and to then enslave or Arabise all the conquered Afrikans. In order to make that clear, it is necessary to first put his invitation in the context of the traditions of Arab melanophobia and negrophobia, and of Arab expansionist ambitions and conquests that go back to the time of their Arab prophet, Mohammed.

Melanophobia and Negrophobia in Arab culture:

The following excerpt from The Crisis of Identity in Northern Sudan: A Dilemma
of a Black people with a White Culture, by Al-Baqir al-Afif Mukhtar, gives an insight into the melanophobia and negrophobia that Arab culture has reeked of since before the time of Mohammed: “The contempt towards . . . the dark skinned is expressed in a thousand ways in the documents, literature and art that have come down to us from the Islamic Middle Ages.

. . . This literature, and especially popular literature, depicts (the black man) in the form of hostile stereotypes – as a demon in fairy tales, as a savage in the stories of travel and adventure, or commonly as a lazy, stupid, evil-smelling and lecherous slave. . . . Ibn Khaldun sees the blacks as “characterized by levity and excitability and great emotionalism” and [says] that “they are everywhere described as stupid” . . . al-Dimashqi had the following to say: “The Equator is inhabited by communities of blacks who may be numbered among the savage beasts. Their complexion and hair are burnt and they are physically and morally abnormal. Their brains almost boil from the sun’s heat.”

Ibn al-Faqih al-Hamadhani follows the same line of reasoning. To him . . . the zanj . . .are “overdone until they are burned so that the child comes out between black, murky, malodorous, stinking, and crinkly- haired, with uneven limbs, deficient minds, and depraved passions. . .”

Arab-Muslim doctrines on Black enslavement:

The following excerpt [from Blasphemy Before God: The Darkness of Racism In Muslim Culture by Adam Misbah aI-Haqq, shows how and why Arabs incurably believe in enslaving blacks: “Classic Muslim thought maintained that blacks became legitimate slaves by virtue of the colour of their skin.

The justification of the early Muslim equation of blackness with servitude was found in the Genesis story so popularly called “the curse of Ham,” in reference to one of Noah’s sons . . . .In the Arab- Muslim version, blacks are cursed to be slaves and menials, Arabs are blessed to be prophets and nobles, while Turks and Slavs are destined to be kings and tyrants. . . . The famous Al-Tabari, for example, cites no less than six Prophetic traditions which seek to support this story. One tradition reads: Ham begat all those who are black and curly- haired, while Japheth begat those who are full faced with small eyes, and Shem begat everyone who is handsome of face (Arabs of course) with beautiful hair. Noah prayed that the hair of Ham’s descendants would not grow past their ears, and wherever his descendants met the children of Shem, the latter would enslave them.

Ahmad Ibn Hanbal reported a saying attributed to the Prophet which in effect states that God created the white race (dhurriyyah bayd) from the right shoulder of Adam and created the black race (dhurriyyah sawd) from Adam’s left shoulder. Those of Adam’s right shoulder would enter Paradise and those of the left, Perdition. Other equally racist sayings have been attributed to the Prophet in the traditions.

Contradicting this spirit, there are the sayings of the Prophet which equate the value of a person to his God-consciousness (taqwa), and to their piety without any regard to the tribal or ethnocentric concerns of a racist purport. Such [egalitarian] reports [were overshadowed by] the more deeply rooted tradition of racial bigotry . . . [emphasized by] Muslim geographers and travellers who ventured into Africa. . . . Al-Maqdisi wrote, “ . . . As for the Zanji, they are people of black colour, flat noses, kinky hair, and little understanding or intelligence.” . . . Ibn Khaldun (d. 1406CE) added that blacks are “only humans who are closer to dumb animals than to rational beings.” . . . Even such luminaries as Ibn Sina considered blacks to be “people who are by their very nature slaves.” .

. . The creation or resurgence of the mythology of Ham also made darkskinned people synonymous with servitude in light-skinned Muslim thinking.

This went so far that eventually, the term abd (slave), went through a semantic development and came to specifically refer to “black slave” while lightskinned slaves were referred to as mamluks. And further on in later usage, the Arabic word came to mean “black man” of whatever status. . . .”

We can now see why, when an Arab sees anyone with black skin, all he notices is a dumb animal that he is licensed and even obliged by his religion to capture and enslave. With that background on the Arab tradition of enslaving and holding blacks in profound contempt, let us now examine the meaning of Gadhafi’s call for lebensraum.

In 2001, the Libyan leader, Gadhafi, under the cover of advancing the Nkrumahist Pan- African project of African Unity, was concluding his sub-imperial assignment to round up the African states into his Arab-dominated AU for easier muzzling and control by global imperialism. At an Arab League meeting in Amman, Jordan, Gadhafi exposed another hidden agenda of his AU project when he observed that 2/3 of the world’s [approximately 250million] Arabs now live in Africa, and he invited the rest to move into Africa and join them.

Though the Pan-African News Agency (PANA) reported it and posted it on its website, I wonder how many African leaders took note of Gadhafi’s invitation and saw the danger it poses for Africa. What Afrikans (i.e. the indigenous peoples of Africa) should particularly note is his reason for the invitation, namely, that Africa is the only space Arabs have. This is so reminiscent of the Nazi project of seizing living space, lebensraum, for the Germans from their neighbours in Eastern Europe that any sensible Afrikan must understand it as a threat to all Afrikans.

More importantly, it spells out, for all but the willfully and suicidally deaf to hear, the grand geopolitical purpose behind Arab policy and action in Africa in the last 50 years. But first, we need to put Gadhafi’s invitation in the context that allows us to appreciate the full danger to Afrikans from this enduring Arab ambition for lebensraum. Since the death of their prophet, Mohammed, Arabs have been relentlessly seizing lebensraum – living space—in Africa. Since their conquest of Egypt in 642, they have taken over all of North Africa, and most of the Nile valley and some of their tribes have even infiltrated as far west from the Nile as Lake Chad. Arabs have, by now, occupied supra-Sahara Africa and the Nile Valley, i.e. more than one-third of the African landmass, and they are still grabbing more and moving tenaciously to conquer the rest.

Arab expansionism in Africa, 640-1900

I wonder how many Afrikans today wonder how it came about that Arabs, whose homeland is the Arabian Peninsula, came to occupy all of supra-Sahara Africa, from the Sinai peninsula across to Morocco’s Atlantic coast. And what they did to the Black Egyptians, Black Berbers and other blacks who were the aborigines of all that expanse of land? Similarly, Afrikans need to inquire into why and how an Arab minority has ruled Sudan since 1956? And how did it come about that we hear of Arab tribes in Darfur, Chad and even in Nigeria’s Bornu State? Until 640 AD, there were no Arab settlers of any kind in all those places. But in that year, hungry Arab hordes desperate for plunder and greener pastures charged out of Arabia, flying the flag of their new religion, Islam, and conquered Egypt by 642. Egypt thereafter became their base for invading and seizing lebensraum all the way west to Morocco and Mauritania, and southward up the Nile.

In the first phase of conquest, an Arab raiding army reached Tangier on the Atlantic in 682. Then in the 11th Century, the Fatimids who were then ruling in Egypt, unleashed Bedouin Arab tribes, such as the Beni Hilal and Beni Sulaim, into the Maghreb. These Bedouin tribes overran as far west as Morocco in the 12th and 13th centuries, and brought about the Arabisation of the indigenous Berber population of the Maghreb whom they swamped.

They reached northern Mauritania by the 14th Century. Also in the 14th Century, Guhayna Arab tribes, edged out of Egypt, infiltrated up the Nile into Sudan. In 1820, Mohammed Ali Pasha sent an expedition from Egypt that conquered Northern Sudan by 1841. In 1869, Ismail Pasha attempted to annex the region from Juba/Gondokoro to Lake Victoria, a region that would become Uganda and Sudan’s Equatoria Province. He failed, but the British who ruled from 1899 to 1956 later incorporated Equatoria into the Anglo-Egyptian Sudan. In 1874, the Jellaba-Arab slave raider, Zubair Pasha conquered Dar Fur for the Egyptians. Also in the 19th Century, Awlad Sulaiman Arabs migrated, in the 1840s, from the Fezzan in Libya into the Lake Chad area, and Shuwa Arabs in search of pasturelands moved, in the 1810s, from Chad into the Bornu area of what became Nigeria.

From the late 19th Century until the 1950s, Arab expansionism in Africa was stopped in its tracks by the European powers who conquered and partitioned Africa among themselves. Only with the retreat of European political rule did opportunity arise for Arab expansionism to resume its march. And it promptly did.

Arab expansionism in Africa since 1956, i.e. in the era of continentalist Pan-Africanism.
Continentalist Pan-Africanism was launched in 1958 at the Accra Conference of Independent African States (CIAS). It has been the dominant tendency within Pan-Africanism ever since, and it has given birth to the Arab-dominated OAU/AU. As some observers have pointed out, the Arab League, established in 1945, is the institutional organ for realizing the Arab aspirations for unity and imperial resurgence through “an Arab-Islamic empire across Africa into the Middle East.” Under its aegis, Arab nationalism resumed its expansion in Africa when, on attaining independence in 1956, the Jellaba-Arab minority government of Sudan defined Sudan as an Arab country and set out to enforce that definition on Sudan’s African majority.

Islamisation and Arabisation of Black Africa: the pilot project in Sudan:

It has been noted by Opoku Agyeman that Pan-Arabism, in its so-called ‘civilizing mission’ perceives Africa as a ‘cultural vacuum’ waiting to be filled by Arab culture “by all conceivable means” [Agyeman, 1994:30] including Islamisation, and the settlement of Arab populations on lands forcibly seized from Africans. The assumptions, objectives and methods of this project may be illustrated from the statements of its principal implementers in Sudan:
“You are aware that the end of all our efforts and this expense is to procure Negroes. Please show zeal in carrying out our wishes in this capital matter.”
–Muhammad Ali Pasha, Ruler of Egypt, 1825, in a letter to one of his generals in Sudan, quoted in [Nyaba, 2002:36]

In his 1955 book on the orbital scheme [the three circles at whose center he envisioned Egypt to be], President Nasser characterized Africa as “the remotest depths of the jungle,” and as merely a candidate for Egypt’s “spread of enlightenment and civilization” via Islamisation-Arabisation.

-Gamal Abdel Nasser, President of Egypt, 1955, quoted in [Agyeman,1994:34].

“Sudan is geographically in Africa but is Arab in its aspirations and destiny. We consider ourselves the Arab spearhead in Africa, linking the Arab world to the African continent.” -Sudanese Prime Minister, Mahgoub, 1968, quoted in [Agyeman, 1994:38]. Sudan “is the basis of the Arab thrust into the heart of Black Africa, the Arab civilizing mission.”
– President Nimeiry of Sudan, 1969, quoted in [Agyeman, 1994:39] “We want to Islamise America and Arabise Africa” – Dr. Hassan El-Turabi, chief ideologue of Jellaba-Arab minority rule in Sudan, 1999, quoted in [Nyaba, 2002:27]. “The south [Sudan] will remain an inseparable part of the land of Islam, God willing, even if the war continued for decades.”
-Osama bin Laden, April 2006, [from an edited translation of an audiotape attributed to al-Qaeda leader, Osama bin Laden, parts of which were aired by Aljazeera on April 23, 2006]

This thrusting of Arab spears into the body and soul of Black Africa through deAfrikanisation campaigns of Islamisation-Arabisation was, of course, not confined to Sudan, but has been done wherever Arabs spotted an opportunity to exploit Afrikan weakness, such as Mauritania, Chad, Somalia, Eritrea, Uganda. In the past 40 years, Libya’s Gadhafi has been particularly active in sponsoring chaos, anarchy and civil wars in Chad, Liberia, Cote d’Ivoire etc., and in trying to Islamise Uganda, Rwanda, the CAR etc. For example, in a live broadcast on Rwanda Radio on 17 May, 1985, Gadhafi said: “First, you must stick to your Islamic religion and insist that your children are taught the Islamic religion and you teach the Arabic language because without the Arabic language, we could not understand Islam. . . You must teach that Islam is the religion of Africa. . . You must raise your voice high and declare that Allah is great because Africa must be the refugee camps in neighbouring Chad. . . .
Muslim. . . We must wage a holy war so that Islam may spread in Africa. –quoted in [Bankie and Mchombu, 2006:239-240].
Why do Gadhafi and other Arabisers sponsor Islamisation? Steve Biko pointed out the fundamental reason why imperialists make a point of converting their victims to their Christian religion when he said: It has always been the pattern throughout history that whosoever brings the new order knows it best and is therefore the perpetual teacher of those to whom the new order is being brought. If the white missionaries were “right” about their God in the eyes of the people, then the African people could only accept whatever these new know-all tutors had to say about life.

The acceptance of the colonialist-tainted version of Christianity marked the turning point in the resistance of African people. [Biko, 1987:56]. Steve Biko’s observation helps explain why Arab hegemonists like Gadhafi insist on Islamising their intended victims. Since the death of their prophet, Mohammed, Islam has been the religious cloak and entry-dagger of Arab imperialism. Islamisation is used as a prelude to the project of Arabisation.

Among the targeted victims, Islam privileges the Arabic language and culture. Arab names and customs are made obligatory, and the anathema on Jahiliya discourages remembrance of the pre-Islamic, non-Arab culture of an Islamised people. It should be noted that the core Islamic countries that stretch contiguously from the Maghreb to Pakistan are fragments of the empire that Arabs conquered and ruled from 632-1517 when the Turks, under Selim the Grim, conquered Egypt and Syria and extinguished the Arab Abbasid Caliphate. Thus, the core lands of Dar-al-Islam today are a continuation of the Arab Empire. Just as the Commonwealth is the euphemistic PR name for the enduring British Empire, so too Dar-al-Islam is the euphemistic PR name for the enduring Arab Empire. In fact, Dar-al-Islam is simply the Arab empire in religious camouflage, and the Umma are the Arab citizens/masters and the non-Arab subjects of the enduring Arab Empire.

Gadhafi and the Arab lebensraum project in the 21st Century in furtherance of his lebensraum project, in May 2003, proposed a tripartite union of Libya, Sudan and Egypt, a move reminiscent of Hitler’s Anschluss project that annexed, in 1938, Austria as well as Czechoslovakia’s Sudetenland. To appreciate the menace in Gadhafi’s invitation, Afrikans would do well to consider Hitler’s drive for lebensraum and how it was stopped.

Just as Gadhafi wants to enlarge Arabia inside Africa, Hitler wanted to enlarge Germany within Europe by the acquisition of a territory for settlement, which will enhance the area of the mother country, and hence not only keep the new settlers in the most intimate community with the land of their origin, but secure for the total area those advantages which lie in its unified magnitude. [Hitler, 1971: 653] Hitler looked east for Germany’s expansion in Europe. In Nazi ideology, Lebensraum meant the expansion of Germany eastward to conquer lands for Germans to settle and peoples for Germans to enslave. According to Hitler, the ideal war was one of conquest, extermination, and subjugation; the ideal area in which to conduct such a war was in the east, where the German people would win for itself the lebensraum.

The Nazi theory of Lebensraum became Germany’s foreign policy during the Third Reich. A key element in Hitler’s plan for lebensraum was the idea of military expansion and the forced expulsion of the nations of Poland, Ukraine, Russia etc. and their replacement with German settlers. The Lebensraum ideology was a major factor in Hitler’s launching of Operation Barbarossa in June 1941. As the German armies moved eastward, the Nazis began to turn large areas of Soviet territory into German settlement areas. The biggest obstacle to implementing the Lebensraum further was the fact that by the end of 1942, the Sixth Army was defeated in Stalingrad. After the second big defeat in the tank battle at Kursk during July 1943 and the Allied landings in Sicily, all further Lebensraum plans came to a halt.

USA, Australia, Russia — case studies of lebensraum.

Faced, from the 16th Century, with European invaders seeking lebensraum, the Native Americans in what became the USA, failed to muster the necessary will and forces to defeat and drive the invaders away; as a result, these indigenous peoples were exterminated and lost their continent by the late 19th Century. Bands of their remnants were herded into reservations and left to slowly die out. Similarly in the 19th Century, the Australian aborigines failed to muster the necessary will and forces to defeat and drive away the invaders from Europe. They too were exterminated. In contrast, the Russians in the 20th Century, under Stalin, mustered the necessary will and forces, defeated Hitler’s armies and chased them back all the way to Berlin and obliged Hitler to commit suicide.

As these contrasting examples make clear, seekers of lebensraum can only be stopped by decisively defeating and driving them away. How did the Russians manage to do that? First of all, their leaders took quite seriously the Nazi talk of seeking lebensraum in Eastern Europe, and prepared for war. In February 1931, Stalin predicted and warned his people: ‘We are 50 or 100 years behind the advanced countries. We must make good this lag in 10 years. Either we do it or they crush us.’ And he drove his people with the proverbial whip and scorpion, and forced them to industrialize at a desperate pace. And Russia industrialized in 10 years flat! Which was just in time to be ready when Hitler unleashed his armies on Russia in June 1941. And by 1943, Hitler’s lebensraum project lay in ruins as his mighty armies had been defeated by Stalin’s armies. It took another two years of hard fighting for the Russians to drive Hitler’s armies all the way back to Berlin. Had they not done so, there would be no Russia or Poland or Ukraine etc today. All the land from Berlin to the Urals would have been taken over and settled by Germans. And any Russians not exterminated would have been enslaved as Hitler intended.

If Afrikans want to escape at Arab hands the type of fate that Hitler planned for the Russians, we need to learn from Stalin’s example. We need to build a megastate and industrialize it at breakneck speed into a modern power. And we need to defeat the Arabs and drive them back across the Sahara.

The first step is to expel all Arab League countries from the AU, or better yet, to destroy this enemy-controlled AU and organize a Black World League of States to serve as the collective security outfit exclusively for the Blacks of the World. The second step is to militarily discourage any further Arab expansion into sub-Sahara Africa. We must firmly bear in mind that lebensraum ambitions are effected by military action, as in Sudan’s war on the SPLM, and its use of Janjawid militias in Darfur and Chad. And we must also firmly bear in mind that such ambitions are destroyed only by military action. To think of any other way is suicidal foolishness. So Gadhafi’s ambition must be finally defeated militarily by Afrikan power, and the sooner the better for Afrikans.

Part II: The Challenge to Pan-Afrikanism

First, they came for the Communists, and I didn’t speak up because I wasn’t a Communist. Then they came for the Jews, and I didn’t speak up because I wasn’t a Jew.
Then they came for the trade unionists, and I didn’t speak up because I wasn’t a trade unionist.

Then they came for the Catholics, and I didn’t speak up because I was a Protestant. Then they came for me, and by that time, no one was left to speak up for me. -Pastor Martin Niemöller (1892-1984)

In the last 15 centuries, Arab invaders have grabbed 1/3 of the African continent, and systematically enslaved, exterminated or Arabised the blacks they met there. How? I have already quoted examples from the mission statements of the anti-Afrikan leaders of the Arab expansionists since 1820 in Sudan. Let us now see examples of how they’ve gone about implementing their policy on the ground since 1956 while the OAU/AU Pan-Africanists determinedly looked the other way or buried their ostrich heads in the sand. The following are instructive excerpts, about the events in al-Di’ein and Dar Fur, from Islamisation and Arabisation of Africans as a means to Political Power in the Sudan by Sudanese scholar, M. Jalaal Haashim: al-Di’ein 1987

As its civil war with the SPLM/SPLA intensified, the Jellaba-Arabist Sudan government of al-Sadiq al-Mahdi (1986-1989) used the Baggara Arabs to punish those Dinka who lived on the border of Kordufan and Dar Fur, such as the Ngog, on the assumption that all the Dinka were SPLM/SPLA.

“The Baggara tribes in Kordufan and Dar Fur are nomadic Arabs who have been greatly influenced by the Nilotic tribes, especially the Dinka, from whom they have taken the cows for livestock and the colour of blackness . . . . Until then, the hostility between the two sides was relatively kept at bay due to their historical inter-relationship. Thousands of Dinka who fled the war zone came and lived with the Baggara. This is how in a certain village called al-Di’ein in Southern Dar Fur, more than 6,000 Dinka people peacefully took refuge and lived with the Baggara.

In 1987, the government of Sadiq al-Mahdi established the infamous Popular Defence Forces (PDF) as a pretext for officially arming the Baggara Arabs to fight the Southerners. Armed in this way, the marauding Baggara squads of PDF began making incursions into the South, raiding the Dinka villages. [These] naturally sought help from the SPLM/SPLA [who] came to the rescue . . . . In all aspects, the Baggara Arabs were unequal to the SPLA. Suffering defeat after defeat, . . . the Baggara began nursing deep hatred towards the Dinka in general, [and finally directed their revenge on] the peaceful Dinka who were living with them at al- Di’ein . . .In one day in mid 1987, at least 1,000 Dinka were massacred, 4,000 were burned alive, and the survivors – around 1,000 – were enslaved. The massacre began early in the day. At first, the bewildered Dinka did not believe what was going on. When reality dawned on them, they fled into the houses of their hosts who were also their attackers. They were dragged by their feet like animals to be butchered outside the houses of their hosts. The Dinka took refuge in the Church; there they were killed along with the priest. Then they ran and took refuge inside the Police station, which was part of the railway station, but, alas, the Police turned out to be accomplices.

They were killed there also. Whether in good or bad faith . . . they were ill-advised to take refuge in the empty carriages of a standing freight train so they could be taken away from al-Di’ein. With the trustfulness usually shown by totally vulnerable and helpless people in their eagerness to cling to a straw, they hurriedly obeyed. Once crammed inside, they were locked in from outside. Caged in like animals, they saw with their own eyes barrels full of diesel being rolled toward them. They were burnt alive, all of them. Only then, with the barbecue smell of that holocaust, did the Baggara come to their senses. The survivors were fortunate that they were only enslaved. Slavery was the common sense of that doomed day . . . . In the period 1989-1999, only God knows how many massacres like that of al-Di’ein took place.”

The Janjawid campaign of genocide:

“A decade after the Dinka massacre in al-Di’ein, the scenario of ethnic manipulation by the state expanded to cover the whole of Dar Fur and most of Kordufan, . . . [and] the era of terror of the infamous Janjawid had been launched. . . .

Dar Fur has been the victim of the involvement of the neighbouring Arab states in the civil war in Chad that flared up in the 1970s. Libya, an extreme advocate of Pan-Arabism with highly volatile policies, intervened in Chad with the sole aim of helping the Arab nomad tribes with money, logistics and arms. . . . The government of Khartoum has not only backed the nomadic Arab tribes, but has also armed them and fought by land and air along with them.

All through the decade of 1982-1992, skirmishes and limited killings were commonplace in Dar Fur. The Khartoum government dubbed them ‘armed robbery’. In 1995, the massacres were launched first against the Masalit tribe of the state of West Dar Fur. The governor himself was a Masalit Muslim brother who was given orders from Khartoum to let his sedentary people host a heavily armed clan of pastoralist Baggara who were driven out of Chad to be welcomed by the Khartoum government simply out of bias for the Arabs. . . . The Masalit welcomed the Baggara. Under the official eyes of the State government which was headed by their own son, thousands of the Masalit were butchered in mid 1995. . . . ”

Through these “gruesome atrocities . . ., which are being overtly committed by State- backed Arab tribes”, the nomadic Arab tribes of Dar Fur have been committing genocide and ethnic cleansing against the African sedentary tribes. As both the culprit and the victim are Muslims, the Afro-Arab race war nature of the genocide becomes very clear. As Jalaal Haashim points out, the conflicts in Sudan are “a racist war camouflaged with religion.”

But how exactly do these Arab marauders carry out ethnic cleansing? The next excerpt, from Singing while their men rape, THE GUARDIAN, NAIROBI Wednesday, July 21, 2004, Page 6, tells of an ongoing example of organized raping and killing and enslavement carried out by the Janjawid in Dar Fur: According to an Amnesty International report published in 2004, “While African women in Darfur were being raped by the Janjaweed militiamen, Arab women stood nearby and sang for joy . . .The songs of the Hakama, or the “Janjaweed women” as the refugees call them, encouraged the atrocities which the militiamen committed. . . . During an attack on the village of Disa in June last year, Arab women accompanied the attackers and sang in praise of the government and scorning black villagers.

According to an African chief quoted in the report, the singers said: “The blood of the blacks runs like water, we take their goods and we chase them from our area and our cattle will be in their land.” “The power of (Sudanese president Omer Hassan) al-Bashir belongs to the Arabs and we will kill you until the end, you blacks, we have killed your God.” The chief said that the Arab women also racially insulted women from the village, saying: “You are gorillas, you are black and you are badly dressed.”

The Janjaweed have abducted women for use as sex slaves, in some cases breaking their limbs to prevent them escaping, as well as carrying out rapes in their home villages, the report said. The militiamen “are happy when they rape. They sing when they rape and they tell that we are just slaves and that they can do with us how they wish,” a 37-year-old victim, identified as A, was quoted as saying in the report, which was based on over

To be continued

*Paper presented at the Global Pan-African Reparations and Repatriation Conference (GPARRC) on 25 July, 2006, at the University of Ghana, Legon, Accra.


July 17, 2007



Storia il giovedì 5 aprile 2007

Pubblicato: 12 agosto 2002

Da Naiwu Osahon
Movimento Vaschetta-Africano del mondo del capo

Naturalmente, gli Africani hanno venduto il loro kith e parentele in slavery. Sì, i commercianti slave ci hanno trovato i complici disposti ed in cambio degli articoli ridiculous poco costosi come uno specchio, un tabacco, il cutlass, la pistola o una bevanda, abbiamo fatto i loro lavori sporchi per loro.

Ma se li invitare a ritenere colpevoli circa il nostro ruolo negativo nello slavery, nonsiete essendo realistichi perché gli Africani, come l’altra specie della razza umana, hanno loro propri greedy anche. In termini relativi comunque, soltanto una minoranza degli Africani molto piccola ha tratto giovamento commercialmente dal nostro enslavement che considerano le quantità di specchi ecc che hanno acquistato e sono state detestate dalla maggioranza prigioniera. I nomi di tali traitors africani come il Kosoko rinomato di Lagos ancora invocano oggi l’avversione in Africani una volta accennati mai.

Collettivamente, gli Africani non hanno capito che slavery era realmente tutto il circa. Anche compreso i traitors, non abbiamo avuti idea che non vedessimo mai ancora nostri cari o quanto lontano l’oceano ha allungato per mantenerlo oltre noi. I genitori hanno sperato che i loro bambini che sono rapinati nello slavery fossero no più difettoso trattato di noi trattano i nostri houseboys oggi. Houseboys o le ragazze in Africa è schiavi in un senso ma lo slavery ad un Africano è come un’approvazione. L’Africa è quasi un sistema libero di slavery, più analogo del sistema greco o romano. Un genitore che non può fare fronte a portare su un bambino può cosegnare il bambino ad un altro genitore in una posizione migliore per dare al bambino una buona sede. Un genitore può dare un bambino ad un capo perché solitamente, i capi sono disposti bene per fornire l’alimento ed il riparo attraverso i sistemi fiscali comunali. Lo schiavo in una sede africana ha spesso i diritti del bambino adottato.

Anche ora, cento anni dopo che l’estremità presunta per attraversare lo slavery atlantico, Africani sul continente ancora non sapesse gli Africani asserviti inferno sono andato attraverso nelle mani dei padroni slave.

Avete mantenuto la vostra prospettiva storica su slavery intatta mentre in Nigeria per esempio, l’unico ricordo di esso è una catena slave solitaria conservata come attrazione turistica in una capanna run-down in Badagry, un sobborgo litoraneo di Lagos. Il Ghana ha prova più terrificante nei loro castelli fantastici, ma gli Africani sul continente appena visitano o riferiscono alla prova. Uno dei castelli nel Ghana è stato dato all’associazione africana dei discendenti. Hanno un libro che dell’ospite firmate ed osservando attraverso, vedete le osservazioni molto personali ed impressionabili dagli ospiti neri dall’estero al castello. Per voi, la reazione una volta affrontata a maledire la prova è dolorosa. È doloroso ricordarsi di che siete stati venduti qui come i bestiami ma per noi Africani sul continente, la nostra memoria di slavery è completamente in bianco.

Li abbiamo venduti alright in slavery ma l’Africa nell’insieme non era l’attesa giusta da smembrare senza una lotta. I nomi dei nostri nazionalisti, principalmente re e regine del guerriero abbondano: La regina Nzingha dell’Angola, re Nana Kwamena Ansa del Ghana, Nehenda dello Zimbabwe, Anowa del Ghana, re Prempeh, il Jaja di Ashanti di Opobo, regina Idah della città del Benin, Oba Overamwen Nogbaisi della città del Benin, signora Tinubu di Lagos, regina Amina di Zaria, Behanzin Hossu Bo Willi del Dahomey, Samory Toure del Mali, Moremi di Ile-Ife, Mohammed Ahmed il Mahdi del Sudan, Nefertiti di Nubia, Mohammed Ben Abdulla Hassen il Mullah pazzo di Somaliland, Chaka lo zulù e molti altri, ha fatto loro il buon resoconto nel nostro honour. Gli Africani hanno dovuto essere battuti e navi a bordo trascinate dello schiavo.

Sulle navi slave, molti Africani starved alla morte, hanno tagliato le loro proprie gole con le loro unghie, si sono gettati fuori bordo per fuoriuscire la tortura e lo slavery ed abbastanza un certo numero loro è riuscito dentro sopra alimentare i loro rapitori ed assumere la direzione delle loro navi slave come era il caso con AMISTAD o Joseph Cinque, il figlio di un re di Mendi della Sierra Leone.

Sulle piantagioni, sugli Africani continuati i loro atti della ribellione con sabotaggio sul lavoro o funzionando via nelle paludi, nelle foreste e nelle montagne appena accessibili per continuare la lotta per la loro libertà. Gli Africani cursed i loro tormentors nelle canzoni del lavoro, hanno comunicato con a vicenda, anche sotto le limitazioni severe, con la lingua di corpo ed i segni ed hanno trasformato il loro indottrinamento religioso al loro vantaggio dalla sostituzione, per esempio, dadel cielo del `’ con `Africa’ nelle canzoni cristiane circa le gioie di cielo. Volando via a Zion ed attraversare il fiume Giordano sono state tradotte dagli schiavi per significare la sede di ritorno allegra in Africa attraverso l’Atlantico. La morte è stata vista mentre i mezzi benvenuti di rinvio in Africa e con quello, schiavi africani hanno conquistato il timore di tortura e della morte.

Fra gli schiavi, una delle nostre caratteristiche cattive presto ha cominciato a mostrare. Gli schiavi hanno spiato su altri schiavi per vincere una tazza lousy di porridge. Hanno denunciato la riservatezza per guadagnare i piccoli favori dai loro padroni ma la nostra natura più fine ha soprafato e prodotto molti nazionalisti e inspirers della libertà nel nuovo mondo come: Blyden, Frederick Douglas, Turner nazionale, SAM Sharpe, Gabriel Prosser, Danimarca Vasey, Paul Cuffe, Harriet Tubman, verità di Sojourner, Martin R. Delany ed altri numerosi.

Allora è venuto l’agosto 1791, quando gli schiavi dell’isola del San Domingo si sono rivoltati sotto la direzione di Toussaint la L’ Ouverture, Boukman, Dessalines ed il Henry Christophe. La lotta ha durato dodici anni, e nel frattempo, hanno sconfitto a loro volta, i bianchi locali ed i soldati del monarchy francese, una forza spagnola di invasione, una spedizione britannica di circa 60.000 uomini e una spedizione francese del formato simile sotto il brother-in-law del Bonaparte. La sconfitta della spedizione del Bonaparte in 1803 ci ha dato l’Haiti, il nostro primo anti-slavery indipendente dichiara.

La sommossa è la sommossa slave più riuscita nella storia e citare C.L.R James in Jacobins nero: “Le probabilità che ha dovuto sormontare è prova della grandezza degli interessi in questione. La trasformazione degli schiavi, tremolante nelle centinaia prima che un singolo uomo bianco in una gente in grado di organizzarsi e sconfiggere le nazioni europee più potenti del loro giorno sia uno dei epics grandi di lotta e del successo rivoluzionari.„

Il giro dell’Haiti ha ispirato altre guerre di liberazione ed in particolare lo sviluppo del che prof. John Henrik Clarke ha descritto come vaschetta intellettuale Africanism del `,’ ha espresso immediatamente allora attraverso la costruzione di culturale ed i legami religiosi attraverso dichiarano le barriere.

Per citare John Henrik Clarke in vaschetta Africanism, una breve storia di un’idea: “In 1804, Jacques Dessalines, il Regolatore-Generale dell’Haiti, ha pubblicato un appello affinchè i neri americani si depositino nella sua isola. In 1819, Henri Christophe, re dell’Haiti, ha negoziato per lo stabilimento di 200.000 Americani neri che infine si sono depositati in Liberia. La Danimarca Vasey ha cercato l’assistenza dell’Haiti nella sua cospirazione slave di 1822. Jean-Pierre Bayer, che più successivamente è diventato presidente dell’Haiti, spinto per emigrazione simile e la società del Maryland Haitan è stato formato in 1921 dai neri liberi per facilitare l’emigrazione.„

Nel continente in se, la Vaschetta-Africanists militare stava reagendo al cosiddetto scramble per l’Africa, che in effetti era la trasformazione del diciannovesimo sistema in anticipo di secolo di slavery nel sistema del colonialismo – un’estensione di slavery. Due nuove alimentazioni europee (la Germania ed il Belgio) hanno fornito la scena e con le vecchie alimentazioni coloniali (pricipalmente Inghilterra, Francia e Portogallo) hanno cominciato a spargere il loro controllo dalle stazioni litoranee della tenuta alla ostacol-terra. Ci era molta rivalità fra i dispositivi usati per disturbare così, come un mazzo di macellai affamati del demon, ha montato intorno ad una tabella a Berlino in 1884, lame di scultura a disposizione, programma dell’Africa come loro stimato rinforza, al taglio via al soddisfare del loro cuore. Vandalising le nostre risorse economiche oltre riconoscimento per arricchire le loro patrie. Rovinare la nostre mente e personalità con la loro religione. Trasformandoli in le scimmie della loro coltura decadent.

Abbiamo combattuto indietro con, per esempio, le guerre zulù in Sudafrica, le guerre nel Sudan, le guerre di Mahdi o islamiche di Ashanti nell’oro costeggiano ed altri che durare i cento anni futuri.

La vaschetta intellettuale Africanism ha ricevuto una spinta con la relativa serie di congressi da 1900. Europa con riluttanza ha assegnato alcuni di noi l’indipendenza della bandierina del `’ con fanfare deafening per distract la nostra attenzione mentre hanno rimasto tranquillamente sopra nell’apparenza del neo-colonialismo. Ora i loro cartelli bestride il nostro continente come i polipi giganti, schiaccianti ed assorbenti tutte le iniziative indigene gettate in loro percorsi.

La domanda ora è, perchè ha vaschetta intellettuale Africanism, a cui l’Africa ceduta la relativa militanza, non diretta i nostri tormentors durante cento anni dei congressi d’organizzazione? Perchè siete voi ancora i diseredati qui e la I la loro parte posteriore del footmat in Africa?

Un avvocato di Trinidadian ha denominato Henry Sylvester Williams, esercitandosi in Gran-Bretagna allora e si è sposato ad una donna bianca, riunita il congresso africano della prima vaschetta in 1900.

Sono informato delle discussioni per e contro il Henry Sylvester Williams come figura importante nel movimento e nell’io africani di coscienza pensare che potendo denominare una vaschetta congresso africano allora debba conferire un certo honour sul sig. Williams.

Ciò non è di dire, tuttavia, che il contenuto di questo congresso dovrebbe fuoriuscire il giudizio critico di storia. Al congresso africano della vaschetta del sig. Williams’ hanno partecipato trenta delegati principalmente dagli S.U.A. e dalle Indie ad ovest. I relativi obiettivi erano fungere da tribuna della protesta contro il aggressiveness dei colonialists bianchi; per introdurre la gente della discesa africana nel mondo intero nel tocco più vicino tra loro; e per iniziare un movimento che fisserebbe a tutte le corse africane che vivono nei paesi civilizzati, i loro diritti completi e promuoverebbe i loro interessi di affari.

Il nostro Sylvesters dei 1900s non ha avuto ovviamente moltissimo rispetto per l’Africa se dovessero descriverli come uncivilised. Comunque, non hanno cammuffato il fatto che il congresso era di promuovere i loro diversi interessi riservati di affari nel nostro nome.

Realmente, l’allocuzione d’apertura del congresso è stata data allora dall’uomo bianco, il Bishop di Londra, che ha sostenuto i bisogni degli Africani: “Essere istruito in un senso di self-government responsabile.„ Quello non condescending?

Il congresso ha richiamato una petizione alla regina Victoria con il governo britannico che protesta allora contro il trattamento degli Africani in Sudafrica ed in Rodesia. La petizione, in un nutshell, potrebbe essere interpretata nell’idioma moderno come segue:

La nostra regina mighty e generosa,
La madre dell’universo,
Quello grande senza difetto,
Di chi perdono
non siamo degni di,
Ma di cui misericordia cerchiamo tutti gli stessi
essendo i vostri servi meek e dutiful,
Consolidato e civilizzato
nel calore della vostra matronly bontà.
Elemosiniamo il vostro majesty sulle nostre ginocchia piegate
per risparmiare un pensiero, comunque, piccolo,
Per quelli abbiamo lasciato nelle giungle dell’Africa.
A quale tutto il goddess bianco di conquista ha risposto:
“Ragazzi giusti, vedrò che cosa posso fare.„

Non citare questo come la ragione per la quale il congresso del sig. Williams’ non è contato oggi fra i nostri congressi africani della vaschetta, ma sarei sorprendo se altri motivi sono più forti.

Il Dott. W.E.B DuBois ha assistito che primo congresso e sembra notevolmente essere influenzato da esso. Molto è stato scritto e si detto circa il Dott. DuBois. Che era mai la stella più luminosa graced il nostro firmament delle idee o delle parole a quell’effetto. Sono troppo illogico persino per cominciare a sfidare una tal reputazione in tutto il senso. Così, se pardon me, non prenderò niente via da questo colossus intellettuale. Ma ho problemi accettare che lo ha servito affatto più meglio il Henry povero Sylvester che Williams. Sto parlando di come DuBois si riferisce a me come individuo. So che DuBois ha scritto un certo pensiero che provoca i libri nel suo tempo di vita ed ha denominato la vaschetta quattro congressi africani fra 1919 e 1927 che hanno regolato nel movimento la tradizione che ora lo ha portato a questo punto nella storia della vaschetta Africanism.

Ma DuBois egli stesso non esatto mai per essere il fuoco indispensabile in nostro chequered il viaggio. Dopo tutto, ammette nel suo saggio: Quattro congressi, quello, attraverso i suoi congressi, non era a nostro favore: “controllo di ricerca della nostra vita economica e sociale né della nostra indipendenza.„ Così, potremmo essere tentati per chiedere: Che cosa questo uomo brillante stava cercando nel nostro nome allora?

Sappiamo, per esempio, che DuBois era a metà nero e mai stanco di ricordo del tutto che si sia preoccupato per ascoltare lui circa la sua metà bianca aristocratic. Occuparseli, suo era molto l’era dello più scuro voi sono basso ulteriore la scaletta sociale di progresso che sono stati limitati. Così, DuBois non ha avuto rispetto per Garvey, non perché Garvey era scuro eventualmente.

I congressi di DuBois’ hanno dissociato dalla posizione africana della vaschetta patriotic dell’associazione universale di miglioramento del Negro (UNIA) di Marcus Garvey, optante preferibilmente, per le tattiche piuttosto addomesticate di elemosinare Europei gentile essere piacevoli ai loro servi africani. Garvey ha desiderato il progresso africano con gli sforzi di auto e di autosviluppo. DuBois ha insistito che la cooperazione con i bianchi era vitale alla nostra lotta. Infatti, il discorso di apertura DuBois di europeo’ ha sostenuto che al congresso africano della prima vaschetta i governi non erano i nemici degli Africani, un sentimento che ha condito tutte le sue risoluzioni in seguito a nostro favore.

I bianchi hanno risposto aiutando programmi di DuBois’ mentre con veemenza opponevano e screditando Garvey e vietando i giornali del Garvey durante l’Africa.

Ma gli Africani ordinari hanno dimenticato Garvey? Può essere una storia piccola dal mio passato può contribuire a fornire una risposta possibile. È una storia allineare circa la mia madre. Non ho detto a mai chiunque la storia prima ed io sperassero che la mia madre lo perdonasse per esporla così faraway dalla sede. Non so se potete indovinare la mia età ma la mia madre è oltre settanta anni e non è stata mai all’interno delle quattro pareti di alcuna scuola. Non è qualcosa amplificare circa ma quella è la posizione. Non ha avuta mai l’occasione andare alla scuola. È l’immagine di maternità africana antica, il tipo la televisione bianca pensa che taunting noi con. La mia madre non guarda la televisione bianca e che non la manca che.

Una sera dopo una fine settimana occupata delle pubblicazioni della lettura sul Dott. DuBois e Marcus Garvey, ho ritenuto come prendere in giro la mia madre poco. Gli ho chiesto improvvisamente, metà prevedente i secchi rifiuti, se avesse sentito parlare mai un uomo denominato Marcus Garvey? La mia madre, senza sembrare pensare seriamente alla mia domanda detta nella mia lingua madre, Bini: “È che il non nostro figlio che ha vissuto all’estero?„

Ero il suo soltanto figlio che aveva vissuto all’estero fino a quel tempo non lo ha significato così ovviamente che. Prodded il suo ulteriore e trovato che denominando il figlio del Garvey, la mia madre non solo stava appropriando Garvey, stava mostrandole l’orgoglio in lui come figlio africano dedicato.

Consigliato a tramite la mia scoperta, gli ho chiesto riguardo a DuBois: “Non ho sentito parlare mai quell’,„ ha detto subito ma non colpevole. Ancora non ho potuto calcolare fuori come la mia madre illetterata che non aveva viaggiato mai più di venti chilometri dalla nostra base di origine potrebbe riferire a Garvey e non a DuBois. Non ho provato ad influenzarlo sulla materia da uno. Non penso che sappia circa le mie attività nel movimento africano della vaschetta ancora. Sto conservando la mia scossa per quando spero di chiederle durante circa dieci anno, che cosa conosce circa il suo figlio reale.

Se a quel punto, le mie attività nella vaschetta che il movimento africano ancora direttamente non ha toccato le durate dei simili della mia madre, allora esso sarebbero difficili affinchè me sostengano essere relative.

Non li desidero andare via pensare che non abbia rispetto per il Dott. DuBois. Naturalmente, era un uomo grande, solo quello lui non è riuscito mai a vincere la mia madre illetterata sopra al suo lato come Garvey ha fatto e quello è che cosa sta importunandolo realmente circa la vaschetta intellettuale Africanism.

Il congresso africano della quinta vaschetta era quello serio primo nel senso di riacquisto. Senza relative caratteristiche GRASSETTO, la necessità di continuare i congressi sarebbe stata persa per sempre.

Il congresso, tenuto a Manchester in 1945, ha coinciso con il secondo congresso della federazione del mondo dei sindacati, così permettendo a parecchi delegati del sindacato dal mondo africano di assistere per la prima volta ed estendere alla base intellettuale stretta del congresso africano della vaschetta. , Naturalmente, inoltre ha contribuito a bloccare più saldamente la vaschetta Africanism nel marxista – politica socialista degli unionisti, quindi deviante li witlessly dal nostro obiettivo originale di emancipazione razziale, ad una sin-canzone formless, retorica e noiosa circa il codice categoria di funzionamento che unisce al tiro dell’eccedenza il bourgeois nebuloso. La verità della materia è che la politica africana tradizionale non è omogenea e là non è ragione per la quale le fortune di una corsa intera della gente dovrebbero essere condannate alla condizione del codice categoria di funzionamento per mai. Miliardo genti virile, risolute ed ambiziose sparse dappertutto le economie del mondo non può e non deve essere limitato dal raggiungere neppure oltre le stelle.

Quello è fortunatamente il genere di posizione positiva e diretta che ha informato le vaste attività della squadra di George Padmore, C.L.R. James, Kwame Nkrumah ed altri al quinto congresso sull’emissione della nostra indipendenza. Non solo hanno richiesto l’indipendenza immediata per tutti i paesi africani, hanno minacciato di usare ogni i mezzi, compreso la violenza se necessario, per realizzare i loro obiettivi. Kwame Nkrumah, Jomo Kenyatta, Nnamdi Azikiwe che è stato rappresentato e molti altri capi africani potenziali a sinistra il congresso determinato per fare la battaglia con i nostri colonisers. Lo scoppio di lotta anti-coloniale totale è seguito durante l’Africa. Rivolta munita nel Kenia ed in Algeria, partiti nazionalisti totali nello Zaire, nel Ghana ed in Nigeria ecc. Questa fase della lotta ha condotto ad indipendenza del Ghana nel marzo 1957, sotto la direzione di Kwame Nkrumah. L’esempio del Ghana electrified il mondo africano con conseguente massa di paesi africani liberi fra 1960 e 1963.

L’indipendenza del Ghana inoltre ha fornito alla Vaschetta-Africanis’intellettuale il relativo primo appiglio reale sul continente. Nkrumah, in collaborazione con Padmore, ha consolidato questo convocando il primo congresso dell’Africano indipendente dichiara (CIAS), nella promozione delle loro idee Vaschetta-Continentali, a Accra nell’aprile 1958. I partecipanti di questo congresso storico erano il Ghana, l’Etiopia, la Libia, la Liberia, il Marocco, il Sudan, la Tunisia e la Repubblica araba unita. Questi erano l’Africano indipendente di allora dichiarano tranne la Sudafrica che realmente è stata invitata ma rifiutato stata a venire perché le alimentazioni coloniali inoltre non sono state invitate.

Altre riunioni seguite fino a che un più vasto congresso dell’Africano indipendente non dichiarasse hanno avvenuto a Addis Ababa, Etiopia, nel giugno 1963, stabilendo per il continente, il OAU, una disposizione da uno stato all’altro allentata.

Il OAU, naturalmente, non ha compiuto l’ambizione di Kwame Nkrumah per un’unione politica forte di tutto l’africano dichiara ma ha aperto istituzionalmente l’ideologia Vaschetta-Africana ai non-neri. Ciò è come George Padmore ha difeso allora la tendenza: „ Nella nostra lotta per la libertà nazionale, la dignità umana e l’estinzione sociale, Vaschetta-Africanism offre un’alternativa ideologica a comunismo dall’un lato e al tribalism d’altro canto. Rifiuta sia il racialism bianco che il chauvinism nero. Corrisponde alla coesistenza razziale in base ad uguaglianza assoluta ed al rispetto per personalità umana.„

Non ho quarrel con tutti che, ma io pensiamo che abbiamo dovuto chiedere allo zio Padmore:

(1) Perchè altre corse può fare parte delle nostre istituzioni ed uniamo loro?

(2) Perchè siamo l’unico correre della gente nel mondo che si sforza disperatamente etichettare sopra ad altri. Abbiamo Nero-Arabi, marxisti neri, Nero-Musulmani, Nero-Eschimesi. Non è che dicendo qualcosa per la nostra stima di auto?

(3) Se avere un’unione dei nostri propri necessariamente ci rende altro razzista che l’UE, il congresso ebreo del mondo, la lega araba ecc?

(4) Se la nostra tendenza ad essere visto identificare con i nostri oppressors ha contribuito a risolvere nostro essere i diseredati razziali del mondo?

(5) E se non dobbiamo affrontare i nostri problemi razziali particolari in primo luogo prima di contribuire la nostra perizia meravigliosa alla soluzione dei problemi al resto del mondo?

Dopo tutto, la carità deve cominciare nel paese.

Inoltre, Nkrumah e Padmore hanno dovuto essere chiesti di spiegare come la loro politica Vaschetta-Continentale stava andando risolvere i problemi deteriorantesi del Diaspora africano? 40% del mondo nero non vivono in Africa e, di conseguenza, sono ignorati dal OAU.

Il successo generale del congresso africano della quinto vaschetta li ha accecati ad alcune delle relative preoccupazioni non così sane. Il 5thPAC si è regolato fuori di molte idee diversionary metà-cotte che purtroppo hanno condotto al guasto del sesto congresso dell’Africano della vaschetta. I convenors del 6thPAC non hanno stimato, per esempio, con l’interesse egoista dei governi africani recentemente indipendenti del tempo così:

(a) Hanno lasciato le delegazioni di governo dominare il congresso,

(b) Chi a loro volta ha impedito la vaschetta principale Africanists partecipare.

(c) Gli Non-Africani, senza impegno evidente per filtrare gli ideali africani, potevano assistere come delegati.

(d) La divisione ideologica negativa normale fra i nostri socialisti e capitalisti pseudi ha occupato la fase del centro.

(e) E, naturalmente, l’università indossa, come di consueto, poteva usare il congresso per aumentare il loro CVs e per mostrare fuori delle loro facilità prese in prestito di lingua e pienamente ha ricamato i danshikis.

Ma, il congresso africano della sesta vaschetta è riuscito a riempire un vuoto bramoso e mantenere il movimento vivo, almeno, nei cerchi accademici, 29 anni dopo il quinto congresso. Più carte che mai prima, sono state presentate o letto al 6thPAC e molto più risoluzioni sono state lasciate per gli eruditi al poro sopra lavorare a eternity quanto ai loro motivi ecc. Il 6thPAC ha accatastato considerevolmente più materiali delle biblioteche ed ha riunito più delegati ed osservatori, circa 600 di loro ad un conteggio, che tutti i congressi prima di esso, hanno unito. Anche se il 6thPAC ha realizzato queste abilità amministrativamente, quindi, si merita di essere riconosciuto.

Ma il congresso ha toccato le vite degli Africani ordinari nelle vie? No. Era il 6thPAC affatto migliore dei jamborees denominati congressi in primo luogo, di secondo, di terzo e di quarto? No.

Chiedere affatto all’Africano nelle vie di Europa e l’America circa il 6thPAC e voi disegnerebbe uno spazio in bianco. Interrogare oggi tutti i grassroots africani sul continente riguardo alla vaschetta Africanism e penserebbe che stiate parlando Greco. Il 6thPAC non ha arrestato la violenza e l’omicidio razziali continuati della nostra gente nel Diaspora né lo ha Africani istruiti sul continente, sedici anni più successivamente, da pensare oltre il OAU severamente circoscritto.

Soltanto il quinto congresso poteva avere l’effetto diretto immediato sulle nostre vite con il relativo fuoco di indipendenza che invade velocemente l’Africa coloniale presto dopo il congresso. Il 5thPAC ha regolato il campione da cui misurare il successo di tutto il PACs futuro. Il 6thPAC, quindi, era nient’altro di un charade noioso e se la vaschetta Africanism deve ora essere risparmiata, deve essere spostato oltre le pareti di costrizione delle nostre torrette dell’avorio, la stretta mortale dei nostri capi politici stretto-occupati di ed essere depositato esattamente sui giri degli Africani vergini.

Queste erano precisamente le fonti della mia motivazione quando ho cominciato la campagna in 1982, come iniziativa riservata, affinchè il congresso africano della settimo vaschetta mi riunissi in tre anni in un paese africano liberato. La mia ambizione principale era di usare il congresso per istituzionalizzare il movimento africano della vaschetta e per unire il mondo nero. Stavo sviluppando una funzione della casa dell’azienda agricola (ho denominato il monumento a civilizzazione africana), a Ilogbo-Eremi nel Badagry che la regione di ente pubblico territoriale di Lagos dichiara in Nigeria, quando, come sede della riunione per il settimo congresso dell’Africano della vaschetta. L’idea era installare un punto d’incontro possibile che sarebbe grande ma rurale nella regolazione e relativamente costerebbe liberamente ai partecipanti, per evitare il ricorso alla sovvenzione di governo o sponsoreship e, pertanto, influenza. Quando, ho pensato che il congresso potrebbe tenere in Nigeria in 1985. Un’immagine dell’essere tranquillo monumento costruito del `’ finalmente è stata pubblicata nel giornale del guardiano della Nigeria, sabato il 4 febbraio 1984, con il seguente titolo:

„ Questo è il sig. Naiwu Osahon della casa sta costruendo. Una volta completata, sarebbe una delle case più uniche e artisticamente progettate mai ha costruito c’è ne dove, ad esempio il sig. Osahon della casa situata su un terreno coltivabile suburbano. Il sig. Osahon, …………… sulla ritirata proposta per i artistes locali e di visite dice: Le discussioni del `già stanno tenende all’estero circa la tenuta il congresso africano della vaschetta seguente alla Camera di Craftfarm in 1985.„

Gli ostacoli che ho considerato erano pricipalmente responsabili del nostri disunity e mancanza di fuoco come famiglia inclusa:

(1) Religioni ed ideologie straniere (che sotto tutti gli aspetti li curano come esseri umani inferiori). Questi li tirano in tutte le specie dei sensi per mantenerli divisi malgrado nostro essere la gente marginata sulla faccia della terra ora. Non è nell’interesse di alcun’ideologia di dominazione affinchè le vittime unisca o avere un fuoco comune. Lo spirituality particolare serve a legare e consigliare ai reclami della proprietà e del birthright. La religione o lo spirituality è la strategia mobilising più grande disponibile equipaggiare e non abbiamo niente dei nostri propri mentre una forza di raduno come Islam è agli arabi o al Judaism agli ebrei.

(2) Permettendo che i colonisers (specialmente arabi che non si considerano neppure a distanza come vaschetta Africanists) partecipino dentro e patrocinino i nostri congressi. Gli occupanti arabi dell’Africa del Nord continuano a sfruttare e dominare i proprietari natali africani originali della terra. La guerra nel Sudan è pulizia etnica contro la nostra corsa ed è costituita un fondo per in maniera massiccia dalla lega araba attraverso la Libia e l’Arabia Saudita. Gli arabi hanno loro lega ma non desiderano i neri avere uno. Noi poichè una corsa non ha potuta mettere a fuoco su come liberare i neri africani nordici come abbiamo fatto contro i razzisti bianchi in Africa del sud perché gli arabi nordici dell’Africa sono soci uguali con i neri nel OAU.

(3) Permettendo che il nostro movimento del `’ sia dirottato dai capi politici africani reactionary che fanno funzionare i nostri governi. Questi sono capi legati alle serie di grembiule di nostri padroni coloniali per le dispense che i nostri capi deviano subito ai loro diversi clienti riservati all’estero per i guadagni personali. Sono troppo occupate arricchendosi alla nostra spesa per preoccuparsi per il nostro benessere collettivo.

Ho creduto fortemente che mentre potremmo scusare il OAU forse, servire l’interesse dei tutti da aggeggio continentale, il nostro movimento del `’ non potesse permettersi un tal lusso. Non quando ci è liberazione, i reparations ed il rimpatrio fa la guerra ancora per essere combattuto ed hanno vinto universalmente. Il nostro movimento deve aggresively affrontare il razzismo ed il nostro marginalisation se dobbiamo mai realizzare collettivamente i progressi come gente. Ed il nostro movimento del `’ deve rimanere permanente da allora in poi sull’allarme. La garanzia migliore di questa è un movimento del `controllato società civile’ con gli Africani dei grassroots dal continente che si collega con il Diaspora nero dei grassroots per wrestle l’alimentazione dalla nostra elite politica opportunistic che controlla i nostri governi. La necessità nera del mondo dei grassroots di prendere il loro destino collettivo nelle loro proprie mani attraverso un movimento istituzionalizzato del `’ che dà la parità di trattamento sia ai governi che alle diverse delegazioni. Ero implacable sopra il 7thPAC che istituzionalizzo il movimento africano della vaschetta come complimento civile vibrant della società o la sfida per il OAU dell’zoppo-anatra.

Per mantenere il rancore al minimim più nudo ai congressi, ho insistito che le decisioni e le risoluzioni del movimento del `’ devono fine-essere sintonizzate in anticipo e risolte ai congressi preparatori ed alle officine ecc, con il congresso che usando firmare soltanto. Le attività preparatorie del 7thPAC erano, quindi, mettere a fuoco principalmente sulle seguenti tre plance:

(a) Per accosentiree un corpo delle risoluzioni e delle decisioni essere conosciuto come L’ORDINE DEL GIORNO NERO in grado di essere up-dated ogni tanto a regionale e dichiarare i congressi per trasformarsi in nella bibbia o nel fuoco delle attività della corsa nera, compreso i governi neri e gli individui.

(b) A chisle fuori una costituzione forte e dinamica per il movimento istituzionalizzato del `’ che maneggiano insieme, i governi neri e le società civili nere in un rapporto simbiotico con direzione che si riposa solamente nelle mani della società civile. Movimento il morale del `’ dovrebbe sviluppare uno spirituality particolare per una tal direzione (o direzione della corsa nera) per non essere discutibile.

(c) Per installare un fondamento del `’ per accertarsi che il movimento del `’ o la lega nera’ non debba mai elemosinare contributo finanziario da chiunque, specialmente dalle fonti estranee. La filosofia del fondamento del `’ (denominato PANAF allora), essendo che ogni persona nera nel mondo, vivo o tuttavia ONU-sopportato, deve a PANAF cento unità della sua valuta locale una volta in un corso della vita.

Queste preoccupazioni sono state comprese nel primo insieme dei documenti redatti generosamente e distribuiti da me intorno al mondo da 1982 per annunciare la riunione del 7thPAC in Africa in 1985.

Le risposte mia CHIAMATA militare alla viziosa del `’ erano generalmente entusiastiche, sopra la riunione di 7thPAC che è stato descritto come in ritardo, ma tiepido sulla Nigeria (che allora era sotto il jackboot di un dictatorship), servente da ospite. C.L.R. James, a che era allora uno della prima vaschetta Africanists del renown ha ricevuto la nostra delegazione a Londra era pieno di sostegno un paese africano che ospita il congresso. Non era troppo fussy circa la politica del governo possibile dell’Africano ospite. Tuttavia, la serie di lettere ha richiamato allora a Babangida, il presidente militare auto-affermato della Nigeria per fornire 7thPAC supporto logistico nella zona dei visti facili e la sicurezza sufficiente per le delegazioni è stata ignorata. Il presidente Dos Santos dell’Angola ci ha scritto la lettera d’ispirazione del tempo ma che era spiacente che non potrebbe giocare l’ospite a causa della guerra civile debilitating nel suo paese. Lo Zimbabwe era più interessato nell’ospitare i capi di stato del commonwealth il congresso allora ed il Ghana si è lamentato di poveri mezzi finanziari.

Mentre eravamo shopping tranquillo per un p#se ospitante possibile, il ministro straniero della Nigeria, il professor Bolaji Akiyemi, dagli azzurri in 1987, ha annunciato l’interesse nigeriano del governo nella riunione del 7thPAC. Un colpo guastato il de’ tat ha causato alcuni cambiamenti nel governo nigeriano con il Brigadier Ike Nwanchukwu che sostituisce il prof. Akinyemi come gli affari esteri assistono. Il Brigadier non era interessato nel 7thPAC e non ha desiderato conoscere a che cosa ha significato ed a chi era affiliated. Oltre all’ignoranza abysmal circa storia di auto, l’Africano del sud PAC ha aggiunto alla confusione. Tuttavia, l’annuncio più iniziale dell’interesse nigeriano del governo hanno aumentato il fuoco su 7thPAC ed i miei sforzi che erano indipendenti tutto il avanti dirottamento tentato del governo nigeriano.

La disposizione che di direzione dello spostamento di marca avevamo contato su precedentemente è stata strutturata in 1987 che coinvolge una disposizione a due stadi con il segretariato internazionale 7thPAC situato a Lagos. L’ultimo comitato di direzione è stato denominato il comitato Co-ordinating internazionale (ICC) ed ha avuto come i membri pionieristici, il professor Kwesi Prah, un funzionamento del Ghana nel Kenia allora, B.F.Bankie, una vita Del Ghana-Gambian a Londra allora e Naiwu Osahon, basato a Lagos, come il Convernor/presidente.

Reporting to the ICC was the International Steering Committee (ISC), which had as members: Ayi Kwei Armah; Nee Kwati Owoo; Robert Hayfron-Benjamin Beye and Boutros Boutros Ghali.

By January 1989, the ISC had been scrapped due to lack of perfomance by its members perhaps because of the cumbersome two-tier system in operation and was replaced by an expanded ICC comprising of Naiwu Osahon, Chairman; Prof. Antonio Neto, Angola; Tau Napata, Jamaica; Prof. Alfred Opubor, Nigeria; Dr. Boutros Boutros Ghali, Egypt (who wrote trying to discourage us from institutionalising the Pan-African Movement but stayed on as committee member even when he became the Secretary General of the UN); Eunice Neto Foreid, Portugal; Dr. Ona Ekhomu, USA; Prof. H. Cunha Jr. Brazil; H. E. Dr. Henri Bangou, Guadeloupe; Dr. Laura M. Torres Souder, Guam; Amar Bentoumi, Algeria (who later withdrew because of the focus of the ‘Movement’); Dr. Joycelyn Loncke, Guyana; Dr. Digna Castaneda Puerta, Cuba; Pauulu Kamarakafego (Roosevelt Brown who still represents us now at the UN and was the pioneer sponsor of the 6thPAC, Bermuda; Hon. Mr. Bernard Narokobi, Papua New Guinea; Dr. Cyril. E. Griffith, USA; Grace Mera Molisa, Vanuatu; Prof. Mary Frances Berry, USA.

By 1990, we had received several letters of support from the likes of Leopold Sedar Senghor living in France at the time; C.L.R. James, before he died, insisting that the congress must be convened in an African country. The Prime Minister of the Commonwealth of Bahamas; the President of the United Republic of Tanzania; The Minister of Justice of Papua New Guinea; the governments of the Republics of Cote D’ Ivoire, Liberia, Togo, Angola, Zaire, Ghana, Guadeloupe Senator in France, Boutros Boutros Ghali as Minister of State for Foreign affairs in Egypt. We had influenced Chief Abiola of Nigeria sufficiently to try to steel our thunder by embarking on a ‘Reparations’ programme of his own, which was eventually sold to the OAU with our active lobby.

By 1992, we had established national branches or committees of the Pan-African Movement in the following countries; Angola, Australia, Barbados, Belize, Benin Republic, Bermuda, Botswana, Brazil, Cameroon, Canada, Congo, Costa Rica, Cuba, Curacao, Dominica, Equartorial Guinea, Fiji, France, Gambia, Germany-Benelux, Grenada, Guadeloupe, Guam, Guinea, Haiti, Ivory Coast, Jamaica, Kenya, Mexico, Mozambique, Namibia, Niger, Nigeria, Papua New Guinea, Portugal Senegal, South Africa, St. Kitts, St Lucia, St. Maarten, Surinam, Swaziland, Switzerland, Tanzania, Togo, Trinidad, UK, USA, Zaire, Zimbabwe and several new national representatives were being cultivated.

The UK national branch was the very first committee of the 7thPAC to be set up by Naiwu Osahon. It was launched on the 10th of October, 1988 at Flat 69, Schomberg House, Vincent Street, Westminster, London, S.W.1 occupied at the time by Prof. Antonio Neto. Founding members of the UK committee included Neto, Bankie, Babu, Pepukayi, Napata, Gotzmore and Bing who was elected the protem secretary.

We started having problems with London right from its take off because, as things turned out, the branch was dominated by self-declared Marxists. They wanted to take over the leadership of the ICC and move its International Secretariat to London because according to them, communications were easier from there. Besides, they were not comfortable with my anti-Marxism or foreign ideology posture and attempt to institutionalise the ‘Movement’. Also my determination to exclude Arabs of Northern Africa from the union was a headache. One of their staunchest supporters at the time was Prof. Kwesi Prah who wrote that: “We can not bind the next generation to an institutionalised ‘Movement.” My answers at the time were to ask why that should stop us from trying? And how did other races achieve their institutions and union without some first steps? No answer to these questions ever came from Prah or London or may be it came through their gradual withdrawal from our fold to encourage and team up with Uganda eventually. They tried desperately to gain access to our International Secretariat’s address list before they finally dropped out of our hold three years after their launch. Our (ICC) impression of them at the time was that they were on an ego trip desperate to etch their names on posterity for convening a Pan African Congress regardless of quality of the congress.

My criticism of DuBois for bequeating to us the culture of jamboree congresses appeared also to have alienated some supporters of the intellectual icon, including his son who took offence and started looking for opportunities to scuttle our efforts. Nkrumah’s son too soon became less active on the ICC because his father, along with Padmore were blamed for diluting the spirit of Pan-Africanism with their defence of all comers’ congresses that welcomed Arab colonisers and Marxist domination all in one breath.

Preparatory conferences of the 7thPAC around the world included;

(a) Hamilton Bermuda (From July 20 – 22, 1990)

(b) Bridgetown, Barbados (From 21 – 22 September, 1991)

(c) Solidarity with Cuba (Saturday 7th December, 1991, Bridgetown, Barbados)

(d) Port-of Spain, Trinidad (Second regional conference of the Caribbean Pan African Movement (From 27 – 28 August, 1993).

(e) Savannah, Georgia, USA (From 1 – 3 May, 1992)

(f) Toronto, Canada (where ZAWADI KWAFRICA was launched for the first time in the world by Naiwu Osahon (From June 23 – 27, 1993).

The inaugural meeting of the BLACK THINK TANK (BTT) of the Pan-African Movement, now known as THE THINK TANK OF THE BLACK WORLD (TTB) took place from 1 – 8 August, 1992, at ASCON, Topo, Badagry, Lagos Nigeria. The BTT was attended by: Naiwu Osahon, Chairman; Catherene Acholonu, Nigeria; Denese Bradford, USA; Duane Bradford, USA; Tom Dalgety, Guyana; Viola Davis, Barbados; C.M. Eya-Nchama, Equatorial Guinea; Diane Forte, USA; Malinali Meza Herrera, Mexico; Onwuchekwa Jemie, Nigeria; Owei Lakemfa, Nigeria; Olusegun Maiyegun, Nigeria; Rudy Mattai, USA; Kinja Mulegwa-Migabo, Zaire; T.C Nwosu, Nigeria; Osagie Obayuwana, Nigeria; Yinka Ogunsulire, Nigeria; Yeye Akilimali Funua Olade, Nigeria; Charles C. Roach, Canada; Gbenga Sonuga, Nigeria. Two members who could not get to the venue of the BTT, but who had paid to attend were: Joycelene Loncke, Guyana and G. Mawa-Kiese Mawawa, Congo.

The BTT examined the issues: “Why are we so blessed and yet so poor?” “Why are we not benefiting as a people from the civilisation we pioneered and what are we to do to get back on our feet again as one family?” THE BLACK AGENDA is a product of the BTT’s deliberations and it lays down the rules to guide the activities of black governments, individuals, organisations, communities, family units, institutions. The BTT also produced the CONSTITUTION of the Pan African Movement and approved ZAWADI KWAFRICA (ZA) as the name of the Pan-African Foundation. Zawadi Kwafrica are Swahili words meaning gifts of and from the people of Africa.

Members of the ICC in 1993 included: Naiwu Osahon, Chairman; Charles C. Roach, Vice Chair; Pauulu Kamarakafego, Vice Chair; H. E. Dr. (Senator) Henri Bangou, Guadeloupe; Dr. Thomas Cornell Battle, USA; Gerlin Bean, Jamaica; John Benjamin, Anguilla; Prof. Mary Frances Berry, USA; Farika Birhan, Maroons; Dr. Michael L. Blakey, USA; Duane Bradford, USA; Musa Cham, Gambia; Bobby Clarke, Barbados; Dr. John Henrik Clarke, USA; Tom Dalgety, Guyana; Viola Davis, Barbados; M.K. Dingake, Botswana; Babacar Diop, Senegal; Robert M. Dossou, Rep. du Benin; Noel Dossou-Yovo, Rep. du Benin; Prof. Quince Duncan, Costa Rica; Louise Edimo, Cameroon; C.M. Eya-Nchama, Equatorial Guinea; Januario Garcia Filho, Brazil; Eunice Neto Foreid, Portugal; Dianne Forte, USA; Roderick Francis, Jamaica; Major-General J. N. Garba, President of the UN General Assembly at the time; Dr. Boutros Boutros Ghali, (UN Secretary-General at the time); Siegfried Hazel, Curacao; Malinali Meza Herrera, Mexico; Dr. Byron R. M. Hove, Zimbabwe; Eddie Iroh, UK; Onwuchekwa Jemie, Nigeria; Senator Irvin Stephen Knight, Dominica; Pontiff His Grace Srila Bhakti-Tirtha Swami Krsnapada, USD/USA; Joan Lucas, Belize; Dr. Joycelynne Loncke, Guyana; Dr. F. L. Lwanyantika Masha, Tanzania; Kae Matundu-Tjiparuro, Namibia; G. Mawa-Kiese Mawawa, Grenada; Kinja Mulegwa-Migabo, Zaire; James Mutambirwa, PCR/WCC; Hon. Bernard Narokobi, Papua-New Guinea; Abdias do Nascimento, Brazil; Michel Ndoh, Switzerland; Prof. Anthonio Neto, Angola; Felipe Noguera, Trinidad; T.C. Nwosu, Nigeria; Frantz Obas, Haiti; Clement O’ Garro, St. Kitts; Prof. Omolara Ogundipe-Leslie, Nigeria; Placide Prosper, St. Lucia; Dr. Digna Castaneda Puertas, Cuba; Mtra Araceli Reynoso, Mexico; Omowale Satterwhite, USA; Mr. and Mrs Savane, Senegal; Bania Mahamadou Say, Niger; Dr. Jean Sindab, USA; Ghenga Sonuga, Nigeria; Dr. Laura M. Torres Sounder, Guam; Andre France de Sousa, Portugal; Hassan A. Sunmonu, OATUU; Cheikh Tidiane Sy, PANA; Dr. Robert B. Sykes, Australia; Terrel Thomas, Suriname; Charles Pascal Tolno, Rep. du Guinea; Stewart M. Tsela, Swaziland; Siteri V. Tuilovoni, Fiji; Prof. Theo Vincent, Nigeria; Amelia Ventura, Mozambique; Alvin Williams, Bermuda; Emmanuel York, St. Maarten.

Out of frustration for not finding a suitable host country for 7thPAC, we pursued Uganda, more for President Museveni’ s gorilla war credentials than for any recognisable record of achievement in the realm of Pan Africanism. The man would not even tolerate dissent from within Uganda let alone from outside. Museveni’s Uganda is in the pockets of the Arabs that are marginalizing our kith and kin in Northern Africa.

Our first letter to Museveni was in January, 1990 followed by another in September, 1990 and a third one in June, 1991, inviting his government to be a possible host of 7thPAC without pre-conditions. At the end of March, 1991, a number of documents arrived at our International Secretariat in Lagos from Kwame Ture stating that Kwame Ture of the All African Peoples Revolutionary Party (AAPRP), Col. Otafiire, the personal assistant to the Uganda Head of State and four others had met in Tripoli, Libya on December 10, 1990 and decided to constitute themselves into a pre-preparatory committee which is to be enlarged to become the preparatory committee to convene a conference to create a mass Pan African organisation.

Among the documents sent was an invitation to Naiwu Osahon to attend a preparatory meeting of their proposed conference in March, 1991, in Uganda. Obviously that meeting did not hold because according to another notice from them later, the invitations were sent out too late and got to their destinations well after the March date of the proposed meeting.

Three further attempts were made, up to the 27th of January, 1992, to put their preparatory meeting together without success but further documents were sent to the International Secretariat of the 7thPAC in Lagos and addressed as such. The documents specified that they were putting together:

(a) A conference focusing on anti-Zionism and

(b) To be called ” All African People’s Conference.

Since the title of their conference was not in conflict with our own, we were not entirely opposed to co-operating with Uganda although we wrote back to say: “While we are not uncomfortable with your anti-Zionist focus, we also want anti-Arab and anti-West focus for your proposed conference.”

On the 7th August, 1991, we received a letter from Col. Otafiire, calling their group, the 7th Pan African Congress Committee with Col. Otafiire as convenor and Chairman and President Museveni as their Patron, thereby constituting a direct challenge to the International Secretariat of the Pan African Movement in Lagos. On the 7th August, 1991, we addressed a comprehensive letter of our objection and discomfort on the matter to President Museveni. After waiting for a while without response, we wrote on the subject to all our committees around the world. Several activities followed around the world after the Uganda bombshell culminating in a long awaited first ever meeting between me and Kwame Ture in my office in Lagos on Saturday 27 March, 1993. It was an extremely warm and inspiring meeting lasting nearly four hours from about 4.45 p.m. The Secretary General of the 7thPAC national committee for Nigeria, Dr. Osagie Obayuwana was in attendance mainly as an observer.

Several issues concerning the way forward were discussed and the highlights of our agreement were:

(1) That everything humanly possible should be done to keep us and the black world united. We felt strongly that our detractors must not be given any comfort on this issue. That we needed to close ranks and give purposeful direction at this critical point in our history otherwise posterity would judge us harshly.

(2) That no African government, not even the OAU, under any disguise, should finance or host the 7th Pan African Congress or any other Pan African Congress. They can participate at congress meetings but as equal partners with the rest of the black world. Congress definitely does not need the authority of the OAU to hold since the OAU is a child of congress.

(3) That non-black sources should not finance or host any Pan-African Congress.

(4) That the 7th Pan African Congress should be held in Africa, preferably in a country where:
(a) Blacks would have no problems obtaining visas to attend,
because no black person, for ideological, religious, or any other
reason should be prevented from attending or speaking his
or her mind freely on any issue as affects the black world at
the congress.
(b) The lives of delegates and others attending congress would be
safe and largely guaranteed.

(5) We did not discuss congress date in details but felt that the December, 1993 Uganda date might be too soon considering the enormous task of preparing adequately (especially in area of fund-raising) for a meaningful congress. The August, 1994 date proposed by the International Secretariat in Lagos, we felt was feasible, particularly for the launching of the institutionalised ‘Movement.’

(6) We felt that there was a strong need to ensure qualitative attendance at congress and agreed that while the mass movement dimension of congress should not be hindered, it is necessary for the movement to be led by recognisable Pan-Africanists. In other words, there is a need to identify and agree on who serious Pan Aricanists are right now, around the black world, and either split congress dates to accommodate them or find ways to ensure that congress direction and decisions are controlled by them. If congress date is to be split, the institutional dimension of congress could be held first, say in August, 1994, as already scheduled, followed immediately by the Pan African leaders congress.

After further consultations on the above issues through correspondence with Kwame Ture and other blacks of diverse interests world-wide, it was agreed that the Uganda conference slated for December, 1993 should be a preparatory one for the 7thPAC of the International Secretariat in Lagos in August, 1994. The Uganda team ignored our recommendation and announced that they were going ahead with their December 1993 7thPAC charade. With US$300,000 blood money from Gaddafi, Museveni was not only well fortified to play the devil’s advocate, he was poised to launch his personal ambition to become the Emperor of a new Tutsi Hema Empire annexing Rwanda and mineral rich Zaire (now DRC) under the behest of America. We immediately began circulating a strongly worded message warning the patriotic black world not to go to Uganda.

On January 3 1994, we received a phone call in Lagos from one of our deputy leaders, Pauulu Kamarakafego in Bermuda, informing us that the December, 1993 Uganda make-believe congress failed to hold. It was cancelled in the last minute because of the non-arrival of quality delegations. Several ordinary, innocent black folks from the Diaspora, unaware of the high wire politics being perpetrated in the name of Pan-Africanism and hoping to touch base perhaps for the first time in their lives with mother Africa were turned back at the Kampala airport. A Uganda team, led by Col. Otafiire then set out on a tour of the black world to deliver Museveni’s invitation and offers of free return travel tickets and free accommodation in Uganda to government delegations and renown intellectuals who attend their rescheduled April 1994, 7thPAC. They had to move fast to nullify our pending August 1994 7thPAC date. They arrived Nigeria on January 5 1994 to deliver their invitation to the Nigerian government without visiting the 7thPAC International Secretariat.

And yet, no head of state attended the Uganda 7thPAC debacle. Not even Nyerere who had received our warning message earlier on and who was the principal host of the 6thPAC in Tanzania, would grace Uganda with his presence at least to demonstrate continuity. As predicted, the Uganda exercise turned out to be an attempt to be a convenor of congress regardless of the outcome to the black race. A lot of bravado prevailed, loads of resolutions were passed and delegates were feted lavishly before returning to their various countries no better off than they were before the congress. In fact, the average black person in the world today does not know that the 7thPAC has taken place in his or her name. Another jamboree has passed, one of the many failed attempts that litter our chequered history but Uganda achieved ‘a me too.’ Uganda succeeded in helping us waste another decade, another generation while Museveni rides on his high visibility profile to destabilise his neighbouring countries to annex and exploit their mineral resources.

The Uganda 7thPAC set up a Pan-African office in Kampala as a propaganda tool of Museveni’s Empire building machinery. That done, his hit man, Paul Kagame, a CIA protege with US military school training brought down a plane carrying the Presidents of Rwanda and Burundi over their countries’ common border with Uganda. The Presidents’ death launched Rwanda’s sack and pogrom resulting in the death of over half a million Rwandans and the displacement of millions of others. Then they replaced the dreaded Mobutu with Laurent Kabila as President of the DRC.

Kabila, a Lumumbist refused to play along so Uganda, Burundi and Rwanda occupied the mineral rich regions of the DRC in 1999 with America’s technical backing. They massacred over two and a half million Congolese while looting and plundering the DRC’s mineral wealth. But for the meddlesome intervention of the armies of Angola, Namibia and Zimbabwe, Emperor Museveni was only a hair’s breath away from his dream of usurping what potentially would have been the largest and richest modern Empire in Africa. Surprisingly, the failed Emperor apparently had the tacit support of South Africa’s President Nelson Mandela who was waiting on a ship off the coast of Kinshasha to crown Wamba Dia Wamba as Laurent Kabila’s replacement for Emperor Museveni’s new surrogate in the DRC.

The latest version of the African Union concept started from a totally discredited non-black source with an OAU’s special meeting bankrolled by Muamar Gaddafi in Sirte, Libya in 1999. Gaddafi, as we all know is the rascal or Satan behind all the modern civil wars in Africa. From Chad to Liberia to Sierra Leone, Gaddafi had his fingers on the rotten, smellie pie. He financed and trained Museveni’s gorilla adventure and he is the leading sustainer of Arab pogrom against Africans in the Sudan right now. After failing to build his, the United States of the Arab world dream, he turned to halpless Africa for relevance in international politics. His interest in the African Union is fiendish and totally opportunistic and was designed to lead to the setting up of the AU’s headquarters in Sirte, Libya with Muamar Gaddafi as the United States of Africa’s first President.

At first, Gaddafi’s dream project was opposed by Presidents Obasanjo of Nigeria and Thabo Mbeki of South Africa in what may have been no more than a power struggle between the personalities involved. President Obasanjo and Abdoulai Wade of Senegal opposed the Reparations for Slavery and Colonialism strategy of the black world at the 2001 UN World Conference against Racism in South Africa. Mbeki, of course, is pocketed by apartheid architects in South Africa. General Abacha’s regime in Nigeria, during a moment of discomfort with Mbeki, described Mbeki’s government as a structure with white skin and black head. He probably believed the tail wags the head.

During our struggle to assert our 7thPAC variance in the 1990’s, one of our most formidable foes in Senegal was Abdoulai Wade. Wade who had strong links with the anti-African ‘Labour International,’ in collaboration with Pierre T. Sane of Amnesty International and a Senegalese based in Canada tried to prempty 7thPAC to convene what they called PANAF ‘92 to deliver the black world on a platter to their French government cohorts. Wade as the leader of the P.D.S party was reputed for creating confusion and mayhem in the ranks of opposition political parties in Senegal before he became the country’s President. His antecedence is decidedly Western oriented so it was no surprise that along with Gaddafi, Obasanjo and Mbeki they crafted a constitution that delivers the AU as a neo-colonial appendage of the West. These leaders are not Pan-Africanists and do not love Africa or the black world. They are in all these for selfish personal gains (crumbs), from under the tables of their Western benefactors.

The Obasanjo-Mbeki cabal went down on their knees to beg the West for a $64 billion handout but instead got $6 billion spread over a period of years. A Pan-Africanist friend, Lester Lewis, believes that, that is where the NEEEEPAD name comes from. Obviously, the $6 billion bailout is to enable us continue to buy the loads of KNEEPADS we are going to need from the West. The deputy leader of the World Pan African Movement, Charles C. Roach who is based in Canada, describing the African leaders begging scene at the 2002 G8 conference in Canada, said: “There is an amusing photograph of Prime Minister Chretien of Canada sitting astride a kneeling camel on his recent trip to Algeria and five other African countries over the NEPAD issue. The Prime Minister is entreating the camel not to stand up and this is understandable, because the way a camel gets up, unfolding its long legs is a roller-coaster ride for anyone on its back. Symbolically, Chretien was telling the African camel to stay on its knees while he perches on its back.”

Earlier this year, President Moi of Kenya, said in a speech in Blantyre, Malawi that Africa was doomed to perpetual poverty and backwardness unless African leaders free themselves of egocentricity. That “no country in the West had an obligation to baby-sit and spoon-feed independent African nations. African leaders must accept this fact, however unsettling, and rethink about their development strategies.” Recently too, President Yahya Jammeh of the Gambia was reported to have described NEPAD as a charter for beggars. Hear him: “NEPAD would not work. ….Africa is the richest continent in terms of mineral resources, but because of ignorance, Africa in economic terms, is the poorest continent and we Africans are the laughing stock of humanity. We have failed because some of us are agents of the same people we are supposed to fight against. We produce the bulk of the world’s raw materials so why are we still poor? Some of us are fighting proxy wars in Africa for the benefit of others. Africa has never colonised anyone. Some people who prolonged apartheid are now waving the flag of democracy and freedom. The African debt is not globalised, it is Africanised.”

At a forum in Addis Ababa in March 2002, Prof Shadrack Gutto of South Africa’s University of the Witwaterstrand asked why NEPAD was presented first to the G8 before African governments had a chance to discuss it. Mr. Wiseman Nkuhlu, the South African president’s special adviser on NEPAD, provided the not so wise answer at the forum that it is because African governments have been pre-occupied with building the AU. In answer to another question at the forum, Mr. Nkuhlu admitted that consultation with civil society “is not where we would like it.”

If the Obasanjo-Mbeki cabal, set up by the West to perpetuate our developmental pains would not consult with even their colleagues in African governments before inflicting the culture of the begging bowl on Africa all over again, does the African civil society have a right to expect a miracle from the AU? Where does that leave the black Diaspora in the scheme of things? What about ‘Reparations’ and Repatriation’?

The answer is for African civil society to link up with the black Diaspora civil society to impose a vibrant, uncompromising institutionalised ‘ Movement’ on the black world, independent of African governments’ control. The two priority areas of activities of the institutionalised ‘Movement’ would be: (a) To pressurise the AU to produce a Pan-African Passport (PAP) to enable any black or African, regardless of nationality, return home to Africa at will without let or hindrance. (b) To compel the West and Arabs, by any means necessary, to pay Reparations to the black world. This is, therefore our ‘ CALL’ to all Africans, African organisations, institutions and NGO’s of goodwill, wherever they may be in the world, to nominate their representatives to the 8thPAC International Co-ordinating Committee working to convene the Eight Pan-African Congress within the next three to five years in Africa to launch the Institutionalised Pan-African Movement.

By Naiwu Osahon
The World Pan African Movement
7th August, 2002.

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Vanessa Griffen Says:

April 30th, 2007 at 12:55 pm
Dear Naiwu
We were in correspondence a long time ago, through Pauulu Kamarakafego, on the Pan African conference you were planning.

I have just heard of Pauulu’s passing away in Bermuda on April 5 and am most distressed to hear this. I am not sure if you received this news. I have found your contact by checking the Bermuda webpages on his life.

I cannot say more than that he would have loved to have seen your book out. I hope you were in touch recently.


Vanessa Griffen

conrad cromwell Says:

May 3rd, 2007 at 12:34 am
It is good to read your passionate discource on the matter so dear to your heart. Like late Abiola you area true son of the soil of Africa… Yes The Widow’s mite .. still a challenge to organise our people.. too many distractions . Where is the Pan african leadership ? Where is that loud voice like Malcolm/Dr King, Kwame,Cabral?

Still read all your books and have lent to friends …Its a slow awakening that i believe once awaken will rouse exponentially and be alive and as lively as we are as a people… You have our love and support..

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